‘Wedding Season’ Review – Netflix’s Rom-Com Is A Culmination Of Thoughts From Two Different Generations

“Wedding Season” by Netflix is a typical rom-com for young individuals seeking love and marriage. This film highlights the traditional background of Indian society and the craze for arranged marriages. Over the years, we have seen multiple movies that share this phenomenon. But “Wedding Season” will impress you for sure. The story revolves around the lives of two different individuals who seek love in their imperfections. The movie highlights our female lead, Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda). She wants to get her life back on track. Despite all the opportunities, Asha’s dreams are incomplete. On the other hand, Asha’s mother, Suneeta (Veena Sood), planned something different. Suneeta aims to get Asha married as soon as possible. This is causing her to miss out on Asha’s ability to create a beautiful career. Her sister Priya (Arianna Afsar) will marry Nick (Sean Kleier). Family dinners are often tiring for all of them since all the pressure has landed upon Asha. Finance is her main goal, but her loan initiative didn’t work out. Asha tries to convince her parents about her independence, but Suneeta is adamant. Meanwhile, Vijay (Rizwan Manji) has a good rapport with his daughters. Soon, Asha comes across an MIT graduate, Ravi (Suraj Sharma). It turns out he is stuck in the same situation as well.


Asha and Ravi come up with a mind-blowing plan to fake their relationship. Getting rid of all the match-making aunties is a tough job, after all. Everything began with two fake profiles on a matrimonial website called Dreamy Desi Partner. With time, they began to understand each other. Soon they fell in love, and guess what? Ravi is not a boring nerd. Both families are delighted to have them together everywhere. Things took a different turn for Asha as she could now convey her pitch again. Previously, her pitch lacked emotion and value, but this time Asha is the story. Presenting her family’s history, Asha wins the hearts of her clients, and Ravi’s faith got her here today. Ravi never figured out his life. He helped his parents with their family restaurant. Dinesh (Manoj Sood) and Veena (Sonia Dhillon Tully) are Ravi’s parents. Ravi likes to be in his world, choosing happiness over everything. This true sense of emotion inspires Asha to live her life. Now, Asha can acquire a higher position in the London department. Her surprise turns into a chaotic situation wherein Asha snaps and confronts them about her independence.

Spoilers Ahead


“Wedding Season” creates a breakthrough for individuals wanting to create their identities. Asha and Ravi split ways here since Ravi misled her about his life. Dropped out from MIT, Ravi is earning well as DJ Spellbound. But now the real question is, Will Asha, sign her contract? Asha opened up her heart to Ravi, but he chose to keep his facts hidden. Things become endearingly emotional when Ravi confesses his love for Asha. Asha, on the other hand, gets a lifelong lesson from her parents about choosing her dreams. Now it’s the day of Priya’s wedding, and she is infuriated with Nick’s vague methods to fit into the family. Asha talks to her about this and makes her understand that Nick is crazy about her. Suneeta steps in and shares all the little details of her past. Stuck in the same algorithm of arranged marriage, Suneeta once loved a man named Parag. Time changed everything as her daughters grew up to become the independent women she desired.

Asha stumbles and decides to visit Ravi to proclaim her love. Well, Nick and Priya surprise Asha with Ravi’s arrival. The movie ends on a good note, wherein Dinesh and Veena are proud of their son. While Suneeta has stopped worrying about Asha’s wedding, This time, Asha’s life has changed for the better. The couple finally manages to get a hold of their love story, and this time it gives us a good lesson. Well, arranged marriages can happen with love in them. “Wedding Season” is a culmination of thoughts from two different generations. Pallavi and Suraj created convincing chemistry and inspired us to follow our ambitions despite all the hardships. Living in Indian society can be overwhelming since parents are doomed to hide their love. Moreover, Shiwani Srivastava’s way of depicting these characters is amazing.


Pallavi and Ravi bring out their own insecurities. Their imperfections drew them closer to each other. Another important part of this movie would be its idea of promoting dreams. None of the concepts were over-glorified or dramatized, as this is how things work for some individuals out there. Despite being called out multiple times for a past fling, Asha doesn’t lose hope. Sometimes things were extremely difficult for her, but she owned up to her mistakes. A beautifully crafted love story with romance and comedy as the main elements. While some things might be extremely strange to believe, Indians go through these problems daily. The main goal of Asha and Ravi’s lives is to make us understand that life is short, and we have to grab every opportunity and make the best out of it. Asha is truly an inspiration for those who are truly risking it all to achieve their dream career. Moreover, her preferences lie in her talent and creativity. Apart from this, all the actors were amazing in this movie, as they maintained the simplicity and essence of the film.

“Wedding Season” is a 2022 Indian Romance Drama film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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