‘Zero To Hero’ Movie Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hero And Lulli Reconcile?

Brazilian Netflix films are fun to watch. They’ve been releasing a lot of romantic comedy movies in the hope of attracting an audience that still loves over-the-top, outlandish love stories. These stories might not be relatable, but the characters in them seem to be having fun. There were Rich in Love Parts 1 and 2, and Christmas Full of Grace, both Netflix originals about the most bizarre meet-cutes, yet the couple ended up together. Zero to Hero is yet another romantic comedy that involves someone assuming the identity of another man and how he ends up meeting the love of his life by keeping his real identity hidden.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Were Herodotus And Sandro Sanderlei?

The movie begins with the life of Herodotus “Hero” Batista, a small-time salesman at a music store who has an affinity for rock music and wants to be a part of a band with his drummer best friend Nelson, whom he refers to as Panca. Panca and Hero seem to be too attached to the rock and metal genres, as they have long manes to mimic their favorite rock stars. They were barely making any income from the store, and Hero was eventually let go because of his emotional attachment to a guitar. Hero resembled the famous country music sensation Sandro Sanderlei. He had to resort to performing at small gigs to sustain himself financially, and he realized these gigs could be a stepping stone to becoming a famous rock star.


Sandro Sanderlei, on the other hand, as mentioned above, was a famous country music sensation in Brazil, but lately, he has been the talk of the town as his girlfriend of many years, Tania, broke up with him. The reason for the breakup was stated to be his out of shape body. Sandro was being scrutinized more for his image than his singing. 

What Happened To Sandro During The Surgery?

Sandro, being a rich musician, had the option of getting liposuction done for his protruding gut. The television coverage of the reasons behind his breakup turned him into an alcoholic. Sandro was asked to fast before the surgery, but he ignored all the dos and don’ts. Sandro went into the surgery drunk, and it led to him slipping into a coma-like state post-operation. The surgery was successful, but there was no guarantee of how long the man would be unconscious. His team went into a frenzy to salvage the situation, as Sandro had many concerts and appearances lined up and his comatose state would threaten the remuneration coming his way. 


What Was The Game Plan Developed By Jacques And Agnaldo?

The gig Hero and Panca were a part of caused a ruckus, and amidst the chaos, Agnaldo’s friend noticed Hero’s facial resemblance to Sandro. Agnaldo was perplexed upon noticing how similar Hero and Sandro looked and considered offering a lucrative deal to him. It was merely a coincidence that Hero and Sandro were singers catering to two different genres. Despite that, Agnaldo could not let this opportunity go and requested that Jacques, whose label represented Sandro, get involved and make a good offer. Hero was surprised by the attention being showered on him just because of the resemblance, and he wanted to know what the deal with Sandro and his team was. 

Why Did Hero And Panca Sign The Agreement?

Agnaldo considered requesting Hero to perform as Sandro at his upcoming concerts, make appearances, and shoot a music video, and in return, he offered to produce his album as Hero. Hero and Panco were expected to sign a non-disclosure contract for a short period of time and pretend to be Sandro. They were not keen on disclosing the real Sandro’s condition, fearing the cancellation of several of his events. 


Jacques Barreto offered Hero and Panca an agreement with remuneration and perks for a short period of pretending to be Sandro. Since Hero was already a singer, recreating Sandro’s songs was not hard. Hero and Panca signed the agreement because it involved doing something close to their hearts, which was singing, and hoping to make a career out of it. Agnaldo was fond of Hero and his friend Panca, while Jacques was a strict man. 

What Happens During The First Concert Of The Tour?

At the first concert in Nova Esperenca City, Hero and Sandro were accompanied by the local mayor and his daughter Lulli. Since Hero was not aware of Sandro’s history with women, he was clueless about why Lulli was fuming at him from the get-go. Agnaldo informed him about Sandro’s history with Lulli, and how he broke her heart by sleeping with her best friend. Since Hero was not Sandro, the man was attracted to Lulli and her passion for photography. 


Lulli was taken aback by Sandro’s attention, and she wondered if the man was playing games with her. Lulli kept herself away, citing her concerns, but Hero, as Sandro, wanted to spend time with her, something Jacques was not in favor of. Jacques tried to lure Hero away from Lulli, but to no avail. Since Lulli was unaware of the switch that happened, she remained confused until they reached another town for their music shoot. 

How Did Lulli Become A Part Of The Music Video?

Lulli maintained her distance from Sandro because she had a hard time believing his new facade of a changed person. Lulli challenged him to sing any song other than country music, and if he was successful in doing so, she would be the female lead in his music video. Hero successfully won the bet because of his affinity for rock music, and this forced his love interest to be a part of the music video. The shoot brought them closer, and Lulli’s feelings for him slowly began to change. 


Why Did Hero Disclose His Real Identity?

Hero and his entourage could not head back to the city because of the heavy rains, but he and Lulli decided to take a different route to reach the city on horseback. This allowed the two of them to bond further. For Hero, this was the first time he felt love for someone, while Lulli was falling in love with a person she wanted Sandro to be. They began to emotionally open up about their life stories, and this was a milestone for Hero. 

Hero wanted to confess his identity to her to make their bond stronger. He wanted Lulli to accept him for who he was and claimed it was not him who cheated on her. This statement triggered her awful memories of her relationship with Sandro. This forced her to walk away from the relationship, as she wasn’t willing to hear his justifications. Both reached the city for a major music festival, and they parted ways on bitter terms. Hero never got a chance to reveal himself to her, and he tried to find ways to get her back into his life. 


Did Jacques Offer Hero A Better Agreement?

Amidst all the issues Hero was going through, Sandro came out of his coma-like state. This put Jacques’ plans in jeopardy, as he had hoped to utilize Hero as much as he could to keep Sandro’s name going as long as he could. He had plans to lure Hero with another exciting offer. Agnaldo did not want to abandon either the real Sandro or Hero, as he wanted to remain true to the words he gave them. Agnaldo was a good person who believed in the talent Sandro and Hero had. Jacques was money-minded and wanted to extract as much money as he could from Hero impersonating Sandro. Jacques learned that Hero was far more talented than Sandro ever could be, and this motivated him to go after Hero and entice him. 

What Was Agnaldo And Hero’s Plan?

Hero decided to sign the contract offered by Jacques. To Agnaldo’s surprise, Hero turned out to be a lot smarter than anyone anticipated, as he signed the contract as Sandro and not Hero. Agnaldo managed to bring the real Sandro back to the concert to put their plan in motion. Agnaldo and Hero wanted to shock Jacques and teach him a lesson about not taking anyone for granted, especially talent. Hero wanted to be famous, but only based on his own talent and hard work, unlike Sandro, who was carried away by Jacques’s vision of what a musician should be. 


Did Hero And Lulli Reconcile?

Right after his performance as Sandro, Hero revealed his real identity to the world. This was the game plan hatched by Agnaldo and Hero to put Jacques on the back foot. Hero wanted to come out as himself to not just the public but also to Lulli, who was at the festival. By coming out and admitting his brief role in playing Sandro, Hero could be termed an honest man who was not carried away by the fame that engulfed him for a while. Hero and Panca were not on good terms briefly because of the former’s attitude. Hero’s apology for his arrogant nature to Panca brought them closer as friends. Panca was one of the few who were aware of Hero’s real identity. Hero wanted to move away before fame corrupted him. The real and healthy Sandro was introduced to the stage for the people so they could be aware of the reality, which made Jacques angry as he would have to deal with the real Sandro as per the new contract. 

Lulli was happy to know Hero was not Sandro because she could trust him fully. Lulli, surprisingly, was not upset or angry at Hero for keeping his identity hidden. Sandro was awful to her, but Hero loved her, and his words felt genuine. Lulli loved Hero for his personality and not because his face resembled her ex-boyfriend, who broke her heart. The movie ended with Hero and Lulli reconciling after the music festival, and this was just the beginning of their relationship. 


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