‘Up Here’ Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Lindsay And Miguel End Up Together?

From the great minds who brought us “Hamilton,” “Frozen,” “New Girl,” and “Tick, Tick…Boom!” comes a rather mediocre romance that tries to add rhythm to the idea that the biggest hassle in a relationship is the people themselves and their thoughts. On paper, “Up Here” may have sounded pretty fun, but even with an excellent leading couple, it disappoints quite a bit.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Up Here’ Story Recap: What Happens In Season 1?

It’s 1999, and Lindsay is a young woman who is tired of her mundane life, especially because of the voices of her past in her head telling her that this is the life she wants. Lindsay also has a wonderful boyfriend, whom she thinks she loves very much because she knows him really well. Miguel, on the other hand, is a man who is living with his father and brother even though he works in finance. He, too, has some voices in his head that stop him from doing the right things. Lindsay uproots herself from the ‘perfect life’ because she wins an award, realizes her potential as a writer, and moves to New York City. Because she wants to live young, wild, and free, she decides to hook up with a random person at a bar. This happens to be Miguel.


Miguel used to be an artist for a video game, but now he works in investment banking, making him a changed man who goes about in suits and fancy shoes. Of course, it’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, boy falls madly in love with girl, but, girl thinks boy isn’t in love with her and pretends she wants a casual relationship. This is when things start to get a little bit weird. Miguel feels seen by Lindsay, but the voices stop him from being completely honest with her at every step, and it’s the same with Lindsay. Lindsay’s big fear is losing her authenticity in a relationship and losing herself to the other person, and Miguel doesn’t want to be heartbroken, so he will do anything to make himself feel like he has the upper hand. Dishonesty is the key to misunderstanding. But it’s not just dishonesty with each other, but with oneself. Miguel pretends to be okay with a ‘casual’ relationship, but he isn’t.

Lindsay pretends she was with another man because Miguel started to tell her about another woman he was with. Yes, it sounds quite messy, and that’s what it is—a big mess. Over the course of a few months, Lindsay actually tries to write a book. It’s a children’s book that explores the idea of being unique and feeling unwanted. Miguel works towards a promotion so he can move out of his father’s apartment. One fine day, Lindsay realizes she’s been fake-renting an apartment that her roommate doesn’t even own, leaving them homeless. She moves in with Miguel for just a bit until she’s able to find her own space. Now we find out that Lindsay has kept her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s wedding dress because she ran away from home six days before her wedding (yikes!). She doesn’t tell Miguel and leaves for her hometown to return the dress and leave behind the last piece of her past so that she’s able to focus on writing and finish her book.


At the same time, Miguel has been invited to a party to celebrate the video game for which he did the artwork. Lindsay promises she will go with him, but she can’t make it back in time. Lindsay had been honest with her mother and ex-boyfriend back home about her decision to leave on her own terms. She tells Miguel she’s stuck at the bookstore where she works, but Miguel feels bad for implying that she had to go to the party with him. Finally, he shows up at the bookstore with cupcakes, but, as we know, Lindsay isn’t there. Out of spite, he decides to go to the party where his ex-girlfriend (who cheated on him) happens to be as well. Things get groovy and said ex-girlfriend ends up kissing Miguel. And what do you know? Lindsay is there to bear witness. So what will happen to Miguel and Lindsay?

‘Up Here’ Ending Explained – Will Lindsay Forgive Miguel For Cheating?

Since Lindsay saw Miguel sucking up to his ex-girlfriend, she broke up with him. She has to move into a YMCA for a little bit because she has nowhere else to go, and finally, her ex-roommate is able to give her lodging in the same house because she’s now dating the guy who actually owns the house. Miguel finally gets a promotion and moves into the condo of his dreams. Unfortunately, though, things aren’t looking so great for him after the firewall he was able to break down led to leaked client information for the company. While at first, he wanted to blame it on someone else, he took responsibility for it and got fired, moving back home with his father. Lindsay finally finishes her book, and the publisher and fellow writer who is interested in the book tells her that she needs to make a few changes because the main character is ‘hideous.’


While Lindsay contemplates this, Miguel calls her over to hand her some stuff she left behind at his house. She gives him a copy of her book before things get crazy, and they have a huge argument that leads to Miguel’s dog biting Lindsay’s hand. Instead of consoling Lindsay, Miguel worries for the dog, making Lindsay more upset and leading to her storming out of the house. She accidentally leaves her book behind in the chaos, and Miguel actually sits down and reads it. He’s impressed by her work and immediately goes to see her. Miguel is the only person who truly understands Lindsay because even though they don’t know everything about each other, they see each other in a clear light.

Miguel loves the book and hopes that Lindsay will not change anything for some publisher because her character is wonderful, just like her. Lindsay is touched by his words and tells Ted that she will be standing up for her character and losing the publishing deal. Finally, it’s New Year’s Eve, and a new millennium is about to begin, but Lindsay and Miguel have nobody to share it with. Lindsay opens the copy of her book that Miguel returned to her to see that he made little illustrations that were perfect and adorable for her main character, unlike Ted’s visualization. They each realize that all they want is to be together. They’re able to catch each other just in time and sing a song together about how, even if they don’t know each other, they feel like they do. This is when they have their New Year’s kiss, only for Lindsay to burp (ouch!). This leads to her telling Miguel a bunch of interesting things she’s been feeling lately, giving them the realization that Lindsay is pregnant.


What Are Our Expectations For Season 2?

If the comedy is brought back for a second season, then there might be an additional little child in the cast. There’s still a lot for Miguel and Lindsay to learn about each other; after all, they’ve only been together a few months. Miguel still needs to meet Lindsay’s parents, who are now living separately, and Lindsay needs to publish her book. The obvious way to go about this would be for it becoming a collaborative project, Miguel draws Lindsay’s characters, and they write multiple books and live happily ever after together!

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