‘1899’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Maura Find Eyk?

At this point, I can’t tell what I know or don’t know. I have doubts about my doubts. Anyway, in the seventh episode of “1899,” so much happens that I find myself losing track, much like the characters in the series. We know that we can’t trust our instincts about the show anymore, even though it is predictable at times. Coming back to the episode starts with the backstory of Maura and Daniel’s life as a couple. We get to see Daniel get the screen time he deserves in this episode. It’s also funny how I lost track of episodes and thought this was the finale, maybe because the whole setting of this episode feels like the end of a series. But there’s one more episode after this. First, let’s talk about “The Storm”!


Spoilers Ahead

Maura And Daniel

This episode was a bit slow, and I don’t think the simulation theory was a surprise to anyone at this point. I think Daniel, the husband of Maura, was more surprised. In the beginning, the episode focuses on Daniel and Maura’s relationship. We have already seen how Maura keeps saying she doesn’t remember anything about her life except the fact that she’s a doctor. In this episode, we get to see, finally, who Daniel and Maura are in depth. We see that they’re talking in their bedroom, and this flashback shows us how deeply in love they were. We see a very modern bedroom, which tells us that this flashback is clearly from the future. But there’s no concept of the future, past, or present in this series, so we can never tell what is real. Anyway, the couple talks about reality, and Daniel says he listens to everything Maura tells him but doesn’t agree with everything. He then states how reality is more than neurons firing around one’s brain. According to him, the reality is not what is inside but what is happening outside. Is this a clue to tell the viewers nothing we’ve seen until now is real? Ah, well, maybe I’m taking in too much now. Anyhow, we hear a siren with a voice saying a shutdown has been initiated. And at that point, I thought the simulation was going to end in this episode but was I right? Let’s see.



After we see a brief conversation about what Maura and Daniel think is real, we see Daniel exiting their apartment and entering the landscape that we often see in the series. There, the sky glitches, and we also see the mental hospital and the pyramid behind him. But there’s no sign of Maura. The ship, however, is going through its worst phase, with the storm hitting it badly. The whole setup (simulation) appears to be designed to test humans and their decision-making skills by creating a scenario in which only practicality can guarantee the passengers’ survival on the ship. Anyway, we see Daniel escaping his “nightmare” by peeling off the wall. He finds wires behind it and crawls through the passage, entering many different realities that work as “visions” for each character. Daniel enters a desert landscape and a snowy one. 

The black matter is spreading all over the ship, and Mrs. Wilson’s condition is getting worse. Adding to their misery, the ship is now out of control, and none of the passengers can steer it. Also, it is much harder to steer a ship if there’s a storm on top of it. They decide to find the captain, who is nowhere to be seen, and Mrs. Wilson decides to stay back. Her whole hand has now turned black, and she thinks she is going to die. Well, it seems curiosity can kill you sometimes. Curiosity is the theme that haunts the passengers of Kerberos again and again, isn’t it? Everyone onboard is curious, and that’s what the experiment is for the “Creator.” But what I don’t understand is why we are not getting answers. What is the crux of it all? Well, maybe we are going to get more seasons like “Dark,” but who knows?


Where Is Eyk?

The plot intensifies here, and the passengers start panicking immensely. Where is their captain? If not just him, the first mate is also missing. Tove shows concern, but Iben seems to have accepted her fate. She is happy with God’s plan and does not wish to be saved anymore. Clemence and Ramiro decide to go and warn the guests who are helping in the engine room, and they all try to find ways to survive on this spooky ship. Maura searches for Eyk everywhere and even comes across Mrs. Wilson. She takes a look at her hand and says she has seen nothing like what Mrs. Wilson is going through. She promises Mrs. Wilson that she won’t die and that she will come back to help. Maura then leaves Mrs. Wilson to go look for Eyk. Everyone is searching for the captain, but we see that, on orders from Henry Singleton, the first mate is looking for the boy instead. He operates a hidden device, which looks like a tablet because it is a touch-screen device. On this device, he finds the boy. I can’t seem to decide whether the boy is actually innocent or if he’s somehow involved in this whole experiment. I also have doubts about whether the “Creator” is evil or not. I don’t believe the “Creator” is actually so evil since he isn’t controlling the passengers’ actions. He needs the boy for some erratic reasons, I suppose, but are the reasons going to be necessarily evil? I’m not so sure about that.

The Search Continues 

At this point, we are all looking for a map to “hope” instead of “land.” Everyone on the ship is worried for their lives but still has a hope to survive. Sad news for the fans of Olek: he dies in this episode. Along with him, we see the deaths of Lucien and Angel too. I knew Lucien would die because of his disease, but I’m not sure how I feel about the death of Angel. It sure was an emotional scene, and I will give the writers of 1899 a little credit for the same, but I couldn’t help not feeling any remorse for Angel, and we all know why don’t we?


Talking about deaths, Maura goes into Eyk’s memory, where she sees his dead wife but not Eyk. Nobody seems to know where he is now, but the audience knows. He’s aboard the Prometheus. Meanwhile, we see that Daniel finally finds the little boy after going through several landscapes. He tells the little boy that Maura still does not remember anything. The little boy hands over a ring to Daniel and says he believes she will wake up this time. Once Daniel leaves the boy, the first mate catches the little boy and initiates a shutdown.

Maura Made Herself Forget Her Pain?

Maura goes through Daniel’s stuff where she spots an old family photograph of her and Daniel together, along with the little boy. Daniel hustles to his room to speak to Maura and tells her that the young boy is Elliott, her son. We finally, after six episodes, have a name for the little boy! Hurray! Anyway, Maura refuses to believe so because she would have remembered having a child, wouldn’t she? Well, she made herself forget it because she wanted to get rid of the pain. Wait, what pain? We don’t get much clarity on that, but Daniel leans in to kiss Maura, and she gets flashbacks of them together. Daniel says all of this is a simulation (which is no surprise to us, Dan-Dan) and urges her to wake up.


How Does The Episode End?

Well, Henry watches people on Kerberos die. The first mate brings Elliot and the pyramid to his office. Henry says they always repeat the same mistake and die. They apparently put their emotions before logic, and everything would be solved if they used logic. Well, it’s human nature, though. We often put our emotions before logic, be it any case. It sure is a mistake every human can relate to. Coming back to the episode, Henry expresses his wish to get Maura’s key, and in return, he will hand over the boy. He then opens the pyramid; it has a keyhole within it. Well, what will happen? Is Maura the “key” to this simulation?

At the end of this episode, the countdown reaches zero, and a huge whirlpool appears before the Kerberos. The ship is swallowed by it, and Ling Yi watches this catastrophic event take place before her eyes. That scene is the highlight of the series, a truly cinematic moment. The ship then reappears, joining other ships, and we see Eyk. The survivors stare at Eyk and Prometheus in disbelief, and the episode ends. What will the finale look like? Will they finally “wake up”?


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