‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Is AD Connected To Roy’s Family?

In the fifth episode of “Tooth Pari,” David shares Rumi’s tragic past with Roy, revealing how she had suffered abuse and lost two children before he saved her by turning her into a vampire. He urges Roy to see past Rumi’s condition and see the woman inside who is capable of love and deserving of it. Roy is left to contemplate his feelings for Rumi and come to the realization that she is not the monster he had imagined her to be. As Rumi leaves Roy’s house, Haru Babu, the cult member spying on her for Luna, follows her into a dark alley. But Rumi turns the tables on him and drains him dry, revealing her vampiric nature.


As “Tooth Pari” Episode 6 progresses, Luna uses a Cutmundus member to infiltrate Hemalin, (a special mixture that is made from vampire blood) under the guise of a patient. With the help of the insider, Luna was able to gather valuable information about Hemalin and its effects. Luna was convinced that this was the key to achieving her goals, and she would stop at nothing to get her hands on it. Luna uses the insider’s knowledge to her advantage and plays a dangerous game of deception and betrayal. But for now, Luna had a singular goal in mind: to obtain Hemalin and use it to exact her revenge.

Spoilers Ahead 


Does Luna Find The Killer Behind Haru Babu’s Death? Did Kartik Find Any Information About It?

Luna is fuming with anger after Haru Babu’s death, so she decides to meet Adi and demands that he find the vampire responsible for the murder. But Adi, being a shrewd businessman, refuses to acknowledge that he has anything to do with vampires. This doesn’t sit well with Luna, who decides to take matters into her own hands. She produces a test report for Hemalin, the drug that Adi’s company has been developing, and threatens to ruin his business if he doesn’t cooperate. Adi is left with no choice but to comply with Luna’s demands. As if that weren’t enough, Luna goes a step further and hands over Rumi’s fang to Adi. This is the final straw for Adi, who knows that he has to find the real killer before it’s too late.

Kartik is determined to get to the bottom of Haru Babu’s murder, and he knows that the key to unraveling the mystery lies in examining the body. So he heads to the hospital to perform an autopsy on the victim. As he examines the body, he realizes that the killer has been quite cunning in their approach. The carotid artery, a crucial blood vessel in the neck, has been targeted with deadly precision. Kartik knows that this is not an accidental wound. The killer has intentionally gone for the jugular with the clear intention of ending Haru Babu’s life. If only he knew that the murderer was actually Rumi.


What Happens Between Kartik And Roy? 

After Rumi apologizes to Roy, the couple reconciles, with Rumi expressing her desire to continue their relationship. However, Roy is not ready to forgive and forget so easily. He has been hurt by Rumi’s actions, and he knows that he needs some assurance before he can fully trust her again. So he makes a demand that will prove her loyalty: he asks her to promise that she will never bite anyone again. Rumi agrees to his terms, eager to prove her love and commitment. But as the two lovebirds bask in the warmth of their newfound reconciliation, little do they know that trouble is brewing just around the corner. Kartik, the determined detective who has been investigating the case, is waiting for Rumi outside Roy’s clinic. He is not pleased to see Rumi with Roy, but Rumi makes it clear that she doesn’t want him anywhere near Roy or her life.

The next morning, Kartik heads to meet Luna to gather more information about Haru Babu’s murder. But Luna reveals a shocking detail: Haru Babu’s body had been found near Roy’s house, and he had lost his life while following Rumi and Roy. This revelation sends chills down Kartik’s spine, and he knows that he has to act fast. Without wasting any time, Kartik rushes to Roy’s clinic to confront him about his involvement in the murder. He urges Roy to confess his true identity as a vampire to Rumi, believing that this is the only way to unravel the mystery. But Roy is not prepared for what Kartik has to say. As he reveals the details of the murder, he also discloses the fact that he and Rumi had a one-night stand. Roy is heartbroken by this revelation, and he feels that his entire world is crumbling around him.


Does Roy Confront Rumi About Kartik’s Claims? How Is AD Connected To Roy’s Family?

Roy’s heart shatters into a million pieces as Kartik’s words echo in his mind. He can’t believe that Rumi cheated on him, and the thought of her being involved in a murder is almost too much to bear. But as Rumi explains her side of the story, his anger begins to dissipate. She did it to avenge Sreela’s death, and that’s all that matters to Roy. He decides to forgive her, and they reconcile, with things slowly returning to normal between them.  Roy wants to introduce Rumi’s father to his parents, as he knows that his parents are planning their wedding. So Roy comes up with a plan: he asks Ian to disguise himself as Rumi’s father and accompany them to meet his parents. Rumi is overjoyed by this idea, but she makes a shocking discovery. Luna, the person who’s been helping Kartik with the investigation, is actually Ian’s old friend from when Ian worked as a theater artist. Hearing this, Rumi demands to know more information about her.

In a stunning turn of events, a long-hidden secret is finally revealed. It turns out that AD is actually a close friend of Roy’s father. But that’s not the only shocker; it’s also revealed that Mithila, who Roy took to the Tangra party, is AD’s daughter. As the truth begins to sink in, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. There is a possibility that AD has been watching Roy to ensure that he is a suitable match for his daughter. He wants to carry on his family legacy, and the only way to do that is by finding a good man for his daughter to marry. And who better than Roy, the successful and charming dentist who never commits a single mistake? The revelation is a game-changer, and it adds a whole new layer of complexity to Roy and Rumi’s relationship.


What Happens To Kartik? Did He Learn Rumi’s True Identity?

Rumi finds herself in a difficult situation as AD informs Ora about Haru Babu’s murder, which he attributes to a vampire. Ora starts questioning Meera and David, leaving them with no option but to confess to Rumi that handling her secrets is becoming increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, Kartik’s been suspended from his job due to his claims of vampires, causing him to feel hopeless and devastated. In a drunken state, Kartik reveals to his father that he has fallen in love with Rumi. However, Kartik’s father suddenly remembers a crucial detail: Rumi’s attack on Kartik. He discloses to Kartik that Rumi is the vampire he has been investigating all along. Kartik is left in shock by this revelation. He can’t believe that the woman he has fallen in love with is the very thing he has been trying to uncover.

Ultimately, it is difficult to predict how Karthik will react to the revelation about Rumi’s true identity. But Kartik might blame Rumi for the chaos and turmoil that have taken over his life as her secret is out in the open. The question remains: can she keep her relationship with Roy intact now that the truth about her identity has been revealed? Only time will tell.


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