‘What If’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Justin Hammer?

What if? Season 2, Episode 3, began with the Watcher narrating one of his favorite Yuletide stories from the multiverse of Avengers. On the night before Christmas, the Avengers were seen getting into a fierce fight with a purple-colored Hulk-like monster, who is the real surprise of this episode of What if? In this alternative reality among the multiverse of the Avengers, Happy Hogan accidentally turned into a gigantic, purple-colored Hulk and saved Stark Tech from Tony’s long-standing rival, Justin Hammer. Let’s see how that pans out in this episode.


Spoilers Ahead

How did Justin Hammer hijack the Stark Tech Tower?

As the Watcher continued narrating his favorite Christmas story, we went back to Christmas Eve, when each of the Avengers was busy enjoying their Christmas Eve parties. While Natasha was stuck somewhere with a Hydra agent, Tony and Captain were busy playing Santa and his elf at a Christmas party. Meanwhile, the entire responsibility of decorating the Stark Tower fell on Happy and his assistant, Darcy. Darcy was working as an intern for Stark industries, so she decided to help Happy with the decoration. However, Maria Hill joined Happy in the Christmas decoration as well, and it seemed like Happy was trying to impress her. Meanwhile, when everything was going fine, the main villain of the episode entered the tower. Tony Stark’s nemesis, Justin Hammer, hatched a plan to hijack the entirety of Stark Tower and steal the armor of Iron Man, as well as the Hulk’s blood. When Justin was imprisoned, he hatched a lot of schemes to take his revenge on the Avengers, so now, grabbing an opportunity to strike back, Hammer returned with his men and hijacked the entire building by hacking Jarvis as well as the rest of Tony Stark’s armor suits. 


How did Happy turn into a hulk?

Happy learned about Hammer’s scheme and aimed to protect the Hulk’s blood by any means necessary. He kept communication intact with Maria Hill over a walkie-talkie and moved around through secret ducts. Through a duct, Happy ended up at the room where the Hulk-blood was kept and found that Hammer’s two henchmen were trying to break in. Happy tried to hide himself, but eventually, Hammer’s men managed to find him, so Happy ran for his life, taking the Hulk’s blood with him. In this cat-and-mouse chase, a syringe full of Hulk blood was accidentally injected into Happy’s veins, turning one of his legs into a giant, purple-colored Hulk leg. Happy managed to run, but his entire body began to transform into a hulk shape in no time. On the other hand, Maria Hill was captured by Hammer’s men, who were threatening to kill her.

Happy was still half Hulk and half Hogan, so seeking help, he called the Avengers, who were all busy at their respective parties. Realizing the situation, Hogan decided to contact Darcy and ask her to reboot Jarvis. Darcy managed to get into the tower and looked for the different AI versions of Jarvis, as she had to restart a German AI W.A.R.N.E.R. to reboot the entire system. She even managed to hack Tony Stark’s Jarvis, but in the meantime, Hammer’s men captured her. While Darcy and Maria were held captive, it was all on Happy to save Stark Tower from Hammer.


What happened to Justin Hammer?

Happy was fully transformed into a gigantic purple Hulk, who aimed to reboot Jarvis all by himself. He managed to distract Hammer and his men and entered the building by breaking in. Defeating Hammer’s men, most of whom began running away to save their necks, Hogan freed Darcy and Maria, but a bigger surprise awaited him. When Happy Hulk was about to restart Jarvis, Hammer confronted him. Hammer had already hacked into Tony Stark’s Hulk Buster armor and got into it. Now, history has been repeated once again, when Hulk Buster gave that iconic punch to Hulk’s face, but in this reality, the situation was different. In Age of Ultron, Hulk was mind-controlled by Wanda and turned into a crazy monster. Here in this episode of What if?, Hogan in a Hulk shape, is the actual hero of the story. However, when it was almost impossible for Hulk to continue the fight against Hulk Buster Hammer, the Avengers entered the scene.

The Avengers team, including Tony, Captain, Banner, Natasha, and Clint, thought the purple Hulk was the real threat in this situation. Tony was enraged to see Hulk playing with his armor, so the Avengers launched an attack on Hulk, while Natasha managed to capture him using an electric chain. However, Hulk Hogan screamed, saying his name and begging Natasha to release him. Natasha realized that it was their Happy Hogan who had the Hulk-blood running through his veins. Meanwhile, when Hulk was freed, the Avengers finally noticed the real villain of the story, Justin Hammer, inside the Hulk Buster armor. As Tony deactivated the armor, Hammer got out of the suit, realizing that Tony was still the master of his armor and that no one could operate it except for Tony himself. Hulk was so angry that he roared at Hammer and blew him away from the tower. As Hammer was about to fall to the ground and lose his life, Hulk managed to catch him. Hammer asked why Hogan saved his life, to which Happy Hogan replied that he didn’t want anyone to die on Christmas Eve, even if it was a bad guy. Saving Hammer’s life, Hulk Hogan returned to the tower, where everyone celebrated his bravery. Tomy expressed his gratitude to Hogan for being so loyal and committed to saving this industry. Hogan asked if Tony would be able to fix him and turn him back into a human Hogan once again, and Tony assured him that he would.


In the concluding scene of What if? season 2, episode 3, we saw Thor landing on the rooftop of Stark Tower when the rest of the Avengers were inside the building. Thor realized that he might have been a little late for the party. The Watcher concluded this sweet and cute Christmas story of the Avengers with a pinch of daring adventure and an altered reality. Let’s see what the next episodes of this season have to offer Marvel fans.

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