‘Trigger Point’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Why Was Lana Captured?

The second season of Trigger Point is full of new adventures for Lana. She embarks on yet another mission to prevent a terrorist organization from gaining an upper hand in London. Vicky McClure has been pretty consistent in relentlessly giving her best performance on screen. Anti-capitalist terrorism is taking over the city by bombing several local and political arenas. Will Lana put an end to it? When asked to murder the home secretary, will she be able to choose between her professional interests and safety of her own family? Replete with elements of jump scares, the action drama Trigger Point is one of a kind!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened After The Blast In The Power Station?

While Lana was training other EXPOs, there was an immense explosion at a power station. Lana was summoned to the spot, as the fire could spread further, causing the transformers to blow up. Lana saw that two explosive devices were linked to the gate in a manner that they would blow up if the gates were opened. After managing to neutralize the bomb, Lana got inside the station. The blast had caused the deaths of two workers and another was injured fatally. A video of the blast had gone viral just to spread mass panic on Twitter. The video seemed to have been made with the help of a drone, which, as per an anonymous caller, was launched from an abandoned car park. Lana went to the car park along with her team and immediately realized that they had walked into a trap.


The spot was laced with pressure plates, and as soon as anyone stepped on them, they would activate the devices, which would result in a blast. When a police official unknowingly stepped on one of those devices, it caused him and a few other policemen to blow up. Tom also stepped on another pressure plate, and then Lana jumped to his rescue by dismantling the explosive. While she was at work, a hidden camera on the spot managed to capture the deaths of the policemen and send the footage to the media channels. The terrorist group was intending to cause panic amid the masses by leaking such videos.

What Happened To Nicholas Hood?

The police noticed a suspect on the roof of another building, trying to control a drone to murder Lana and Tom. They immediately managed to capture him, revealing that he was a 27-year-old PhD student named Nicholas Hood. Upon being interrogated about the events, Nicholas denied all the charges. He also tried manipulating Helen by making a comment about her race. He said that it is unjust that society would not treat her and the other fair-skinned people the same. When the police went to search Nicholas’ residence, they found explosives there, proving his association with the terrorist cell.


Why Was Zara Killed?

The worker (Joe), who had survived the blast, was at the hospital, fighting for his life. He told Helen that the terrorist group had threatened him, saying that they would harm his girlfriend Zara if he didn’t work according to their orders. When the police reached Zara’s place, they saw that an explosive device was bound to her, as Joe had not paid heed to the terrorists’ demands. Lana realized that the explosive was an LDR (light-dependent reactor), which was tied to Zara’s neck. However, Lana failed to save Zara, as the explosive had been triggered by her movement. Sonia found fragments of an internal circuit board on Zara’s neck bone after her death. The internal circuit board of the MRL 200 found at Nicholas’ place was missing, hence proving Nicholas had killed Zara.

What Happened At The Tritia Company?

An explosive had again been found planted at the Tritia Global data analytics company. Lana came in with her team and ensured that the building was evacuated. She pulled out all the people stuck in the lift, sending them to safety! Later, people heard an explosion, making us think for a second that something had happened to Lana. When Tom tried taking a peek inside the elevator pit to ensure Lana was safe, a woman pushed him from behind, causing him to meet a tragic end. After this incident, the home secretary was ready to provide any help to the EXPO team.


What Did The Police Find Out?

It was later revealed that the terrorists used a lift engineer’s pass to enter the building. They had kidnapped the engineer, who was then rescued by the police. The video of Tom being pushed was found, revealing a woman in action. The terrorist organization later sent a bomb to one of the most reputed media offices to ensure that they made the headlines at that point. However, the police also found out that Nicholas had gone to Poland a year ago, played in the Krakow Chess competition, and then came back to the UK after a week.

Why Did Alex Call The Police?

When Alex met Lana and Helen, he told them that he was a tech specialist and had been working with the terror organization. He told them that the people in the organization called themselves “The Wave.” They were determined to fight society’s perceived injustice and bring about changes. He said that now that the community had resorted to mass murders and violence, he wanted to change his side and help the police, as he had also lost someone close to him.


While Francis insisted on arresting Alex, Lana requested that he not do so, as Alex could lead them to the other members. Later, Alex’s motive for leaking information was revealed when he told Lana that he had lost his daughter two years ago to self-harm as a result of bullying. The tech companies seem not to care about the mental health of the victims and feed them content as per their algorithms. His daughter was also exposed to self-harming content, eventually killing herself! During the lowest phase of his life, he met the anti-social group. Initially, their fight was against the big tech companies. They were like the Robin Hood of the new age, as they would expose the secret files of such companies, sabotage corrupt business practices, and conduct a lot of other vigilante business. Later, their motives changed, and they decided to make bombs, destroy, and obliterate humans. He also told Lana that his real name was Benjamin Mamouda and that he believed her, requesting that she not share any of the information with the police. He provided information to Lana about a blast that they were planning to carry out soon! Explosives were planted in a tunnel that was 8 feet below ground. He told Lana that if they were successful, then it would cause billions of dollars in financial losses for the government. Lana gets inside the tunnel along with her team to find a light sensor. It would be triggered if the 3 kgs of RDX were released in the pipe, causing it to hit the pressure plate and make the tunnel to blow up. Lana, however, managed to dismantle the explosive, and Alex kept on feeding Lana with the future plans of the group.

What Happened To Matthew Palfrey?

Oliver, the special advisor to Minister Matthew Palfrey working in the Carlyle house, was trapped by Hope. She initiated a conversation with Oliver randomly in an eatery, where the other members managed to rig his bag. Upon entering the building for a meeting with the minister by his side, he inadvertently blew up the building! Alex had managed to give Lana the information that Matthew would be the target, but by the time the police arrived, the minister was killed in the blast.


Later, Alex was also informed that the group was planning a more vicious attack on the city using multiple drones. Alex sent them the link for the drone cameras, but Lana later learned that the scooters that the pedestrians had rented were all rigged. She was unable to save many people during that incident, causing her to become traumatized. Even this time, the terrorists had won and also managed to post a video of the entire incident on social media, causing mass terror. These events, one after the other, obviously shifted the doubt to Alex. It could have been possible that he had intentionally given Lana the wrong information to mislead the investigation.

Who Was Webster King?

The place where the blasts occurred was a private property (Hancock, Swale, and Poole) owned by Webster King. The police gathered information that Webster King was getting married on that day in Hertfordshire, on his own estate. They realized that he might be the next target, and Lana was sent there. During her search for explosives at the venue, she found a time bomb under the toilet van. She said that it was so strong and had so many explosives in it that it could take down the whole building. Lana managed to detach the van from the spot and drive it away to a secluded location, where the impact of the blast was felt by no one. The origin of the RDX was traced back to Poland, and it was made clear that during his one-week trip to Poland, Nicholas had brought back the explosives. They further found out that Webster King had an interest in the power station and was its owner via the British Virgin Islands of Tritia Global data analytics company. He was also recognized as the former business partner of Matthew Palfrey.


What Did The Police Dig Up On Nicholas?

Meanwhile, it was pinpointed that Nicholas had leased a property at Arkham Road. The force went in to look for more evidence on the case, and they discovered light-sensitive explosives on that property. They also found a driver’s license under the name of Mark Griffith, which was revealed to be a fake license, used to hire a van in Streatham after Nicholas came from Poland. The CCTV footage also spotted another suspect along with him in the van. The second suspect was found in a hardware store in London, but before the police could capture him, Hope got him killed in a blast. She did not want any of the information to be revealed to the police.

When Alex was sent to the store to buy a WiFi booster, he met Lana and told her that they were monitoring the police. He also told her that someone had been feeding the organization with money and had recently asked Hope to stop her mission, but she wouldn’t listen. Alex asked Lana to track the source of the money. On further thorough investigations, it was found out that Webster King had flown to Birdhill airstrip nine times (in a Challenger jet) in the past year, as he owned a small castle there. The Birdhill airport was only 40 minutes from where they had lost track of Nicholas’ van. They started connecting the dots as they found out that Webster was the owner of the Challenger jet, which was a British plane owned by a shell company in Ireland. The suspect B, whom Hope had recently killed, was also seen taking the same flight as Webster on the same date.


Why Did The Police Suspect Webster?

The police thought that the attacks on Webster were advantageous for him! Webster’s shell company had been waiting for redevelopment of the site, much like the power station. Tritia Global, owned by Webster, was also under investigation for improper data sharing, and later the bombing destroyed all the records. Being a business partner of Matthew, Webster was having a business-related rift with him, making it possible that he had fed the organization money to kill Matthew. There was enough motive for Webster to financially support the terrorist group! Francis told Lana that Webster could have been killed in the blast that was about to happen at his place, cutting him off the suspect list. She told him that Webster had invited all his rivals to his wedding, as he knew that the blast was about to happen. He wanted to end all his rivals, so he purposefully stepped aside for a while along with his family.

Later, when the police learned Webster was leaving for Kuwait, they went to arrest him on the charges of terrorism. They wanted to arrest him because they knew that once he was off to Kuwait, they would no longer be able to catch him. However, Webster was killed in a blast when he took a call from his wife, as a detonator was fixed in his phone. The bombers had used him to the point that he would pay them and support them financially, but the moment they thought he was a liability, he was immediately murdered by them. 


Why Was Lana Captured?

Alex called Lana and asked her for help, as the other group members had given him a bag of bombs and asked him to place it in the middle of a busy street. Lana asked him to find a secluded area, and he went inside an abandoned chapel. Later, Lana came, and while she was trying to defuse the bomb, a trigger caused the timer to go off. Just when she thought it would explode, she realized that the bomb was a false alarm. It was actually a trap to capture her, which Alex had no idea about. They had tracked Alex down to find out that he had been in contact with Lana.

Alex had also been captured, and a bomb was set around his neck. Hope asked Lana to defuse it, but she failed, resulting in Alex’s death. Hope told Lana that she was anti-capitalist and wanted to overthrow the government because it was unjust. She blackmailed Lana, saying that if she did not help them kill the home secretary, then she would kill her parents. They wanted Lana to walk to CTHQ with a bomb to target the home minister. Later, when Lana was put inside the van, she managed to take out the detonator from the weapon and place it in the terrorist van itself. When Lana went inside the facility, she signaled to Sonya and Danny that all their movements were being observed by the group.  Meanwhile, when the home secretary came in, Hope instructed Lana to take the explosive close to her so that the blast would kill her.


How Did Lana Manage The Situation?

Little did Hope know that Lana had placed the detonator in their van. When Lana went near the home secretary, Hope tried triggering the weapon, resulting in a deadly blast in their own van. The blast killed Hope, and her other associates were later captured by the police, and Lana’s parents were also rescued later. Lana’s unwavering will and presence of mind had helped her change the entire game! She had been successful in ensuring that she was more than dedicated to her responsibilities as an EXPO.

Final Words

The second season of Trigger Point is as action-packed as the first season! However, extreme technicalities have been portrayed in the series, which makes it difficult for those of us without an existing knowledge about the explosives to fully grasp it all. There is also a lack of continuity in the narrative, scattering the sub-plots all over the place. The motives of the characters are also not as strong as in the first season. However, the brilliant actors have been able to pull off their roles very well, leaving no scope for us to complain. The audiences will be waiting for a third season of Trigger Point, in the hopes that it will be as power-packed as the first two seasons!


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