‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 9 Ending, Explained: Did Coach Scott Set The Cabin On Fire?

Episode eight of season two of Yellowjackets ended with Natalie being chased out of the hut, for she was the one chosen by the wilderness to be sacrificed for their food. Natalie was ready to be killed when Travis forced her to leave the cabin. Javi helps Nat get to the large tree where he was resting during the winter. In that pursuit, Javi falls into the icy cold water, and Nat is stopped by the rest of the girls from saving him. The boy dies, and they have the kill they were looking for. The adults, too, gather around at Lottie’s commune when Shauna finally reveals that it was her husband who was blackmailing them, and she had to involve her daughter as well. Lottie starts spiraling and talking about how an unknown power brought them together at that spot. Will any of the women fall for Lottie’s words, or will they realize Lottie might need some help?


Spoilers Ahead

‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Episode 9: Recap

Javi dies, and the girls finally chant, ‘The wilderness has chosen.’ Natalie comes back alive, to Travis’s relief, but he is not ready to face the biggest shock, which is his brother’s death and how his body would be used as food by the rest. Misty lets the injured Lottie know about Javi’s death. Lottie does not want anyone to die for her sake, but Misty puts her foot down and lets her know it was her doing that pushed all of them to believe in the wilderness. Lottie is confused and starts feeling guilty. Travis is in deep sorrow as he did not live to see this day, but he had no choice but to give up Javi’s mortal remains. Shauna is asked to carve the body up, and she does it, but with a lot of hesitation. Natalie is also filled with guilt because she believes it should have been her. Coach Scott lets Natalie know about the huge trunk of a tree that works as a cave and could rescue him and the girls. Shauna brings up the meat from Javi’s body, and Travis is the first one to consume his brother’s heart, followed by everyone else who starts consuming the rest of the flesh.


Back in the commune 25 years later, Lottie is sure there is something that has drawn Shauna, Misty, Taisa, Vanessa, and Nat to this place and she speaks about the unspeakable things they have done and what has transpired with them in the last few months as well. Lottie plans for all of them to drink a solution  and one of the drinks will be laced with phenobarbital. Any one of them who gets the drink would die peacefully, and it would be the wilderness way to get rid of the person. The rest of the women are not keen to play this old game because, unlike Lottie, all of them have moved on, but a residue of that whole ordeal has stayed with them. But nobody is willing to die because all of them can fend for themselves. Shauna, in her bid to trick Lottie, agrees to her plan but stresses doing everything the way they had done it during their stay in the forest. All of them know Lottie was in a psychiatric ward in Switzerland, and they can sense that she is spiraling again. To give themselves some time, they plan an elaborate setup to fool Lottie until the hospital authorities arrive.

Jeff and Callie drive to the commune to let Shauna know about the cops on the lookout for her. Callie and Jeff talk about how Shauna showcased a side of herself who could just commit crimes without worrying about the consequences. Callie, for the first time, is not judging her parents, and she understands what is happening and why it is happening. Kevin and Matt follow the father and daughter to the commune to find Shauna. Walter also reaches the same place to help Misty, and as an extension of that, he helps Jeff as well.


Is Lottie’s Mental Health Condition Worsening?

Walter helps Jeff by lacing Kevin’s  drink laced with phenobarbital, which led to Kevin’s instant death. It is obvious that Walter did this to help Misty. He reaches the commune after hearing her voicemail, but this person is also the one who delivered the police a random tip about Adam Martin’s death. It is hard to conclude the kind of information he gave the police about Adam’s death. It can be implied that Walter might have a bigger motive because he abruptly entered Misty’s life. 

Jeff and Walter hid Kevin’s body in the car for his partner Matt to find. Matt, on the other hand, is a sly man who knows Callie way too well, and he can sense the girl becoming a version of Shauna. He runs into Callie at the commune, and Callie is willing to kill the man who took advantage of her. Matt’s devious plan to lure Callie had never worked, and that’s why they happen to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, especially Callie, who knows the hardship her mother went through as a teen. Matt goes out in search of Kevin after receiving a distressing call from his phone. Matt is cornered by Walter, who lets him know that Kevin could take the fall for Adam Martin’s and Jessica Roberts’ deaths, by deeming him corrupt, for he was trying to derail the investigation by going after Shauna so that he would never be a suspect. Matt buys this theory because, with Kevin gone, Matt could easily become a suspect in his murder, and there is no way anyone could prove Walter killed Kevin. 


Back in 1996, Lottie recovers from her injuries and lets them know that she never wanted anyone to die for the wilderness she always preaches about. Javi’s death had an impact on Lottie, and she offered Natalie the chance to lead the group because, even though she was the chosen one, she survived to see the light of day. Lottie thinks Nat has some power in her that could cut through the wilderness’s power. Following Lottie’s words, all the girls acknowledged Nat as their leader. Meanwhile, Coach Scott is up to something with ropes and matches in his hands. It is not clear what his plans are, but he wants to do something that will finally make the girls listen to him.

Shauna gets up the dreadful Queen card, and the rest of the women are ready to kill her. Shauna bursts the bubble for Lottie to know it was just a ploy to get Lottie to believe them and get her to the hospital for treatment. But the women charge towards Shauna. It is hard to understand why the women would side with Lottie, deviate from the plan, and chase Shauna. Lottie is shot by Callie in a bid to save her mother. Lisa also interrupts their chase for she had not had not signed up for such chaos. She wanted answers, especially from Nat and Lottie.


Lisa used to worship Lottie, and now hearing about murder and death from the group, Lisa is not sure if she can believe anyone, especially Lottie. Being a commune leader, Lottie had made sure people should be treated a certain way, but seeing Lottie instigating her friends to kill Shauna changed Lisa’s perspective. 

Lisa was ready to shoot, but she was interrupted by Nat and tried to reason, but the woman was in some kind of rage. To prevent Lisa from creating any scenes, Misty tries to jab poison into Lisa’s system through a syringe. Nat, in a bid to interrupt Misty, gets in the way and ends up getting jabbed by the poison. Nat always wanted to kill herself, but this time, she was afraid to die. Nat’s hallucination proves that it is her time to die and meet everyone from the actual team who passed. She could eventually reunite with Travis, the love of her life.


Nat’s passing shocks everyone, and Misty is horrified that she accidentally killed her best friend. Misty would probably never be able to come out of this trauma, and her pain would never go away. Misty might get affected by Nat’s death, but as a support, Walter plans to be a part of her life from here on. Lottie is on the way to being admitted to a psychiatric ward, and Nat’s death is declared a drug overdose. The women have no idea what their lives will be like from here on or how they will deal with this death. Hopefully, season three will extensively cover the impact of Nat’s death on all the women, especially Misty.

Who Set The Cabin On Fire?

Back in 1996, Shauna wakes up to see the cabin on fire, and she wakes everyone up. They get out of the cabin before any of them are gutted out. They all survive the fire, but Coach Scott cannot be found anywhere. The cabin was destroyed in the fire, and the girls look on with so much pain. This cabin was their home for so long, and it does not exist anymore. They are not sure who was behind this arson. It can be easily assumed that it was Coach Scott who lit the place on fire in a way to give the girls a wake-up call and get them out of the house. He also wanted to lead the team to the huge tree and the cave beneath it so that they could survive this cold weather. Hopefully, the fire starter’s plan will work in their favor.


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