‘Unicorn: Warriors Eternal’ Episodes 4 & 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do The Warriors Survive The Monster Ship?

The warriors have to find a way to destroy the evil forces of the fox lady. But Episodes 4 and 5 of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal reveal that as much as they need to be careful of the lady, they also need to make sure that Melinda doesn’t lose control of her powers. There’s more to Melinda’s powers than meets the eye. Let’s find out how.


Spoilers Ahead

The Monster Ship

While Edred and Melinda chase the fox lady after destroying her hoplites, Copernicus follows with an unconscious and wounded Seng in his arms. Melinda catches up to her and fires a beam at her that ends up blowing up a home. The sight of a mother hugging her kids and mourning the loss of their home fills Melinda with regret for her actions. But even then, she knows she has to find the lady and stop her. Seng uses his powers to spot the fox lady, who seems to have taken cover inside a ship. The warriors arrive at the ship and begin exploring, only to realize that they are stuck on the ship and that it’s moving. It also seems to have some kind of force field around it that doesn’t allow the warriors to abandon it. The fox lady watches as the ship leaves the harbor.


Seng has lost his powers due to the force field that has severed his connections to the cosmic world. Melinda, on the other hand, has decided not to use her powers, or is rather afraid of them, after her latest experience with the mother and her kids. She doesn’t want to risk hurting anyone else. So they will have to find another way to break out of the force field. While looking for a way out, Edred tries to woo Melinda using his magical sword but is interrupted by Winston, who has been tracking her since they met at the hospital. Melinda explains to Edred why this man is addressing her as Emma. It is Emma’s body that Melinda’s soul is using as a vessel. But the catch is that Melinda’s soul, as well as Emma’s soul, are both functioning. Edred denies believing that Melinda is another man’s fiancée.

As their debate continues below deck, Seng and Copernicus, on deck, are freaking out because Seng has started to disappear one bodypart at a time. They have no idea why this is happening. That’s when it dawns on Seng that since he has lost his connection with the cosmic realm, which serves as the source of his powers, he, too, shall fade away. But there’s no time to brood, and the ship is attacked by a hoard of zombie pirates who seem to be under some kind of a spell. Clearly, the fox lady is behind this as well. A fight ensues, and Copernicus and Seng are completely outnumbered by the zombies. Downstairs, Seng, Melinda, and Winston are also fired upon by canons that are being controlled by some invisible force. She and Edred manage to save Winston and come to the deck after destroying the canons, ropes and avoiding the soul of the monster ship. Unfortunately, Melinda ends up getting caught inside a whirlwind. Melinda somehow manages to pull herself out of the whirlwind, also conjured by the soul of the ship. She then calls upon the Kraken, which uses the pressure of its tentacles to break the force field. Seng gets his powers back just before fading away completely. Unfortunately, in saving her team, Melinda has unleashed a monster that is heading toward London. It seems that whenever Melinda tries to do something right, something else goes wrong. As the warriors head towards the Kraken, Edred tells Winston to go home. His Emma is gone. But Winston isn’t one to give up that easily.


Baby Melinda

The Kraken is too strong for the warriors. And despite Edred’s suggestion, Melinda doesn’t want to unleash her full powers to Seng the Kraken back to where it came from because she is scared of what she might end up doing. Then, in a surreal manner, she loses control and unleashes her powers, only to be transported to a different world. Amidst the Kraken’s chaos, Seng tries to find Melinda but realizes that she isn’t around.

Emma, in her wedding dress, wakes up in a forest and comes across a baby girl named Melinda. Emma cannot remember her own name, although she knows that she and little Melinda will meet “later” when Melinda grows up. It seems that Emma has somehow reached Melinda’s past. It is the same forest whose flashes Melinda had seen when she called upon the Kraken in the previous episode. Emma also sees little Melinda’s father, Merlin, in the forest. Weirdly, the color of Merlin’s magic matches that of the fox lady, i.e., green. Melinda brings Emma to her house and into her father’s office. She then turns on the crossway, a stone, which happens to be a time machine switch. It opens a portal that is supposed to take Emma back to where she came from. Unfortunately, it brings forth a mechanical octopus into the room, but before it can harm them, Merlin arrives and Sengs the creature back inside the portal and turns off the machine. Merlin finds out that Emma is from “later,” or the future. Unfortunately, he cannot help her get back to the future because she is already there. Then how did Emma get here in the first place? Meanwhile, Morgan arrives and finds out that her daughter possesses dark magic. She tries to snatch it from young Melinda against her wishes, but Melinda’s magic is too strong for her. Ultimately, Morgan disappears in front of Melinda’s own eyes. That was the last time Melinda saw her mother. Her father holds her responsible for it.


Winston rows himself near a ship and is denied help by one of the sailors. The eyes of the sailor are also glowing green. Is he being controlled by the fox lady or something else? After realizing that he will freeze to death if he continues looking for help in the sea, he rows back to the ship. To his shock, the deck is all covered in blood. He finds the guy who sent him away, but the guy isn’t human anymore. He has turned into a werewolf. It bites Winston before he can jump back into the water. And we can guess what happens when a werewolf bites someone.

Does Melinda Kill The Kraken?

Meanwhile, Melinda opens her eyes and finds herself in the rubble. Basically, what had happened was that, in some way, Melinda’s magic made Emma a part of her memories. Thus, Emma now knew Melinda’s past. This, Melinda doesn’t like but cannot help it either. For now, she has to stop the Kraken from destroying London. However, it takes the death of Copernicus to make her unleash her powers and kill the Kraken. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 5 ends with Melinda crying over the parts of Copernicus’s body.


We have to wait to find out if Melinda can use her powers to bring back Copernicus. On the other hand, we have Winston, who has turned into a werewolf. The fox lady may regret losing for now, but she can easily use Winston to her advantage because she knows that Melinda will never hurt Winston. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 6 will probably show the warriors facing Winston, the werewolf.

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