‘Year Of’ (2023) Stan Series Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Tully’s Death Effect Everyone?

Life is woven with moments that leave a lasting impression on our hearts. These unforgettable events become imprinted in our memories and stay with us forever. They hold power over us, haunting our thoughts and stirring our emotions. In these moments, we find ourselves trapped in a dance of reflection, where the what-ifs and alternate possibilities come alive. We question the roads not taken and the choices left unexplored, searching for answers and pondering the infinite “what could have beens”.


Year Of revolves around the intertwined lives of a group of friends, united by the bittersweet experience of wrestling with the loss of their dearest companion. As they navigate the uncharted waters of grief, each of them finds themselves ensnared in their own challenges. The delicate threads that once bound them together are stretched to their limits, and sorrow hangs heavy in the air. Yet they discover that pain has a way of forging unexpected bonds and exposing the raw vulnerability within.

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What Are The Far-Reaching Effects Of Tully’s Death?

After an exhilarating party, Tully, Mo, and Gus embark on an ill-fated adventure at a construction site—a decision that would prove to be their greatest misstep. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Tully finds himself in a tragic car accident, while escaping from the site and losing his life in the process. The aftermath of this devastating incident casts a long, dark shadow over the lives of all who were touched by Tully’s radiant presence. Mo, Tully’s childhood friend and confidant, is confined to his bed for days on end, motionless both physically and emotionally. The weight of Tully’s absence is insurmountable, and the relentless questioning from the police only exacerbates Mo’s anguish, adding layers of pain to an already shattered heart.

But it is not only Mo who is completely shattered by this loss. The void Tully leaves behind is a void that cannot be filled, a space in everyone’s hearts that aches with the knowledge that Tully is no longer among them. For his family, Tully was a source of boundless joy. However, his parents, Lucinda and Alan, find themselves drifting apart, unable to communicate or mend their fractured relationship. Despite their best efforts to navigate the grief and carry on with their lives, the loss of a child is an indescribable pain that threatens to unravel even the strongest bonds. Lucinda, in her attempts to resume her daily routine, finds solace in distraction, but she discovers that the pain of losing her son is something that cannot be easily defined or escaped.


How Does the Series Explore Tully’s Influence on His Friends?

Tully’s impact extended far beyond being just a friend, son, or brother. He possessed a rare gift: the ability to truly listen and be there for others when they needed it the most. The series showcased Tully’s significance and why he was deeply cherished by everyone. When Mo had to deal with his father’s absence, he found himself navigating this challenging terrain alone. In the past, with Tully by his side, Mo never felt the pangs of loneliness, as Tully always supported him. Tully offered a comforting refuge and also accepted Mo unconditionally. Without him, Mo had to confront the difficulties on his own, illuminating the impact Tully had on his life.

Tully saw the best in every person, even when they couldn’t see it themselves. He wholeheartedly embraced people, their diverse sexualities, their experiences of love, and their friendship. Tully became an advocate for uplifting others, offering a helping hand without hesitation. His genuine care and support for those in need resonated deeply, fostering an environment where individuals felt seen, heard, and loved. Even in the midst of the football game, where Tully once exuded his natural leadership, his value was keenly felt. Tully was always great at rallying his teammates and guiding them to victory. His determination and ability to inspire others made him an indispensable presence on the field.


Tully’s leadership extended far beyond the game itself. He was a pillar of support, standing by each player through triumphs and defeats. No matter the outcome, Tully offered encouragement, reminding his teammates that their worth extended beyond the scoreline. The beauty of Tully’s impact lay in the fact that his memory and spirit were not forgotten or treated as fleeting moments of the past. Instead, his friends and teammates cherished his memory, keeping his essence alive. They embodied the qualities he once embodied, ensuring that his memory remained a guiding force both on and off the field.

‘Year Of’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Mo?

As the series Year Of draws to a close, we bear witness to Mo’s momentous decision to embark on a journey to Beirut, seeking the truth about his father. Determined to uncover the reality that has haunted him for so long, Mo resolves to return as a changed man. His quest is understandable, as he yearns to find out whether his father’s absence is due to genuine busyness or mere pretense. Unanswered questions fuel his need to know firsthand, leaving his mother and sister, Maya, filled with concern. For Maya, who has already experienced the devastating loss of Tully, the prospect of losing Mo as well hangs heavy over her heart. The fear of further separation looms over their minds. Each family member has experienced their own moments of detachment, yet Tully acted as the unbreakable thread that kept them together.


Amidst the complexities of their individual journeys, fate weaves its magic, bringing them back together. The bond they share, nurtured by Tully, and the shared memories they hold dear prove resilient. As they bid Mo a heartfelt farewell, their love and support surround him as he sets off on his quest. Their collective embrace epitomizes the connection they share. While the future remains uncertain, their reunion assures them that their connection is unbreakable. They stand united, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, knowing that they are anchored by the love they hold for one another. And so, with hopeful hearts, they eagerly await his return. The series Year Of offers us a glimpse into the notion that running away from our troubles is not the solution. It implores us to confront our challenges head-on.

Tully’s untimely death becomes the catalyst that shatters the illusion that life is solely filled with happy moments. It serves as a stark reminder that difficulties and hardships are an inherent part of the human experience. Each character in Year Of deals with their own set of problems, be they personal, emotional, or existential. Through their journeys, we witness the multifaceted nature of human struggles. The series reveals the truth that no one is exempt from trials and tribulations, regardless of their background or circumstances. However, it also emphasizes that these challenges should not define us. Rather, how we respond to these people, shapes our character. Moreover, every character is compelled to confront lows and highs that life has to offer. This transformative event becomes a turning point, prompting them to reassess their priorities and face their own demons. It ignites a fighter within them to get what they truly desire, confront their fears, and seize control of their own destinies.


The series Year Of undoubtedly excels in highlighting the complexities of life. However, one valid critique is that there may be instances where it feels like there is too much happening without a clear stopping point, leading to narrative overload or a lack of focus. It introduces multiple storylines, each exploring different themes and character arcs which adds depth and richness to the storytelling. But it also creates fragmented storytelling, making it challenging to delve fully into each narrative thread. As a result, viewers may feel overwhelmed by the deluge of plotlines, character developments, and emotional arcs as they strive to keep up with the multitude of events unfolding on screen.

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