‘007: Road to a Million’ Finale Recap & Ending: Did Anyone Win The Grand Prize Of A Million Pounds?

I’m not a reality TV junkie by any means. The last time I watched one was ages ago, but Amazon Prime’s 007: Road to a Million landed on my watchlist for a couple of reasons. First, I’m a big James Bond fan; second, it didn’t look like a traditional reality show; and third, it had Brian Cox. Instead of going with the usual celebrity contestants, 007: Road to a Million gambles with nine pairs of regular working-class people like you and me. They’re sent on a globe-trotting adventure, facing various challenges, all for the chance to win one million pounds. They aren’t all just young and muscular but come from all walks of life. We’ve got ex-cops like Keith and Nick, a father-and-son duo, a husband-and-wife, twin sisters, co-workers, and whatnot. They’re all aiming to win a million pounds while visiting some of the most stunning places in 007 style. Unfortunately, most of them were eliminated within the first few episodes, but a few, like the Bones Brothers, Jen and Beth, and Josh and Kamara, were still rocking this show.


Spoilers Ahead

What Becomes Of James And Joey Bone’s Journey?

Just like everyone else, the journey of the Bone Brothers started in the mountains of Scotland and took them to many of the most exotic places in the world in a couple of weeks. They conquered every question they found in Venice, Chile, Brazil, and Jamaica while sampling some of the finest cuisines and sipping the finest wine. The final episode of 007: Road to a Million saw them flying to the Alps, the mountain range shared by eight countries, including France and Switzerland. Having already won 150,000 pounds, both James and Joey had to walk on a frozen lake, pick up the laser rifle placed atop a table, and shoot five targets to retrieve the briefcase. If they fail, their journey would be over, and they would have to go home with just 150,000 pounds, but if they hit all the targets, they’ll bank the same amount. Unfortunately, Josh and Joey missed the mark and mistakenly blew up the briefcase that was holding the clue to their next level. Even though they failed to see it through, the brothers won 150 grand, an adventure they would tell stories about to their grandkids.


Did Josh And Kamara Make It Through?

I don’t know about the others, but for me, Josh and Kamara were two of the strongest players, even though they didn’t appear to be. Everyone was either counting on Keith and Nick or the O’Neils to advance to the final level, but they were eliminated long before that. Josh, having conquered his fear of heights, was ready for his next big challenge alongside his partner-in-crime, Kamara Davis. Even though they started out as an ordinary couple, Kamara’s stint in Venice and Josh’s unbelievable climb to Mount Lascar turned them into superheroes. They were ready to face whatever the game threw at them, even if it meant wrestling a bag from crocodiles twice their size or weighing one of the most venomous tarantulas on the planet. After conquering every challenge, Josh and Kamara made their way to the Alps. Just like everyone else, Kamara and Josh were asked to pick up the laser gun placed in the middle of a frozen lake and hit the required target to retrieve the briefcase. If they pass this level, they will get one more step closer to winning a million pounds, and if not, they will have to go back home with whatever amount they’ve banked till now. Unfortunately, their luck betrayed them on the final level, and like the Bone brothers, they ended up blowing the briefcase while “We Have All The Time In The World” was heard in the background. Even Brian Cox, the controller, was glum to see the couple lose, as, just like us, he too felt Kamara and Josh had an actual shot at becoming millionaires.

Were Beth And Jen Able To Bank A Million Pounds?

After witnessing many of the strongest contenders get eliminated from the game, I never thought Beth and Jen would make it to the finals. Just like the last two pairs, Jen and Beth had to use a laser rifle and hit the explosive charges placed on a cottage door to get the briefcase, all in under three minutes. As a rule, they each had to hit at least one target to succeed, and if even one of them failed, they’d be eliminated instantly. Fortunately, the nurses were much better shots than Josh and Kamara and won the round. The briefcase had a key to a shiny new Aston Martin DB5, the same model used in James Bond: Skyfall. As expected, the car was outfitted with all the signature gadgets, including a smoke bomb, a bulletproof body, and a GPS that led them to a small hamlet, Grindelwald.


Since the nurses were the last of the herd, there was no way the controller was going easy on them. They both boarded a train, but the controller had them disembark it and complete their journey while scaling a mountain, with nothing but a climbing axe and harness to hold them in place. They found fragments of a map hidden at various points in the mountain. The map took them to an underground tunnel leading to a room filled with James Bond collectables, like the half-broken kabuki mask of “No Time to Die” villain Lyutsifer Safin. Outside the room, they faced their next question, which asked them to figure out which of the three options cost half a million pounds: 24 bottles of Bollinger RD 1979, an Aston Martin DB5 Silver Birch, a maximum bet of a specific casino, a 4-acre island in the Caribbean, or 25 grams of plutonium. Since they were in the endgame and just three questions away from getting a million pounds richer, the game upped its stakes as well. They went with Aston Martin, but it was incorrect, and they were eliminated just like all the others. Even though they didn’t have what it took to bank a million pounds, they got farther than anyone else.

What Was Inside The Locker?

So, how were they paid? Just like they do in all the spy and espionage movies, a key that leads to a shady locker. They were all given a key to a specific locker located amid the hustle and bustle of the city. However, none of them knew what they were going to find in the locker—probably another clue or another chance to win a million pounds. Kamara and Josh were the first to find the bag, and it was filled with cash. The Bones brothers were next and couldn’t help but hug each other after seeing that much cash. However, their biggest worry was how they were going to explain this to the customs. Jen and Beth were the luckiest ones, and instead of taking the train like others, they left the city with their share of the money in a classic Aston Martin DB5 in style.


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