‘3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Ghost’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: How Did Ruby And Anna Help Each Other?

The film 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost has elements of romance, comedy, and light horror, making it a complete package for the audiences. Directed by Kevin Fair, the film stars famous actors like Julie Gonzalo, Madeleine Arthur, and others. Their phenomenal acting skills have made the film worth watching! The plot brings out a camaraderie between a woman of flesh and blood and another woman who is no longer alive. How they help each other reunite with the love of their lives has been displayed. When it comes to spirits in films, we have mostly seen the evil ones, but just like Casper, 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost brings out a friendly entity keen on helping others. Will the two women be able to help each other out? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost opens with a sneak peek into Ruby Baker’s household, where she is performing at a jazz night, hosting many well-known socialites. A blooming love affair between Ruby and her chauffeur, Charlie, is crushed by her social stature, leaving them both heartbroken. After that event, the narrative takes a 100-year time jump, when the Baker house is on sale. Anna, an aspiring real estate agent, is handed over the charge of the listing by her father, who owns the business. Just as she is told by her father that the house has to be sold off in two weeks before winter, she gets to work. She explores the magnificent house and meets the entity, Ruby, who is staying there. Initially, she keeps hampering Anna’s work because she doesn’t want her house to be sold off. The impish spirit tries playing tricks on Anna, and she initially thinks that another colleague, Terrence, has been playing pranks. The next day, Ruby tells Anna that she has been living in that house since 1921. Anna does not want to believe her at first but is convinced that she is indeed a ghost after passing through her. Anna is initially scared, but later challenges Ruby and says that she has to go, as does the house.


Anna later goes to a public library to dig out information about Ruby. On further research, she finds that Ruby was a high-class socialite in the 1900s. She was all over the news columns from 1917 to 1923, was friends with renowned people like Fitzgerald and Hemmingway, and died in a car crash on her 25th birthday. Anna runs into Elliot, her ex-fiancé, at the library, and he says that he came back to town for a case related to the Historical Preservation Society’s hearing. On going back to get to know Baker House, she again has an altercation with Ruby about changing the decor of the house for the listing. They both want to get to know each other, and their bittersweet relationship starts blooming slowly, and they make a truce. Anna promises Ruby that she will sell the house to the right people and she also says that Ruby might like a little company after being alone for so long. They both agree, and a couple comes in to see the house and talks about giving the house a complete makeover. To keep her promise to Ruby, Anna does not sell the house to the couple. Having realized that Anna was trying to help her, Ruby tries to play matchmaker between Anna and Elliot to rekindle their relationship.

How Does Ruby Help Anna?

Ruby encourages Anna to ask Elliot out on a coffee date and decks her up for it. Anna takes Ruby along on her date with Elliot, as she is invisible to others. After the date, just as Elliot tells Anna that he will be leaving for Boston and walks away, Ruby whispers into his ear and asks him not to leave Anna. He turns back and offers to help Anna with the damaged wooden furniture at the Baker house. Ruby tells Anna that if she got back with Elliot, then she could get back with Charlie. Elliot comes in to help with the furniture, and Anna has a moment with him, helping them develop their bond of friendship again. Ruby keeps telling Anna about the bond that she had with Charlie and how she did not want the spark between Anna and Elliot to fade away. When Anna decides to restore the house to its old state as she sees it in Ruby’s old pictures, Ruby suggests calling in Elliot to shift the furniture. She advises Anna to send love letters to Elliot, like in the old days she and Charlie used to exchange, but Anna says that she is not a good writer. Elliot and Anna go out shopping for the house, and they go to the fair of the fall season. Ruby reminisces about her days spent at the fair with Charlie. Ruby slips a love letter in Elliot’s pocket on Anna’s behalf while they are busy having dinner. She then advises Anna to dance with him, and then they dance, making yet another moment together.


What Happens In The End?

Just as Anna discusses an open house with Ruby, she proposes throwing a vintage-style party. Later, Anna gets a text from her father asking her to meet him, and when Anna meets him, he tells her that she should be staying away from Elliot because she is ruining her own mental peace. Ruby says that Anna’s father was just like hers. Later, Elliot comes over and tells Anna that he found a letter and that he appreciated it. Anna was surprised but later realized that it was all done by Ruby. She later tells Anna that she wanted to reunite with Charlie but was not sure if he would be waiting for her. Ruby forgets her own woes, basks in Anna’s joy, and dances to celebrate it.

Anna goes to Elliot’s hearing with him to the court, only to find out that her open house has been canceled by her father. She rushes back to the Baker House, and her father tells her that he got calls about her credit card being maxed out, as she had hired bartenders and a six-piece jazz band. He said that he had to cancel the open house so that his reputation would not go down the drain. Anna realizes that Ruby was behind the extravagant set-up of the open house and gets into an altercation with her. Ruby tries explaining that she was trying to help, only to be yelled at by Anna, making her disappear. She later realizes her mistake and tries seeking Ruby when she finds the letters she received from renowned people. Anna receives a call from her father saying that the house is to be sold to someone who will tear it down.


Anna tries to resist by trying to mark the Baker House as a historical landmark with the historical preservation society. She does it on the grounds of the house, designed by a famous architect, Arthur Salkin. She also states that Ruby Baker was a famous socialite, and in that house she hosted famous personalities like Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Chaplin, for which she had letters as proof. She later confronts her father and tells him that she had done what she thought was right. Elliot comes back to the Baker house to get his tools back, as Anna is not there, Ruby stops him from leaving the house. On Anna’s return, Elliot shows Anna Charlie’s photo and tells her that he was his great uncle, who remained a bachelor after losing his love. Ruby is reassured that Charlie is still waiting for her and tells Anna that the fates of both couples are intertwined. Ruby reunites with Charlie and leaves for the bridge to the afterlife. The love of Elliot and Anna is also restored, just like the restoration of the Baker house.

Personal Thoughts

The unwavering bond of female friendship has been explored in 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost. Despite having differences in the beginning, how the two ladies from different eras resolve them and come to a mutual understanding is remarkable. The willingness of Anna and Ruby to help each other reunite with their partners is something that moves us. The storyline is beautiful, with absolutely zero loopholes. The scenes have also not been stretched unnecessarily, making them compact. The elements of supernatural, comedy, love, and friendship make it a complete package, putting a smile on our faces by the end of 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost.

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