How Did Violet Help Others With Her Services As An Auto Memories Doll In ‘Violet Evergarden: Recollections’?

“A loved one will always watch over you.” “Violet Evergarden: Recollections” is adapted from the popular Japanese novel of the same name. The movie begins with the introduction of our main characters, Violet Evergarden and Major Gilbert. They spent some of the most valuable time together, but to her surprise, Violet found herself in the hospital, having suffered multiple severe injuries. She fought alongside Major Gilbert on the battlefield and lost both her arms; now, they have been replaced with adamant silver. Despite all the difficulties, she chose to write letters to Major Gilbert, but she couldn’t balance anything well. Violet needed to give a few more days for her injuries and also to get adapted to her new hands. Throughout the whole series, Violet was stubborn about her questions, and she always wanted to know about Major Gilbert’s whereabouts. Gilbert left her under Lieutenant Hodgins’ care, but her life takes a devastating turn when she finds out that Major Gilbert couldn’t survive his injuries and lost his life during the battle. At times, Violet would lose her entire consciousness while thinking about Gilbert since he was the only person who treated her like a human being. Violet was a soulless little girl who lost all hope until Gilbert arrived. He taught her to read, write, and fight. As the years went by, Violet stood strong with Gilbert and protected him from all his enemies.


Violet never really experienced the feeling of love, and because of this, she never empathized with anyone around her. But Violet wanted to end her life, as she always believed that her life began and ended around Major Gilbert. But, in reality, Gilbert wanted her to live freely and happily. So, Violet decided to brush up on her skills as an Auto Memories Doll. Originally, Gilbert wanted her to be a part of the Evergarden household as she was one of his trustworthy acquaintances. But Violet decided to travel alongside Hodgins to the company that dealt with the letter business. Apart from delivering letters to everyone, the auto service dolls that worked under Hodgins helped people convey their messages to their loved ones. At first, Violet began her training under the dolls, who already worked for Hodgins. But soon, she took proper training and completed all her tasks with the utmost dedication.

Violet always wanted to know how these dolls used their emotions to capture the feelings of all the other people around her. Because of her writing skills, Violet’s work impacted the lives of many individuals, and everyone began to approach her for help writing letters for their loved ones. As time went on, Violet started changing; she started showing her emotions and even channelized her thoughts with people around her. Finally, Violet bagged her first client, who was a very famous playwright, Oscar Webster. Well, Violet decided to visit his hometown in Genetrix, Roswell Region. But to her surprise, Oscar was a normal man trying to generate more information for the completion of his play. Oscar was very adamant and wanted to finish writing with alcohol. But she chose to write to him instead, as he wouldn’t give up on his alcohol. Soon, they began their work, and Oscar began explaining the story and character of Olive. But Violet began relating to her character and feeling everything that Olive’s character felt.


Well, looking at her reminded Oscar of all the painful yet beautiful memories of his past. So, he decided to skip the play and broke their contract. But Violet managed to convince him, and Oscar shared his side of the story. Olive is Olivia, Oscar’s daughter. This story was entirely dedicated to his daughter, and he wanted to complete it for her. After he lost his wife, Oscar decided to change houses with his daughter. Together, they lived a very happy life and spent all their time with each other. Even though Olivia was upset about losing her mother, she managed to live happily with Oscar and never showed her true feelings. Olivia motivated Oscar to work, and she always wanted to fly like a water bird. Their house was surrounded by a large lake, and she always wanted to cross it. That was her dream. But an unexpected illness struck her life, and Oscar lost her too. He grieved her death and demanded an explanation from the almighty.

But Violet’s dedication to her story motivated Oscar to complete it. Once the story was completed, Violet decided to cross the river with the help of Olivia’s parasol, and guess what? She almost made it. Looking at her fly brought all his memories together. Olivia always promised to show him one day, and finally, Oscar accepted his daughter’s death and broke out of his suffering. Violet managed to bring him a step closer to his daughter again, which not only cheered Oscar up but also made him the happiest man alive. Oscar’s story helped Violet deal with her inner scars, too. She finally accepted Major Gilbert’s demise and chose to fight despite all the hardships. Similarly, Violet filled magic in everyone’s life as people started approaching her to write their letters. Just like that, Violet approached the life of little Ann and filled it with love and magic. From the very first day, Violet stepped into the mansion, and Ann found her very mesmerizing. She would spend hours outside the house waiting for all the visitors to leave.


Ann’s mother was sick, and she was going to die soon. So, she invited Violet over to their house for letter-writing so that Little Ann could read them once she was gone. Ann had no one else apart from her mother; her father left her, and since then, Ann has always depended on her mother. But little did Ann know that she would have to live her life only with the memories of her mother. From the very beginning, Ann was mesmerized by Violet’s personality, and she believed that Violet was a real-life doll. But throughout the appointments, Ann lost all interest in her since her mother’s health became more obvious to her. Ann threw a fit of rage and demanded to know the reason behind all those letters. So her mother had no choice but to confess everything. Ann spent the whole day crying in Violet’s arms. Finally, the day came when Violet left with 50 letters written for Ann, which are written for her to read every year. Well, the seasons changed, and Ann’s mother finally passed away. Each letter will give us a glimpse of how Ann will spend her coming years. Even though Violet was happy about this, a part of her was heartbroken, but people like Ann and Oscar changed her completely and helped Violet to shape herself with emotions and feelings as she filled their lives with numerous colors.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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