‘Wolf Manor’ (2022) Ending, Explained: Did Oliver Escape The Beast? 

The eerie and gothic setting of “Wolf Manor” makes the film very interesting. Well, fear is an important element in the film, and the idea of combining it with comedy makes it even more interesting. We often like this combination, and it’s in line with the trend of the times because people prefer to watch genres like black comedies and slasher parodies to get the adrenaline pumping, and “Wolf Manor” perfectly balances these genres. At first, it’s hard for viewers to guess where the film is going. It looks like a group of filmmakers is shooting a horror film called ‘Crimson Manor’ in a creepy mansion. But the director has to vacate the manor because they’re no longer allowed to shoot there. Despite all warnings, he extends the shooting time by another day. But as time passes, the crew members notice that they’re being watched by a creature from the shadows. The mansion holds a dark secret, and everyone is aware of the problem, for it poses a great danger to all who don’t abide by the rules.


Spoilers Ahead 

The Reporters And The Beast 

As the film continues, the filmmakers wait for the reporters, Simeon and Trevor. They’re planning to prepare a report on Crimson Manor, but none of the villagers are ready to take them there. It’s clear that they’re all afraid of something, but Simeon and Trevor don’t take it seriously. Meanwhile, the crew members are busy shooting the film with their leading actor, Oliver Laurence, but he’s extremely arrogant and narcissistic. The crew members find it difficult to deal with his excessive demands, but they’re desperate to finish the shoot. At the same time, Peter (the producer) is trying to communicate with the reporters who haven’t arrived at the mansion. Simeon and Trevor have no choice but to find the location on their own. When they reach the property, the reporters hear a growling sound in the distance, but they ignore the sound, thinking it might be the film set. Suddenly, Simeon is dragged into the shadows, leaving the frightened Trevor alone. Eventually, he gathers his strength to look for Simeon, but Trevor finds him in a pool of his own blood. Simeon asks for help, but Trevor flees in the other direction and doesn’t look back, for he knows that his life is in danger. The creature doesn’t hurt Trevor because he hides at the right time, but it’s desperately waiting to attack everyone in the mansion.


Meanwhile, Peter struggles to deal with Oliver’s tantrums because he has no interest in following orders. He manages to sneak out of the mansion, but Peter finds him just in time. They find a severed arm outside the mansion, but Oliver doesn’t take it seriously, assuming it’s a fake.

Another Attack 

Well, there is no doubt that Oliver is responsible for the long delay because he doesn’t listen to Peter or the other crew members. Although he’s portraying a vampire, Oliver doesn’t want to wear fangs or contact lenses because he doesn’t like them. He gets annoyed by the constant pressure and takes a break again. So, everyone decides to give him time because Oliver can’t get along with anyone. While he’s taking a break, the other crew members (Owen and Ellie) step outside for a change. But Owen and Ellie are shocked to find the dismembered organs of a human being. At first, they don’t take it seriously and think it’s all fake because Oliver gave him a severed arm beforehand. But they soon understand that the arm belonged to this dismembered body, and the film reveals that it’s Simeon. Suddenly, a creature emerges from the shadows, attacks Owen, and tears him to pieces.


Ellie realizes that the creature is a werewolf, and she tries to escape, but the werewolf won’t let her into the mansion. So she hides in a stable and finds that Trevor is also hiding in one of the stalls. They quietly wait for the werewolf to disappear, but Ellie tries to run away again. The werewolf grabs her, but Trevor follows him and tries to attack the werewolf, only to be hurt by it. Somehow, Trevor manages to escape and get into the mansion, but he can’t tell anyone about the danger outside.

Did Trevor Manage To Inform The Crew Members?

Although Trevor has said nothing to them, Steve (a crew member) assumes he’s talking about the werewolf because of his wounds. They cover his body with a curtain and ask the police for help. But to their surprise, the police cannot help them because they’re supposedly short-staffed. But in reality, none of them is ready to sacrifice their lives. Now, Peter is annoyed by the whole incident because he has to finish his shoot, but Oliver is scared of the attacks. He decides to take a break again and goes to the basement with his body double, Harry, who ends up being killed by the werewolf. Oliver flees and closes the door behind him, knowing that their lives are in danger. The overwhelming pressure frightens Oliver, but there is nothing he can do because the mansion is the only place where he’s safe. Peter decides to go ahead with the shooting and wants everyone to think the creature is nothing more than a mad dog.


Luckily, Harry was a local who told them that the villagers had left their lights on to keep the werewolf away. They had to survive until the next morning, but the crew members discovered that Owen and Ellie were still missing. While Derek and Fiona (crew members) decide to look for Owen and Ellie, Peter stays behind and claims he’s allergic to dogs. Suddenly Fiona notices that Oliver is afraid of something, so she decides to talk to him. He tells her about Harry’s death, and Fiona goes down to the basement alone. She finds his severed head and comes back upstairs, but Derek won’t allow her to open the door because he thinks it’s the werewolf. It’s funny how she eventually breaks down the door and makes her way out, and Derek apologizes for his mistake.

What Happened To Peter And Steve?

Derek, Fiona, and Steve devise a plan to kill the werewolf, while Peter goes to the roof and finds Ellie’s body on the property. He quickly flees the mansion and decides to escape. But to his surprise, the werewolf is already waiting for him in the car and kills him. Meanwhile, as Derek and the others search for Peter, the werewolf follows them. Steve manages to stab it in the back, but it’s not enough to damage its body. However, the werewolf is distracted and kills Steve instead of Fiona and Derek. They make their way back to the house, waiting to find a way to kill the werewolf. Although the lights are on, the werewolf enters the house and kills Derek too.

Oliver decides to help Fiona find Derek, but he betrays her and flees from the werewolf. With Fiona dead, Oliver is left alone to protect himself from the werewolf, but it catches up with him.

‘Wolf Manor’ Ending Explained – Did Oliver Escape The Beast? 

“Wolf Manor” ends in a funny and unexpected way because Oliver becomes a hero at the end. After Fiona dies, Oliver flees from the werewolf, and he runs around drinking alcohol to gain his missing strength. The werewolf attacks him, but Oliver manages to beat him with an antique staff. Luckily, he found it in the mansion when he was busy trying to find a way to escape. But the werewolf gets scared, and Oliver uses this chance to attack him. He stabs him with his staff, and the werewolf dies instantly. Oliver is lucky to kill it because the staff contains silver, a weakness of the werewolf. It served as a shield for him and revealed the werewolf’s true form. In the end, Oscar leaves the manor with the leading actress of Crimson Manor, who had fallen asleep while everyone else was being murdered.


But the film doesn’t end here, for it’s clear that the actress has been bitten by the werewolf and will soon turn. Nevertheless, Oscar leaves, only to be followed by the other werewolves. It’s likely that these werewolves are the missing crew members who lost their lives. The film fails to hit the nail on the head and doesn’t explain the important details about the staff and its significance to the werewolf’s death. Meanwhile, the characters try hard to look funny, but they miserably fail to make the film interesting. The story would have been better if all the crew members had fought the werewolf together. But now, there was no way the werewolves would let Oscar escape from the mansion, and even though it was morning, the missing crew members turned into werewolves, which was quite unexpected. Nevertheless, the mansion has become an even more dangerous place, as the werewolves will kill anyone who crosses their path.

“Wolf Manor” is a 2022 horror thriller film directed by Dominic Brunt.

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