VD Tyagi In ‘Maamla Legal Hai,’ Explained: Why Did Tyagi Think Of Becoming A Judge?

In the Netflix legal comedy series Maamla Legal Hai, V.D. Tyagi emerges as the most prominent character we encounter. He is complex, portraying a brave lawyer who is often egoistic and manipulative yet possesses an innate understanding of legal intricacies as if it were ingrained in him since birth. His ambition is clear: he aims to ascend from his current position as President of the Bar Association in District Court Patparganj to become the Attorney General eventually. However, achieving his dreams proves to be a challenging feat, as he encounters significant obstacles along the way. Will he be able to become the Attorney General? Will he win the election and become president of the Delhi Bar Association? That’s what we are about to find out as we get familiar with his character along the way.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Tyagi Impress Wadia? 

In the legal battle between Tyagi and Mr. PP, their clash is exemplified in a courtroom scenario where Mr. PP alleges that a man was robbed by five individuals, a matter seemingly resolved. However, Tyagi steps in and manipulates the situation by arguing that it should not be considered a case of robbery but rather a dacoity, citing Law No. 390. This cunning argument not only confuses the court but also wins over the higher-ranking lawyer. Thus, it prompted Tyagi to assert that the accused individuals should be granted bail since they are incorrectly charged as robbers when they are, in fact, dacoits. Tyagi’s strategic manipulation is evident in his ambition to ascend to the position of Attorney General by cracking the Delhi Bar. To achieve this, he seeks a recommendation from J.B. Wadia, a prominent figure in the Supreme Court. Despite his own shortcomings in English, Tyagi cleverly takes the help of Ananya Shroff, a young lawyer and Harvard graduate, to assist him in writing a compelling column. Ananya wholeheartedly used her intellect and vocabulary to write the article. This gains significant attention when it’s published in a newspaper. Ultimately, Tyagi’s cunning tactics pay off, as Wadia is duly impressed by the article, thereby solidifying Tyagi’s success in manipulating the situation to his advantage.


How Did Phorey Try To Jeopardize Tyagi’s Nomination?

As Tyagi wanted to become president of the Delhi Bar Association, he wanted to stand for election from Patparganj Court. However, his path is obstructed by Mahinder Phorey’s opposition from the Jhilmil Court, leading Tyagi to doubt his chances. Despite this, Tyagi decides to proceed with the nomination, sensing an opportunity to secure victory. Unexpectedly, it’s revealed that Phorey is contesting against someone else in the nominations, not Tyagi. Phorey raises a complaint about the size of Tyagi’s nameplate, claiming it exceeds the legal limit. Understanding Phorey’s intentions, Tyagi anticipates that Phorey will go to great lengths to hinder his progress, as they are political adversaries. Phorey’s complaint prompts the formation of a committee to investigate, potentially leading to a chance of Tyagi’s nomination being revoked. In response, Tyagi argues that his nameplate, bearing the inscription “V.D. Tyagi and Association,” is not merely a nameplate but a logo shared by several other lawyers as well. He contends that such logos are permissible and not in violation of any laws. Thankfully, Tyagi’s argument prevails, and his nomination remains intact, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

How Was Tyagi’s Relationship With His Father? 

Tyagi felt really stressed and frustrated about his upcoming election, especially when he realized there were no posters up on the walls. Things got even more tense when he found out his father was coming to visit. It was strange to hear him call his dad “Judge Sahab.”  Their relationship seemed distant. The way his father treated Tyagi’s adopted child reinforced that feeling. Then, his father mentioned knowing about Tyagi’s election and offered him a bangle he used to wear, hoping it would make Tyagi reconsider standing in the election and take things easy. Tyagi got upset, feeling like despite being a high court lawyer, his dad never really supported him. Tyagi had to figure things out on his own, even going to a regular government school, which didn’t help his English vocabulary. He believed he could have done better with more support. It bothered Tyagi that his father seemed more concerned about his own reputation than about guiding him, thinking that if Tyagi lost the election, his father would lose face. But then, his dad explained that he wanted Tyagi to become independent and learn to stand on his own two feet. He was proud of the man Tyagi was becoming, and that made Tyagi emotional.


How Did Tyagi Win The Lawyers Over? 

As the police and lawyers began to quarrel during the election campaign, Phorey escalated the situation, causing the Patparganj Court elections to be halted. This setback made it challenging for Tyagi to secure votes from the Jhilmil Court, which had 1200 lawyers—a significant voting bloc. Kazmi suggested filing a petition to postpone the election, but Tyagi opposed it, citing his high reputation and demand at present and saying he wouldn’t risk it. However, during the court hearing between the police and lawyers, Tyagi pointed out a specific lawyer, Rahul Chowdhury, whose actions had fueled the quarrel, angering the legal community. They thought Tyagi’s arguments were siding with the police. Tyagi countered by saying that he empathized with the lawyers’ plight, acknowledging their struggle to secure cases despite years of education. As President of the Bar Association, he promised to address their concerns by considering measures such as minimum stipends for new lawyers, health insurance, or pensions upon retirement. Tyagi’s empathetic approach stirred emotions among the legal community, ultimately leading to his triumph in advancing the election campaign.

Why Did Tyagi Think Of Becoming A Judge? 

On election day, Phorey won against Tyagi by 24 votes, becoming the new president. This defeat hurt Tyagi’s ego, especially when Phorey flaunted his victory by offering money for sweets. Tyagi’s anger boiled over, leading him to impulsively slap Phorey during a heated argument. As Phorey became the new president of the Delhi Bar Association after winning the election, Tyagi faced the threat of Phorey filing a complaint against him, potentially revoking his license, and even sending him to prison. However, amidst this turmoil, Tyagi received a call from the Delhi High Court. They praised his leadership and integrity during the campaign, offering him a judgeship. This offer surprised Tyagi, making him question whether a judgeship was the right path, given his ambition to become Attorney General. Conversations with other judges revealed the challenges and lack of respect within the judiciary, causing Tyagi to consider turning down the offer. Yet, Tyagi realized the profound impact judges have on people’s lives and the unique sense of fulfillment in delivering justice. He understood that taking the oath to uphold the constitution would transform him, ensuring he would refrain from illegal activities. Ultimately, Tyagi decided to accept the judgeship, embracing the responsibility and potential for positive change it offered.


At the end of Maamla Legal Hai, Tyagi, now a judge, entrusts the responsibility of his chamber to Munshiji, who has always been his guide. Additionally, his interns become associates under Munshiji’s supervision, including Sujata, who offers to oversee all legal matters in the chamber. Despite never expecting such responsibility, they are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity, having provided the best legal assistance in Patparganj. Tyagi’s best friend, Mintu, becomes the president of the law association due to Tyagi’s influence, bringing joy and gratitude to everyone involved. As a symbol of their respect and admiration, everyone bows their heads before Tyagi, addressing him as “Your Honor.” This acknowledgement reflects the respect and recognition Tyagi had hoped for and rightfully deserves.

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