‘V For Vengeance’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did The Addison Sisters Manage To Kill Thorn?

The vampire universe you are imagining is certainly different from the universe of this film. What are the rules generally? Vampires are hidden creatures, the ‘undead’, and can’t bear too much sunlight. Well, in V for Vengeance, debutant director Kelly Halihan brings an updated version of the legend of the vampire. Some aspects remain untouched, and I must add that they are kept the same for good reason. The film begins on a very familiar note, and we get to feel what kind of film it’s going to be. But within the frame of reference of the slick action thriller, writers Steven Paul and Peter Moore Smith infuse the characters with likable traits and put them in absurd yet exciting situations. The result is that this story, about three stepsisters, becomes a vampire-ridden revenge tale.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Three sisters, Emma, Scarlett, and Kate, were all adopted by a single family. Their adoptive parents loved them and were raising them like their own daughters. But one day tragedy struck, and the parents were murdered by assassins. A man named Thorn ended up taking in Emma and Scarlett, while Kate’s fate was unknown. Thorn was a vampire, and he didn’t hesitate to turn the two girls into vampires. Life went on, and Emma and Scarlett came of age. While Emma decided to leave Thorn’s sanctuary, Scarlett decided to stay back. The three sisters who played together in childhood had all separated and gone their own ways. Each one struggled to make ends meet in their own way. Emma, with her ‘ethical’ predation, feasted on only bad men, i.e., rapists, murderers and the lot, to fulfill her bloodlust. Soon something happened that made Scarlett look for Emma and thus began her journey which changed the fate of the Addison sisters.


Why Did Emma Leave Scarlett Behind?

Emma was just her own person and couldn’t be guided by anyone. She was fierce and independent, and once she thought that she could kill on her own, she decided to leave. She must have planned to leave Thorn’s sanctuary a lot sooner, but she wanted Scarlett to tag along. The heart of the matter was that Emma thought of herself as a ‘good’ vampire who discerned who she was going to kill. She never killed anyone who she wasn’t sure was an evil person. It didn’t mean that Scarlett was evil, but she left the fodder business to Thorn and his workers, who brought in innocents to satiate their bloodlust. Apart from the killing business, Emma knew that Thorn was grooming the sisters to come of age and be his slave in all regards, which is why he was so sweet to them. Scarlett had an inkling as well, but she wasn’t ready to move out into the open world. Emma was. They could never be on the same page about anything. So with a heavy heart, Emma left Scarlett behind, but after Scarlett found out that Kate was alive, she left the mansion as well and started tracking Emma.

How Did Scarlett Find Out Kate Was Alive?

Scarlett ended up locating Emma, who was living her motel-to-motel existence, and they had the most violent of sibling fights before sense prevailed and Scarlett could inform Emma about Kate’s whereabouts. When the masked assassins had killed their parents and Emma and Scarlett had run away, they didn’t know if Kate was alive or if she too had been killed by the assassins. When Scarlett found out that Kate was alive, she had to muster up the courage to leave a comfortable existence and find Emma. Together, they could find where Kate was. Emma was confused as to how Scarlett found out if Kate was even alive, let alone where she was. It turns out that Kate had been saved by the legendary vampire hunter Bullseye, and the information had reached Thorn. Scarlett eavesdropped on Thorn and Tatiana, where she revealed that not only was Kate alive, but she had also made a successful vaccine.


What Was Hidden In Kate’s Teddy Bear?

Kate had grown up, and through the thumb drive found in her teddy bear, she, along with Bullseye, came up with a vaccine that could cure vampirism. Actually, the sisters’ adoptive parents were no ordinary couple. They were working on a cure for vampirism, and when the assassins came to kill them, the mother hid her thumb drive (which contained the methodology to create a vaccine) in Kate’s teddy bear. Emma and Scarlett thought they were saved by Thorn, but they didn’t know his ulterior motive. Thorn was worried that with a vaccine, the authorities could turn him back into a human, which was why he had first sent the mercenaries to kill the parents and now wanted Kate alive to end the root of all vaccines.

How Did The Addison Sisters Manage To Kill Thorn?

In this universe, vampirism was not a pop-culture myth that people enjoyed. No, in fact, there was a full-fledged authority known as the Federal Vampire Control (FVC), whose members were actively looking for vampires in the hopes of eradicating them. Thorn was at the top of the list of the world’s most wanted vampires. Through one of the officers in the FVC, Emma and Scarlett got to know where Bullseye lived. They hoped to find Kate there, and indeed they did. She had successfully made a vaccine, and it was just a matter of time before Bullseye submitted it to the government and they began their project again. Bullseye explained how the sisters’ adoptive parents worked for ‘Project V,’ the original initiative to cure vampirism which had spread throughout the world like a pandemic. Thorn sent mercenaries all around to kill the makers of the vaccine and the people who had a special blood type to make the vaccine. Emma, Scarlett, and Kate all had special V-type blood, and now there are only maybe a dozen people left with that special blood type.


Emma and Scarlett had so far done everything right, except just one. On their way to find Kate, they were approached by Marcus, who pretended to be just a civilian but was in fact a mercenary who worked for Thorn. He was the one who had murdered the adoptive parents and now had access to Kate and her vaccine. Emma figured it out too late, as she had been swept off her feet by his chivalrous behavior. Emma, for a moment, thought that she could find a human partner at last, but she was wrong. Marcus was a vampire himself; he abducted Kate and escaped with the vaccine.

Scarlett had a soft corner for Thorn, but Bullseye cleared all her doubts. He convinced her that Thorn was the one who sent the assassins to the Addison house. After learning this fact, Kate and Scarlett pledged to kill Thorn and his minions before he could do any damage to Kate. Bullseye provided the duo with weapons, some modern and some ancient, and they were ready to take Thorn down, who was celebrating in his mansion with esteemed vampire guests from around the globe. Scarlett used the ‘Jesus Wood’ to execute Tatiana, while Emma used her silver blade boots to take care of Marcus. As for dealing with Thorn’s guests, they came up with a great plan. The Addison sisters behaved as if they had given up and wanted a truce. Kate’s blood was served in the guests’ chalice, already injected with the vaccine. The guests died instantly but the sisters had to battle hard to subdue Thorn. In the end, they managed to pierce Thorn’s heart. Thorn had put up a good fight but he was just too powerless without his minions. The FVC arrived, and seeing the Addison sisters’ work, they offered them a position in their force, but the sisters had tasted real freedom and wanted to spend some time together before they decided whether to accept or decline. They may very well join the FVC, and Scarlett and Emma, the ‘good’ vampires, along with Kate, who was still human, would take down all the evil vampires of the world while curing all the rest with the vaccine.


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