‘Maamla Legal Hai’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did VD Tyagi Choose To Become A Judge?

Maamla Legal Hai is probably one of the best comedies to have come out of Netflix India. Directed by Rahul Pandey, the show is about lawyers working with a district court in Delhi and trying to find a foothold and chase glory. Everyone comes across various obstructions to their success, but all of them soon find a way to achieve their goal. Several characters are trying hard to find their way and want to be good at their jobs. Maamla Legal Hai is a good satirical legal drama about lawyers who never stop working.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did VD Tyagi Want To Meet His Mentor, Wadia?

Vishwewar, aka VD Tyagi, was a public prosecutor at Patparganj District Court, held a chamber for himself inside the premises, and was the president of the bar association of the respective court. V.D. Tyagi was ambitious and hoped to become the Attorney General of India. His first step towards his dream job was to become president of the Delhi Bar Association. To legitimize his nomination, Tyagi was keen to receive a letter of recommendation from JB Wadia, a highly reputed Supreme Court lawyer. VD Tyagi wanted to trump his competitors with this letter, and it would make it easy for him to win the seat. Tyagi’s manipulation tactics worked on Wadia, and he was successful in receiving the letter he was seeking. 


How Was Ananya’s First Day At The Court?

Ananya Shroff was a third-generation lawyer and Harvard graduate who wanted to work at the Patparganj District Court in the hope of gaining experience. She wanted to mimic her grandfather, who started from nowhere by being a legal aid. Her first day at court was not as good as expected, as she got into loggerheads with advocate Sujata Negi, who was a seasoned lawyer. Ananya wanted a chamber for herself, but that required her to spend a good amount of money, which she currently lacked. She had no cases in the first few days, and Sujata was a witness to her hard work and offered her a table next to hers. This was just the beginning of the struggle, and Ananya was ready for anything her work threw at her. 

Why Was VD Tyagi Worried About The Elections?

VD Tyagi was horrified to learn Mahindra Phorey himself was running for the post of President of the Delhi Bar Association. This election would change the course of his career, and Tyagi would have to deal with the necessary people on his way to becoming Attorney General.


Tyagi found complicated methods to manipulate people from the administration who were responsible for running the election, making sure all of them were in his pocket. Tyagi was willing to take extreme steps to make sure he was the most talked-about candidate. 

How Did VD Tyagi End The Strike?

Apart from the election work, VD Tyagi was involved in the welfare of the lawyers at court, and many complained about the nuisance created by monkeys on the premises. VD Tyagi was quick to point out that many of the solutions implemented in the past were not helpful, and he declared a strike until a concrete and logical solution was offered to end the monkey nuisance. The strike began to affect the cases that were coming to the Patparganj court. Vishwas Pandey, the court manager, came up with many solutions, which were rejected by the judge.  VD Tyagi was the one who began the strike, but he was keen on ending it as soon as possible. 


Vishwa’s idea of using one of their tea sellers to dress up as a langur to scare away the monkeys was agreed upon, even though a judge was against the idea of a man dressed as an animal, which he believed was a breach of human dignity. The court decided to confer upon him the position of Monkey Repelling Officer (MRO) to make it look dignified. It was VD Tyagi who spearheaded the charge to make sure a concrete solution such as this one was agreed upon.

What Were The Obstacles Ananya Faced?

Ananya’s major problem was her inability to converse with her client in proper Hindi, which was required to deal with people of the lower strata of society. Ananya was also an idealist who was quick to pick out the letter of the law. She was unable to comprehend that her colleagues did not mind breaking them. Ananya and her colleagues were supposed to be protecting the law and implementing it, while except for her, nobody thought twice before going against it. Sujata showed her the mirror and guided her to observe her surroundings. Ananya had a good time helping her client during the strike, which was also caused by monkey nuisance. Ananya’s intentions were good, but it would take a while for her to understand how her workplace functions. 


Why Were VD Tyagi And His Father Not On Good Terms?

VD Tyagi was not very close to his father, and they have maintained a distance ever since his childhood. His father was an idealist just like Ananya, but VD always wondered why his father never used his power and connections for his son’s education and tried to set ideals for everyone. His father was not very keen on the idea of his son running for office, as he felt it was very unbecoming of him. VD Tyagi defended his actions and decisions, claiming he wanted some power at hand, which he lacked while growing up. VD Tyagi had a different idea about achieving his goals. His father’s view regarding the same subject was to respect power and use it responsibly. VD Tyagi sought power, wanted to work differently, and wasn’t willing to take his father’s advice, which is why father-son relations always remained strained.

Why Did Sujata Plan To Fight Her Case In The Courtroom?

Sujata Negi was never keen on taking up matters that would go to the courtroom, and for the first time, she was willing to take up a case filed against a pet parrot for hurling expletives at a woman. Sujata was defending the parrot and was on the cusp of losing the case before she chose to take it upon herself to win this case. Sujata so far was only known for passing cases forward to other lawyers, who would give a portion of the fee they would receive from the client she recommended. Sujata decided it was up to her to achieve the dream of having a chamber, and that would require her to fight a proper case in front of a judge. She wanted to step away from the professional life she had led so far and wanted to work as an advocate. Sujata won the case, and this was just the beginning of her life as a lawyer who takes up proper cases instead of just passing them forward. 


What Happened During The Election Campaign?

At the peak of the election campaign, a physical altercation between the police and lawyers at the Jhilmil district court forced the judge to stop the campaigning until the election was over. Jhilmil Court was VD Tyagi’s main playground, and he hoped to garner maximum support from the spot. This caused a major uproar, and VD Tyagi was hell-bent on campaigning at the spot, for he believed Mahendra Phorey had deliberately hampered VD Tyagi’s election campaign.

Meanwhile, Sujata and Ananya were given the task of requesting Sagarika withdraw her nomination as her presence would take away VD Tyagi’s female vote share. Sagarika initially was not keen on backing out because she had some goals to accomplish. Meanwhile, VD Tyagi decided to go against every lawyer and chose to defend the injured police officer as his way of showing solidarity. This stunt gained him further traction as he claimed the lawyers’ actions were passive aggression caused by the lack of basic facilities offered at the premises. This gained him sympathy from everyone present at the court and helped him make enough noise about his intentions. This stunt also impressed Sagarika, and she agreed to withdraw her nomination. 


Who Won The Election?

Mahendra Phorey won the elections by a mere 24 votes. The loss was a big jolt for VD Tyagi. He was confident about his win and was very close to achieving his dream, but sadly, he was on the back foot. The loss led to a physical altercation between VD Tyagi and Mahendra Phorey on the court premises. VD Tyagi was joined by his team, which beat up Phorey badly and forgot about the consequences of their actions as Phorey was now the president of the Delhi Bar Association. His nemesis had the power to cancel their license to practice and put an end to VD Tyagi’s plans to fight in the elections. As VD Tyagi was worrying about Phorey’s next move against him, he received a phone call from the judge’s collegium, who were impressed by Tyagi’s work for the lawyers and the people who approached him. The collegium informed him they were considering VD Tyagi for the post of judge, and it would be his decision if he wanted to pursue being one. VD Tyagi was shocked by the offer because he never wanted to take the path his father took.

Did VD Tyagi Choose To Become A Judge?

VD Tyagi, as mentioned above, had always wanted to become Attorney General, and becoming a judge would mean a drastic change in his career. VD Tyagi’s father left a legacy and led a life that his son never agreed to. The pressure on him would be immense, and it wouldn’t be right to put himself through such an ordeal. The only opinion that mattered was that of the judge of the Parpatganj District Court, who advised him to observe the face of the person who was proclaimed not guilty. There would be nothing that could replace the feeling of contentment. VD Tyagi was still confused as he understood the words his father shared with him about power. Tyagi would be bestowed with a lot of power, and he would have to make sure it was not misused at any juncture.


Maamla Legal Hai ends with VD Tyagi taking up the offer given to him. He wanted his employees to be happy and make sure they were given their due for the work they carried out for him. His interns were made permanent associates at the chambers; Sujata was offered the job of advocate at his chambers; Munshiji, his father’s colleague and a senior lawyer would take over VD Tyagi’s seat at the chamber; and his best friend Lakhmir Balli Mintu, who worked with him, would be the acting president of the Bar Association of the Patparganj District. 

Sujata and Lakhmir were happy that all their hard work was finally recognized by VD Tyagi. The man could be shrewd, but he was also a good-hearted person who wanted to leave his office on good terms. The show ended with Vishwewar Tyagi signing the documents that would now make the district court judge. VD Tyagi wore a metal bangle his father offered him. He wore them in the hope his father’s words of wisdom would remain closer to his heart and would remind him to be grounded no matter how powerful he got. 


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