‘You People’ Ending, Explained: Did Ezra And Amira Manage To Solve The Cultural Differences In Their Family? 

Finding the right person in your life might become too difficult at some point, but you’ve got to wait for the right moment. “You People” is a 2023 rom-com drama film on Netflix that revolves around the life of two people, Ezra and Akbar. The movie begins with the fun and mediocre life of Ezra, a 35-year-old man who worked as a broker for a living. But his interests were completely directed towards making podcasts with his dearest friend Mo. They ran a podcast channel called “Mo and EZ Show.” Ezra delivered his true self whenever he was on that podcast channel, and Mo was pretty much the only person who understood him. Ezra never had a peaceful relationship with his family; his mother, Shelley, never understood him, yet he maintained a loving relationship with them. Ezra’s family was very cultural, and they followed strict rules when it came to their livelihood. But Ezra was different; he wanted to freely enjoy his life. One thing that always demoralized Ezra was his love life, as he’d never found the right person who loved him for his true nature. When Ezra and his family visited the Skirball Cultural Center for a religious gathering, everything was completely out of place because people questioned Ezra about his personal life. Shelley arranged a date for him with a Harvard student named Kim Glassman, as she was highly interested in him. So, the pair went out for lunch, but things couldn’t work out since they lacked a mutual understanding. The story took a different turn when Ezra met Amira. Ezra misunderstood her to be his uber driver, but the two eventually reconciled since Amira was lost around Century City.


Ezra and Amira became friends and gradually started dating each other. Just like Ezra’s family, Amira’s father, Akbar, was way too religious. Amira couldn’t reveal that she was dating a Jewish white man since they were African Muslims, and her father Akbar was highly opinionated. Both of them realized that they had filled in the missing pieces for each other. Ezra and Amira never pretended their actions were innocent when they spent time together. Soon, six months passed, and Amira finally met Ezra’s family. At first, everything was fine until Shelley started to mess things up a bit. She pressured Amira with her religious opinions, so Ezra took Shelley out of the room. Ezra tried to talk it out with his mother, but she just passed racist comments and treated Amira like a caricature of an African American instead of a human being. Luckily, Shelley liked her back, so Ezra revealed that he planned on proposing to her. Shelley was instantly happy with his response and assured him that Amira’s religion never mattered to them. Now it was time for Ezra to meet Amira’s parents, but they were not as welcoming as they looked. Akbar and his wife began arguing since he didn’t like Amira’s choice. He wanted Amira’s boyfriend to be someone that belonged to their culture. Their attitude towards Ezra made him extremely nervous, but he eventually asked permission from them to marry Amira. Akbar did not approve of him, and Ezra was completely demotivated. He came back home, and Amira was upset with his blatant move. So, Ezra had no choice but to reveal that he had plans to propose to her, and Amira loved it.

Finally, Ezra and Amira were engaged, and they moved in together. Ezra decided to quit his job after ten years because he wanted to focus on his podcast channel. Now, Ezra and Amira wanted to plan their wedding, so they decided to bring both families together, but things didn’t work out due to the differences and culture and ideas. Both families started with each other because they began comparing the holocaust with slavery. Eventually, Ezra managed to distract Shelley to get some candles. In this process, Shelley burned Akbar’s Kufi, a traditional cap, and the dinner ended badly. Their family’s differences strained Ezra and Amira’s relationship, but the duo still managed to understand each other. Amira wanted Ezra to spend more time with Akbar. The next day, they went out together, and Akbar started to lose his calm since Ezra had resigned from his job. At the same time, Shelley and Amira met each other as well. Ezra and Akbar went to a hair salon, and people belittled him, but still, Ezra handled it well. At the same, Shelley often reminded Amira that she was a Black woman. Soon, things started to fall back on track, and both families invited their wedding planners for Amira and Ezra. Demetrius was Amira’s cousin and also a wedding planner, whereas Becca had known Ezra’s family for a very long time. Ezra and Amira did not appreciate this since they wanted to have the wedding their way.


‘You People’ Ending Explained – Did Ezra And Amira Manage To Solve The Cultural Differences In Their Family? 

No matter how much they tried, their families were hooked on passing racist comments. Akbar and Omar accompanied Ezra to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, whereas Amira went out with the girls! At first, Akbar didn’t plan on tagging along, but he wanted to keep an eye on Ezra while he was in Vegas. On the night of the Rehearsal dinner, Ezra and Amira got into a huge fight with Akbar and Shelley. Akbar told him that he was not the right man for Amira, while Shelley went on with her racist comments. So, Ezra and Amira decided to end their relationship since things didn’t work out between their families, and it was getting way too difficult for them to handle. Three months passed, and a lot of things changed. Ezra and Amira grew individually and managed to build their individual careers together. Ezra and Mo opened up their studio for their podcast channel, and he tried to date other women, but things didn’t work out. Akbar’s brother EJ tried to convince him that his attitude towards Ezra was wrong, but Akbar pretended to reject him for consuming drugs. In reality, Akbar just rejected Ezra for being a Jewish white man. EJ told him that Akbar used to do a lot of things in the old days too, so his behavior toward Ezra was completely unjustifiable.

Akbar realized that he had been restricting Ezra and Amira way too much. So, Akbar decided to reach out to Shelley, and the next day, they planned a secret meeting with Ezra and Amira. Meanwhile, Ezra and Amira were really surprised to meet each other. Soon, Akbar and Shelley apologized to their children for being disrespectful. Things were interesting when both of them realized that their families had planned a surprise wedding for them. This time the wedding planners didn’t involve themselves in the wedding, and both Shelley and Akbar prepared it as per their children’s choices. Finally, the movie ended on a good note, where both Ezra and Amira worked as a bridge between two different cultures and made their families realize that love is far more important than anything else in this world. Even though things were different in the older days, Akbar and Shelley managed to look over things and accept their children’s genuine feelings towards each other.


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