‘1899’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained- Is This The Most Heartbreaking Episode Of The Season?

We’re nearing the finale, and there are only two episodes left after this. I feel a little sad because the series just got interesting and is already about to end. We still don’t have a lot of answers, but I didn’t expect any, either. Episode 6 starts with Tove running in a forest. This scene reminded me of ‘Dark,’ but I’m not sure if I should be comparing the two anymore since ‘1899’ is based on a totally different concept. Anyhow, Tove runs after Ada and asks her to come back home. In an eerie scene, we see a mysterious man, and Tove suddenly wakes up. This is Tove’s vision, and when she wakes up, she gets mad at Maura and demands to know where the boy is. But none of us knows the answer, do we? I’m sure Daniel knows, though. He’s been very secretive all this time, and I’m curious to know more about his story than any other character’s. Not just because the actor is very handsome, but also because his acting caught my attention. The way he has been protecting Maura shows he cares too much for her because he always jumps in when someone points a gun at Maura. It is always rather wholesome to watch him when he’s on-screen because he looks like a wizard from Hogwarts! Moving on, I’m sure a lot of people (including me) thought that the shafts led to the real world; however, now we know it’s not the real world but a world of nightmares. I still feel like the whole setup is for a video game, even though I know the answer is that it’s a social experiment. Coming back to the ship, it is Daniel who suggests everyone calm down and that they need to find land before all of them meet the same fate as the passengers of Prometheus. 


Spoilers Ahead

Eyk Starts Giving Commands Again

Eyk is the ship’s captain again and is also back to giving commands. He asks the men on the ship to go to the engine room and get the ship started again. Since only the main characters are now alive, we see the upper class and the people on the lower deck working together. This scene is very symbolic because, in the beginning, the coal shovelers were not allowed to go upstairs, and the upper-deck members looked down upon them, but for survival, we see all of them coming back together. Perhaps one of the motives of this experiment was to see how humans from different backgrounds react if they’re put in a situation like this. Further, into the episode, we see that Eyk asks the women to search for any survivors. Anker and Ramiro are asked to stay behind and wait for signals or messages from the company. 


Now, everyone has their duties, but not all of them speak the same language; they have to just trust each other in order to survive. Here we see how English brings them together, as most of them know a little bit of English, and this helps them communicate. 

Mrs. Wilson leads all the women except Ling Yi, who decides to tag along with the men because she only trusts Olek. Mrs. Wilson decides to split their team in two in order to find more people efficiently. She asks Tove and Clemence to team up and takes Iben with her. They walk through the spooky corridors in the dark, and Tove starts to hear strange voices. She also starts seeing Krester. Now, the ship has started becoming eerier and eerier. There’s also a strange black material growing on the walls, and Daniel warns all the men not to touch it. Daniel definitely knows and remembers more than the rest of the survivors. Soon, the men enter the engine room and start working.  


Ling Yi And Olek

When Olek goes to the bowels of the ship, Ling Yi follows him. She goes to Olek and talks to him in her language. She says he’s very different from the other men. After this brief conversation of them talking in their respective languages (Cantonese and Polish), Ling Yi leans in for a kiss but quickly apologizes. Olek holds her and kisses her back. Here, we see a love connection despite the language barrier. Both of them seem very comfortable with each other and non-judgmental. This was rather a sweet angle if you forget that Ling Yi just lost her mother. I found the story drifting toward a love story too quickly, but everyone has their own coping mechanism. Maybe Olek gave her the comfort she was craving, and after losing her mother, she had nobody left with her, and the only person who showed her real love and affection was Olek. I definitely saw their love story coming, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast. 

Eyk And Maura Decide To Go Down The Shaft Again

In this episode, Maura informs Eyk more about her visions and what the little boy told her. She takes him down the shaft again, and he feels insane going there. Is this a shared nightmare that they are experiencing together? Eyk asks Maura if she remembers where they are, and she tells him that the building they are seeing reminds her of the place where she grew up, but it feels somehow different to her. 


They are in a mental hospital, and she remembers that her father built it for her mother, who, with each birth, became weaker and weaker. First, she starts forgetting things, then names, and then eventually, she forgets them too. 

Her father then became obsessed with the human psyche and wanted to know more and more about it, so he started this human experiment. It seems like her brother was also a part of this human experiment, and she was going to be reunited with him, but her father somehow didn’t let it happen. They enter room number 1101, and Eyk opens a window. He notices that the framework is the same as it is on the ship. They notice a few more things similar to the ship. 

Tove’s Story 

Tove’s story is the most heartbreaking of all the stories shown in ‘1899’. Tove starts seeing Krester on the ship, and she follows him inside a room, and there’s a glitch. Now she finds herself in a different reality. How did she teleport to this reality? I’m as confused as you are. Anyway, this scene centers on Tove’s story. It is a very traumatic event from her past. A man that Krester used to work for is threatening Krester with a gun. Tove runs to her brother and tries to save him, but the man shoots Krester near his face anyway. This explains the huge mark on his face. 

The man accuses Krester of taking his son’s innocence. This insinuates that the man’s son and Krester were maybe fooling around, just as he fooled around with Angel. Homosexuality was considered a sin, and maybe that’s why Krester got scared and spit on Angel’s face in one of the episodes when he was alive. Here, we see how homophobia made the man shoot a boy. ‘1899’ deals with so many subjects that are still prevalent in our society. There are still crimes taking place because people are not ready to accept love. Anyway, without digressing and coming back to Tove’s story, we see that the man avenges Krester by raping his sister, Tove, but she fights back and kills the man. When in my previous article I mentioned how some murders could be justified, I meant something like this. Of course, it was self-defense, and yet her family suffered because of their mother’s blind faith. Her entire family was on the run because of the tragic events that took place. This also shows why Krester was always so scared of getting close to Angel, even though he was attracted to him. This story also explains why he got so blinded by hatred after Ada died; first, when he got close to someone, Tove got raped, and second, when he fooled around with Angel, Ada died. Tove’s story gave me a lot of clarity on her character as well as her family’s background. 


Lucien And Jerome

Lucien finally apologizes to Jerome and admits that he is going to die soon. Jerome doesn’t speak much in this conversation. Lucien informs Jerome that he is going to America to get his brain operated on and that this experiment has never been done on someone alive, but he is willing to take the risk. He said it might have saved his life. Karma theory kicks in here, he got everything he wished for, but when it was time to enjoy it, he got a disease, and now, nothing matters to him. 

Where Did The First Mate Go?

The first mate goes into another simulation/reality and ditches the priest and Ramiro. Now, they’re left with the responsibility of steering the ship. Ramiro tries to figure out where they have to go, and the priest goes to the books kept beside them. Here, they share a very awkward and funny scene. Ramiro looks at the priest in dismay and asks if he’s going to learn how to steer a ship at the moment. But, as funny as it sounds, the manual has nothing written except a sentence that says- ‘may coffee kick in before reality does. This scene scared me too! It made me wonder if I live in some sort of simulation or video game! Who is the ‘Creator’ of my reality? This show is making me question my life too!



The ‘Creator’ tells the first mate that he has broken the protocol and asks him a question. The first mate says ‘the transfer’ will take place in two days. Huh? Transfer? Protocol? It seems like they are discussing their next moves now. I knew that the first mate was somehow involved, and he was probably sending messages to the ‘Creator’ while we wondered who he was sending these signals to! Furthermore, Henry orders the first mate to find the little boy. The boy has the pyramid, and apparently, it is very important for the ‘project’ to succeed. Henry also mentions how people are not aware of their own reality and to get a grasp of what’s really happening around them, they just have to change their perspective towards things. It is true; we all are living a very oblivious and monotonous life. Whenever Henry comes into the picture, it is always some hard facts that he provides us with. I’m not sure if I like his character or if I despise him for hurting his children for something they were not at all responsible for. 

Daniel Follows Maura 

We see that Maura goes to touch the black substance that is growing like a virus. Daniel suddenly comes into the picture and asks her not to touch it and says that they don’t have much time. Eyk asks how Daniel came there, and he says he followed them. Daniel begs Maura to remember who he is, but she doesn’t remember him. Near the end of the episode, he teleports Eyk, who was coming in between Maura and Daniel, to another dimension using his device, saying he won’t leave Maura again. It is revealed that he is Maura’s husband. Okay, this explains why he has been so protective over her. He just loves his wife and wants her to remember him. She does not believe him and says he is lying. She thinks he is working for her father and trying to fool her. Maura takes his device and locks him in a room. She leaves the building and screams, cursing her father. Henry is watching her from his screen. Maura then throws the gun she had in her hand into the sky, but it hits an invisible wall. 


She then discovers that the ship’s framework is underneath this wall and the whole scene reminded me of “The Truman Show” when Jim Carrey realizes his whole life was being broadcasted. However, kudos to the writers of ‘1899’ for giving it their unique touch, we can’t say it is copied or even inspired by the movie, but it sure gives the same aesthetics. Anyway, Maura cannot fathom what is happening to her, is she going to get crazy? What will happen to her? The episode ends with the ladies finding themselves on the top deck again. There are no more survivors. And a thunderstorm takes shape in front of them. Tove says this can’t be real, well, I feel the same.  Nothing seems real. Meanwhile, Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” starts playing and we see Eyk coming out of a shaft, what’s unusual is that he is not on Kerberos, he is on Prometheus! As the song goes on, the viewers also wonder if there is a way out of there. In the end, we see a cluster of other ships like Prometheus and Kerberos! Where did these other ships come from? Where is Eyk now and will the passengers survive the thunderstorm?

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