‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Saul Dead?

Previously, in episode 2 of “Welcome to Eden,” Nico conducted a search around Saul’s module and discovered a note from his mentor implying that Saul was the one who issued death threats to Astrid. Nico intended to turn him in to advance his position in Eden, but Saul didn’t let that happen. He stabbed Nico in the neck and fled, abandoning him to die. As Nico took his final breath, Zoa stayed by his side. Meanwhile, Charly and Africa were still in prison. Astrid was going to decide who to execute first, but Erick considered that Astrid would not be the one to decide anyone’s life or death in Eden, so a voting system among Eden’s top-ranking personnel would be implemented to make the appropriate decision.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Saul Intend To Kill Astrid?

The third episode opens with Zoa and Bel bringing Nico’s body to a precipice. Though Bel felt little sympathy for Nico, his death broke Zoa’s heart. She thought back on her time with Nico when she used to have feelings for him, though they faded once she learned Nico was a “link.” Yet she never wanted Nico to die. She told Bel that Nico had good within him, but he let his inner evil control his mind. Bel and Zoa bid Nico goodbye and drowned him in the water. Saul appeared in the distance and took them to his mentor’s tomb. The ‘c+’ sign was etched on the tomb. Saul grieved that people in Eden disappeared like they never existed; thus, he buried his mentor and left the grave with a mark to remember her. He disclosed that his mentor, Graciela, was the one who invented the blue drink. It was supposed to ease the mind when used properly, but Astrid and Erick changed all of the foundation’s guidelines. They began misusing the drink, endangering individuals and, in particular, keeping them on the island. Astrid and Graciela had a disagreement over this, leading to Astrid murdering Graciela. Since Graciela passed away, Saul’s desire for revenge grew, and he set out to kill Astrid and Eric. However, Saul wanted to carry on this mission on his own, not including Zoa, Bel, or anyone else.


Why Did Astrid Send A Spy To Zoa’s House?

Astrid grew fond of Gabi. She invited her to supper, and they had a good time. Gabi, too, began to feel at ease with her. She started loathing her own parents after seeing Astrid and Erick as an ideal couple, but Gabi didn’t realize that Astrid and Erick were both great actors who portrayed themselves as an ideal couple in front of the entirety of Eden, while in reality, they were not so happy with each other. Zoa warned Gabi not to get attached to them because the consequences would be disastrous. Zoa was correct because Astrid wasn’t simply fond of Gabi; she was trying to learn more about her family through chitchat and personal attachments. She even dispatched a spy to Gabi’s home. Through a picture frame at Gabi’s home, the spy discovered that Zoa was Gabi’s older sister. Ibon’s father had hired a detective, Brisa, who made a wise choice by identifying the spy and following him. Ibon’s father no longer wanted Brisa to look into his son’s disappearance because he started to believe that Ibon had left his house in an effort to get independence; therefore, Ibon’s father didn’t want to undermine his desire for freedom. While his father began to assume that Ibon was trying to stand on his own two feet, Ibon was actually living the worst nightmare of his life. Brisa, who was a wise and experienced professional in her field, didn’t give up on the situation and kept her eye on the spy sent by Astrid.

Was Saul Alive Or Dead? What Happened To Charly And Africa?

Isaac found Eloy in a desolate area around the rugged landscape. They both communicated using sign language. Eloy was taken aback that there was a child on the island. Isaac offered him some fruits to eat, but he couldn’t stay with him any longer. He had already been noticed by Joel, so he decided to return home before his father, Erick, arrived. While saying goodbye to Eloy, Isaac revealed his parents’ identity, which worried Eloy because he knew Astrid could find him through the kid at any time.


Finally, the voting day arrived, and Astrid asked Mayka to choose freely whether she wanted Charly dead or alive. Not only Mayka but also other level two personnel were chosen to vote on Charly and Africa’s execution. The voting began, and many votes were cast in favor of killing Africa, which helped Astrid make the decision to kill her. Both Mayka and Erick voted against sacrificing Charly and Africa, indicating that Erick and Mayka were not evil maniacs like Astrid. Saul, on the other hand, was ready for another onslaught. He stashed a knife beneath the table. Mayka, who was planning to get Charly and Africa out of prison, turned off the lights and opened the prison’s door. Charly and Africa left the cell, but they were unable to run away since Saul had grabbed the knife and held it to Astrid’s neck. Saul threatened to kill Astrid because Joel had pointed his rifle at him. Erick asked Saul what he wanted, to which Saul demanded that Astrid and Erick set all the residents of Eden free. Meanwhile, Africa made a move, smacking Saul’s skull with a showpiece. Joel fired at Saul, but he was unable to kill him. Saul was hurt, but he was able to flee the module. Astrid was terrified when she realized she was no longer safe in Eden since her own employees were plotting to turn against her. However, she felt grateful to Africa for sparing her life.

Saul’s motive for murdering Astrid and Erick would have benefited all Eden residents, including Africa and Charly. As a result, Africa should have simply let Saul make the alteration, but she stopped him. Does this imply that Africa was dedicated to Astrid and Erick’s purpose, or that she merely hit Saul to prevent Astrid from killing her? We may have a better understanding of Africa’s motivation in the coming episodes.


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