‘Ved’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Did Ved Understand The Love Shravani Had For Him?

There is madness, and there is the madness that comes with falling in love. Of course, we meant it in a good sense. People fall madly in love and become attached to the point where it becomes difficult for both to separate. Or even if they do, it is tough to get over the love that was shared. Ved in Marathi means madness, and Riteish Deshmukh’s directorial debut is all about the insanity that comes with being in love. Will the man in love forget his past and embrace the present, which is his devoted wife trying hard to be there for him?


Spoilers Ahead

Ved’s Past

Ved begins with a cricket match going on between two local teams when the local political leader, Bhaskar, fixes the match in favor of his team. Meanwhile, Satya helps the opposition team win with his impeccable cricket knowledge. It is implied that he is an ex-cricketer and he knows his game extremely well. But why did he not become an excellent cricketer himself? It is an open secret about his life so far. As he goes to Hotel Taj in room 606 to go through the pain all over again, a rush of memories engulfs him. Satya has been plagued by memories of his past, and he refuses to come out of it. The room he takes in the Hotel Taj regularly is an example of how he tortures himself by thinking long and hard about what could have gone right if he had acted differently.


Almost a decade ago, Satya had come close to becoming a cricketer by getting selected for the Railway team. He also does odd jobs with his friend’s father’s event management company. The cricket team’s captain asks him to get some money to ensure his selection, which Satya does by working hard for an upcoming wedding. During the wedding preparations, he meets up with Nisha, the bride’s friend. After several misunderstandings, the two of them start hanging out with each other, and slowly their friendship turns into love. Nisha becomes his source of inspiration to play cricket fiercely, for she lets him know that there is nothing that could stop him if he wants to reach his goal which is to make it to the nationals. Nisha pushes Satya to be a better version of himself, and he scores well at a match. The two of them express their love for each other. Nisha and Satya are madly in love, and Satya has his whole future in front of him with his national selections coming up. As his coach says, his selection is inevitable, and he should perform well.

As they plan to get physically intimate with each other, they are interrupted by local goons led by Bhaskar, who has always had an issue with Satya. Bhaskar has always been a sore topic for Satya as well. He wants to get rid of Satya and get together with Nisha, who is a pretty woman. Satya protects Nisha from getting assaulted, and he ends up injuring Bhaskar in the process. Satya is in love with Nisha, and vice versa. They know Bhaskar as a man is trouble, so they make sure to stay away from him and run away from the situation as quickly as possible. Satya and Nisha had no choice but to save themselves. Satya’s father, too, becomes aware of their relationship under strenuous circumstances, but he accepts it because he loves his son and will support whatever he plans to do from here to save himself and Nisha.


Nisha’s parents, though, have a negative reaction to this ordeal thanks to Bhaskar twisting the tale to favor him. Nisha’s father forces Satya to stay away from them and makes sure they don’t get to meet at all. Satya tries hard to get in touch with Nisha, and Nisha as well, but the circumstances are such that it becomes hard for them to make any contact. The two had plans to get married, by the looks of it, with Nisha’s father trying too hard to keep them separate, their plans to get back together are stalled. Nisha overhears Bhaskar’s plans to kill Satya, even though her father had made it clear to only threaten the man so that he stays away from Nisha for good. Nisha saves Satya from being killed and asks him to wait for one night at the Hotel Taj in room 606 till the situation is neutralized. She promises to come back. Satya ends up missing his selection in the process of being saved by Nisha. As Satya waits for her in the room, no one comes back after 24 hours. All Nisha wanted to do was save him from being killed because this was something she would never be able to live with. She is saving him is her way of protecting him, just as he has protected her.

‘Ved’ Ending Explained – Did Ved Understand The Love Shravani Had For Him?

Satya wakes up from his sea of memories in the same room, which he keeps going back to. It is soon revealed that Satya never got to marry Nisha, and he ended up marrying Shravani, his neighbor’s daughter. Shravani has been in love with Satya since childhood, but she never got to express it. She always carried a longing in her heart for him. She saw him in love with Nisha, which broke her heart, but she moved on. When Satya fell into a depressive state after losing Nisha, Shravani saw him spiraling like never before. She was initially not affected by it, but slowly her love for him reemerges, and she makes it a point to help Satya get over Nisha. Shravani decides to get married to Satya because she wants to be in love with him, even though she knows he will probably never love her back. Ever since their marriage, they have never lived as husband and wife because Satya never felt for Shravani what he felt for Nisha, and he forever indulged himself in alcohol to get over the pain of losing Nisha.


It has been almost seven years since their marriage, and Shravani still shows patience and stands up for Satya at every possible juncture. Satya does not work anymore, so the income at home is provided by his father’s pension and Shravani’s salary from the railway job she holds. Shravani’s love for him makes her accept him for who he is, and she is sure her patience will reap the rewards one day. Satya is offered the job of assistant cricket coach in Delhi, but he is hesitant to take it up. He finally takes up this job out of his desperation to make things right for himself, and he heads to Delhi. Satya is hoping the Delhi gig will help him bring back his lost mojo and the love for the game he carries in his heart. In Delhi, he meets up with Khushi, who turns out to be a good batsman, but her aggression is her weakness. It turns out Khushi is Nisha’s daughter. Satya also runs into Nisha’s father, and her father apologizes to him for whatever transpired because he had to lose his daughter in an accident to conclude that he should have let her live the way she wanted. Her only wish was to make Khushi a cricketer. Satya forgives her father and brings Khushi under his wing so that she can be prepared for the selection day. It is not just Satya’s love for Nisha but also the potential he sees in Khushi that makes him decide to coach her and make her one of the best cricketers.

As Satya moves back to Mumbai for her training, Shravani is happy to see Satya back in the game. Satya also reveals that Khushi is Nisha’s daughter. Shravani has no issues because she knows that helping Khushi would bring back his love for the game and make him a person with a purpose. Shravani helps with taking care of Khushi. Khushi also learns about her mother’s relationship with Satya. The girl is mature for her age, and she feels sorry for Satya for whatever transpired years ago. Khushi decides to play for the railways instead, and for that to happen, either of her parents should be a railway employee. Satya knows this would be hard for Shravani, but he requests that she think about the idea of adopting Khushi. Shravani knows bringing Khushi into their lives would be good for all of them and agrees to this proposition, but Khushi’s only demand is to see Shravani and Satya finally live as a married couple and not live as strangers. As this happens, Satya starts seeing Shravani differently and finally starts noticing her as his wife. He slowly falls in love with her. But Shravani thinks this was just an act put up by Satya to get Khushi what she wanted till she gets selected. Shravani never thought Satya would ever fall for her. Even with Khushi scoring well on her selection day, Shravani sees Satya going back to the Hotel Taj just to relive his past. Shravani saw this as her last straw and gave up on her quest to seek love from him.


Shravani takes up the transfer to Nagpur because she realizes she cannot keep waiting for a person who does not want to get out of the pain of his long-lost love. She had hoped that with Khushi in their lives, their dynamics would change, but his willingness to go back to drowning himself in the pain of his past made her conclude that her love was not enough, and she could not wait anymore. But Satya has gotten to know her over the past few months; he could see Shravani trying to accommodate herself with Khushi. This life he has led so far, Shravani has seen it all, and there is no ounce of fakeness in him anymore. She saw him through the worst; he wanted her to be next to him during his good times. Satya finally expresses his deep, undying love for Shravani. They don’t separate, and Shravani is more than happy to see that her years of love, yearning, and longing has finally come to fruition. She is happy to see her love being reciprocated. Shravani had never wanted anything in return for the devotion she showed to Satya, but with her love being finally acknowledged, she is content and happy. She will not have to seek him out anymore, for he will now be there to seek her out instead.

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