‘Troll’ Trailer Breakdown: Netflix’s Epic Monster Has Everything To Stun The Audience

The latest trailer for the Norwegian action-adventure movie “Troll,” releasing on December 1, 2022, depicts the impending danger that is going to threaten the lives of the characters in the film. In the mountains of Dovre, a giant monster wakes up and finds it difficult to deal with the world outside. This is the basic storyline of the film, and it would be very interesting to see how director Roar Uthaug introduces the “Troll.” In movies like “King Kong” and “Godzilla,” we’ve seen how an ancient monster can destroy human civilization, either on purpose or by accident. However, each time humans have survived in those films, even other monsters like Godzilla have helped them in their cause. But in “Troll,” there are no other monsters to help the people. It won’t be an original concept per se, but judging by the trailer, the movie seems entertaining.


What Exactly Is A ‘Troll’?

In Norwegian legends, giant creatures called trolls lived long before the advent of Christianity. Trolls are most likely to live in old caves. The most dangerous kind of troll is named Trogre. Their bodies are shaped like an ogre, and they are very big. We know for sure that the troll we see in the trailer is a Trogre. According to folktales, a Trogre is called a “jotun.” Also, the trailer showed a troll that looked like an ogre, so we can guess that they will also show a jotun. Trolls are menacing creatures who don’t care much for religion. Mythology says that Trogre became the enemy of everyone who followed any religion. So, if the story follows the mythology, we can understand what made the troll awake from its sleep.

What Happened In The Trailer?

The trailer starts with a wide-angle shot where we see a house in the mountains. There is a dog that has seen something and barks at it. Later, we see an elderly couple having tea. Suddenly they hear something, and their house starts shaking. It feels like an earthquake, so the couple decides to shelter themselves in the basement. Later, when they came out of the basement, they discovered that a portion of their house was completely gone. Like, something had hit the house so hard that it was shattered into pieces.


Later, we see some workers going into a cave. They heard a loud scream, so they ran for their lives to come out of the cave. However, it seemed like the whole cave was moving, and there were big stones moving everywhere. These movements attracted the attention of the media, which started to cover the news. Soon, the news was spread all over the country, and the government was now involved. The government had no idea what was going on, so they hired someone who could provide them with insight into the situation.

We are then introduced to the protagonist, Nora Tidemann, whose profession involves discovering fossils and examining them. She has been selected as the PM’s scientific adviser. Nora visits the location that we have seen at the beginning of the trailer and finds a gigantic footstep, enormous in size. She does her research, and in a meeting where many government officials are present, she says that something has come out of the mountains. However, in the beginning, everyone gives sarcastic replies to her theory. One of the government officials even mocked her theory, saying perhaps it was King Kong that came out of the mountain. However, in the later sequence, when Nora is examining something, we see the troll’s eye for the first time. Now, the troll wakes up from its sleep and attacks Nora and her team.


Later, we find that Nora has been taken to a cave by an elderly man who seems like a millionaire. He shows her that the cave is filled with the skulls of trolls. It seems like some people were already observing the trolls, and they had gathered a lot of information about them. The PM finally agrees with Nora’s theory and gives orders to exterminate the troll before it destroys the entire civilization. Nora was seen talking to an elderly person, with whom she was continuing her research on the troll. The elderly person seems to be very excited about the adventure that lies ahead of them.

The military is deployed, missiles are brought upon it, and hundreds of army men are put in line to fight against the enormous creature. But the monster is not at all harmed by all the weapons and missiles. The army could only hold him for a while, but the troll attacked them back. It even attacks the city and starts destroying buildings and eating people at random. At the end of the trailer, Nora and one of PM’s men can be seen in a car running away from the troll, which is destroying the entire bridge on which they are driving. By the look of that scene, we can assume that they are trying to lead the troll into a trap or something.


What Can We Expect From The ‘Troll’ Film?

The movie is going to be an epic monster drama, without a doubt. There will be a lot of action, and some scenes will definitely rush your adrenaline. But it all depends on how they design the troll. Movies like these always share the same ending, more or less. It is the monsters that define the destiny of the film, whether it will be remarkable or just another monster movie with great visuals and nothing else.

“Troll” is an upcoming Norwegian action-adventure film directed by Roar Uthaug.


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