‘Your Lucky Day’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Won The $156 Million?

There are three things that are more addictive and dangerous than anything in this world. These things are money, knowledge, and power. These things, when exercised together or solely, have the power to corrupt anyone. Remember Marlowe’s play about a man named Faustus who summoned the devil? In exchange for all the knowledge and magic known to men and beyond, Faustus agreed to give him his soul after 24 years. Faustus eventually realized the blunder he had made, but it was too late. His greed for knowledge became the final nail in his coffin. Dan Brown’s latest film, Your Lucky Day, explores one such scenario where regular people choose to look the other way and conceal a crime for a decent cut of a lottery win.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Sterling? What Did He Do?

The best things in life aren’t free, and Sterling was no stranger to this truth. He was down on his luck and, as a result, turned into a desperate criminal with nothing to lose. The last batch of drugs he had was stolen by people in his own line of work. It was the holiday season, and Sterling figured it would be the best time to rob a convenience store. Therein, he forced a man named Laird at gunpoint to give him his lottery ticket of $156 million. Things quickly escalated from there, resulting in the deaths of the Laird and a police officer named Cody. The problem started to creep in when Sterling realized he wasn’t alone in the store when his plan went awry. There were many others, including Ana Marlene, Abraham, and the store clerk Amir. Even though Sterling got the lottery ticket, he was in more trouble than before. He was caught on security cameras, killing the cop and holding others hostage. If he was caught, there was no doubt that he would get the needle. Sterling had no plan. He figured he could kill everyone, erase the tapes, and then redeem his ticket to live a lavish life. But it wasn’t that simple. Sterling told everyone to make up a lie about the shooting, and in return, he would pay them handsomely. Amir was married, and his marriage was on the brink of separation. Thus, Sterling’s offer was music to his ears. Abraham was also planning to marry his pregnant girlfriend and believed a couple of millions could set him up for life. Both Amir and Abraham were in a situation where they couldn’t afford to take the high road. They agreed to help Sterling in exchange for six million dollars.


Is Cody Alive?

Sterling was a small-time drug dealer and thus had no idea how to deal with a situation like that. His original idea was to dunk the bodies into a drum of acid and dissolve them. That’s how they do it in movies, Sterling thought. However, none of them agreed to the acid plan, as it was too grotesque. Ana was the smartest of the bunch. She realized that just disposing of the bodies wouldn’t be enough. They needed to make a trail so people wouldn’t look for these people, at least for some time. Moreover, they had to make sure both bodies were never found together. Ana’s plan was to frame the cop for the murder of the old man. They would place the cop’s gun near the dead body of the old man. If the body were ever found, the serial number of the gun would implicate Cody himself. On Sterling’s orders, Abraham agreed to drive Laird’s body to the pier and dump it in the ocean. As for Cody, his body was put in the freezer while they pondered what to do next. Little did they know that Cody survived and had his own plans. While everyone was busy planning their next move, Cody contacted his father. He told Dick everything about Sterling and the $156 million lottery ticket. Dick and his cop buddies, Dobbs and Rutledge, decided to find Cody and claim the big prize for themselves. One of them wanted to take a long vacation to Spain, while the other had different plans.

What Happened To Sterling, Amir, Dick, And Cody?

The thing about money is that it corrupts people. Abraham and Amir were no different. Abraham had to kill a guard to save Ana, while Amir planned to kill Sterling to keep everything to himself. He cannot be trusted, Amir claimed about Sterling. Unfortunately, fate had different plans. Dick and his cop buddies breached the store and killed Amir and Sterling. However, Ana found a way to save her life. She covered her head in a plastic bag to make it appear that someone had killed her. Fortunately, her farce worked, and Dick and his friends were tricked. Ana then found the window of opportunity and killed Dick. Ana was no killer, but she had to murder Dick to save Abraham’s life. Ana realized that Dick and his friends were there for the lottery ticket, and as long as she had it, they wouldn’t kill her. However, the cops also knew that Ana wouldn’t harm the ticket, as it was her only bargaining chip. The cops wanted a bargaining chip of their own and kidnapped Abraham while he was getting rid of the body.


The cops find Cody in the freezer and lead him into their car. They extracted as much information as they could, regardless of Cody’s condition. Cody was bleeding heavily and had already lost a ton of blood, but rather than be taken to the hospital, he was pressed for information. Rutledge sent Dobbs to take care of Ana, but he was killed. Cody somehow gathered his last ounce of strength and made it to the store. He shot Ana but was killed by Rutledge.

Who Won The $156 Million?

Everyone was dead except Ana and Abraham, and all Rutledge needed to do to get the ticket was to kill these two. However, even if he got the ticket, he wouldn’t be able to redeem it. The reason was that he had no story to back it up. But Abraham and Ana did. What if they pose as the original owners of the ticket, a helpless couple who were attacked by Sterling and others? As for himself, Rutledge figured he could pose as their knight in shining armor who saved them from their attackers. Everyone agreed, and Rutledge uncuffed Cody. As the movie draws to a close, we see Ana in the hospital, giving birth to a baby boy, with Abraham by her side. As for Rutledge, he becomes the town’s hero for saving a couple from armed attackers. He was called to attend talk shows so he could tell the entire story to the world. But the most pressing question is: what happened to the money? It was possible that Ana and Abraham claimed the ticket and split it 50-50 between themselves and Rutledge. The latter was a respected cop, and he would’ve made sure that the couple’s story was upheld by both the cops and the lottery ticket company. Thus, it was a win-win situation for everyone: Rutledge, Ana, and Abraham. Everyone got what they wanted. Ana, Abraham, and Rutledge became millionaires, while the news companies got a crispy and happy ending story to restore people’s faith in the police.


Unfortunately, it turns out things aren’t looking too good after all. In the movie’s post-credit scene, we find Laird’s white car in an impound lot. It’s the same car Abraham used to ditch Laird’s body, but he had to abandon it when he heard gunshots on the radio. Someone picked up the car, and now, in the post-credit scene, there’s a dog barking at it, probably catching a whiff of the bodies inside. So, chances are, those bodies would be discovered, and it would open a new investigation. Also, Anna, Abraham, and Sterling had stashed a gun in that car, and it could link Laird to Cody and others. In layman’s terms, the luck of Ana, Abraham, and Rutledge is about to be cut short.

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