‘Vigilante’ K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers: Is Jo Heon Alive?

The Disney+ Korean drama Vigilante has ended with 8 episodes, ready for a quick binge-watch. The show, starring Nam Joo-Hyuk and Yoo Ji-Tae in pivotal roles, is an action thriller about a police officer who decides to take justice into his own hands in a country where the law always sides with criminals. Within the first six episodes, Jiyong is recognised as the Vigilante by Jo Heon, the head of the police force tasked with finding the anonymous man, but he gives Jiyong a chance to stop what he’s doing. In episode 6, Jo Heon is severely injured after some thugs try to break into Miryeo’s office, but his life is saved thanks to Jiyong. Will he recover? and what will he do when he wakes up? Additionally, Jiyong has finally decided to team up with Gang-Ok, his fan and supporter. Together, how much of a difference will the two of them really make?

Spoilers Ahead

What Is Happening With Miryeo?

Choi Miryeo was saved by Jo Heon from Mr. Bang, but he isn’t one to give up so easily. He will strike again, so Jiyong tells Gang-Ok to keep her safe. In the meantime, Jo Heon is recovering in the hospital because Jiyong managed to save him in the nick of time. Miryeo tries to make a visit to Jo Heon, but she isn’t allowed to see him. On her way out, she meets Chief Eom, warning him to keep himself in check and telling him how she hopes for Jo Heon’s quick recovery. It’s very clear that he is the reason she was attacked in the first place. Mr. Bang is frustrated because of the way things turned out and is no longer in Sam-Doo’s control. Jiyong steals the QQ coin cryptocurrency in order to sell it. He leaves the money at the door of an orphanage, which Miryeo reports on immediately, like clockwork. The message is clear: Jiyong (Vigilante) wants Sam-Doo, Chief Eom, and the hitmen to turn themselves in if they don’t want to see their cryptocurrency gone for good. In episode 7 of Vigilante, we learn that the Chief Secretary is using this money for his personal gain. This is why it’s so easy for Sam-Doo and Eom to get what they want.

Mr. Bang takes revenge by killing the poor woman taking care of the kids in the orphanage. Miryeo broadcasts all of Sam-Doo’s men breaking into her office. Many people immediately watched the live show, and Jiyong and Nam tried to make it to her office to save her. Fortunately, as decided, Gang-Ok is already there, and manages just fine on his own, telling Miryeo that his friend is preoccupied, so she should keep herself out of danger for him to do his work well. When Jiyong passes her building in a cab, he sees her walking out with Nam. He lets the cab drive past the building, knowing Miryeo is safe and he’s not needed. Nam, the new head of the Vigilante squad, believes Miryeo and Jo Heon are working with the Vigilante, but Miryeo obviously doesn’t reveal anything. Unfortunately, Miryeo has no way of protecting herself at home and gets kidnapped by Mr. Bang.

What’s Happening With Chief Eom?

Eom Jae-Hyeob thinks he’s safe from the law and criminals because of the position he is in with Chief Secretary Seungcheol. Sam-Doo tries to threaten him after promising to fix things (not sure why), but Jae-Hyeob is rather calm about it. Sam-Doo, too, now knows the identity of the person who is supporting Jae-Hyeob, or we could say it’s the other way around.

Is Nam Yeon-Gil a good police officer?

The man who replaced Jo-Heon himself, Nam, is a righteous police officer. He, too, has picked up on Jiyong’s message and went so far as to call him out in class and interview him in front of the professor. Jiyong manages to keep his cool, even though, at this point, it seems like everyone who might be close to him might know of his vigilantism except the clueless and cute Hwang Jun. He’s also quick to realize that Jo Heon may have known about Jiyong, too, and he believes he didn’t take any action. Of course, when he goes to see him, though, Jo Heon is unconscious. Nam promises to carry out his duty in the right way and clean up the mess Jo Heon may have left behind. What he doesn’t realize is that Jo Heon is the only person who can really handle this case.

Nam learns about somebody dealing QQ coin from within the police academy, which he thinks will lead to Jiyong, but it’s actually a setup to get Eom arrested. Jiyong has planted a phone in Eom’s office, but he also found a burner phone that he used to contact Sam-Doo. Nam doesn’t hesitate to strike down the door to Eom’s office, finding everything that he needs to catch the guy, even if it isn’t really his case. Eom finds him in his office and warns him to turn away, but Nam is, unfortunately, a true police officer. Eom orders a hit on the guy, and Nam is killed in a hit-and-run car accident.

At the end of the episode, Jo Heon is almost back to his old, healthy self (you know, drama, power, and all). He meets Jiyong, who had earlier planned to bring him to the Vigilante side, but after Nam’s death, things have changed massively. Jo Heon gives Jiyong a rough punch in the stomach, but Jiyong doesn’t back down. He promises to continue fighting until he’s killed all the bad guys, unless Jo Heon kills him right then and there. Jo Heon reminds Jiyong that no one is going to care if he dies because he will die at the hands of the bad guys at some point. Jiyong tells Jo Heon that he won’t avoid his killing blow, but if Jo Heon doesn’t do it, then he will have to show Jiyong the “justice” he talked to him about. It seems that, ultimately, Jo Heon and Jiyong will end up teaming up.

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