‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Haru Babu Dead?

In the fourth episode of “Tooth Pari,” Kartik sets out to uncover the truth about vampires. He believes that Roy is a vampire and confronts him with a silver chain, which has no effect on him. Also, Rumi visits Roy to get her fang fixed and convinces him to do it despite his skepticism. Meanwhile, Rumi’s meeting with Roy’s parents is a crucial moment in the story. Everything went well until Rumi had to consume garlic and wear a silver necklace gifted by Roy’s mother. After her meeting with Roy’s parents, Roy becomes increasingly curious about Rumi and her strange behavior. He decides to follow her and is surprised when Rumi gets down at the railway station. As she disappears behind the pillar, Roy approaches it and discovers a secret door that he never knew existed. Roy steps inside the door accidentally and makes his way inside the secret hideout for vampires.


Spoilers Ahead 

Does Roy Learn Rumi’s Truth?

Roy’s heart pounds as he stumbles through the dark tunnel, chasing after Rumi. His mind races with thoughts of what he might find and what it could mean. Suddenly, he sees a small opening and peers inside, his eyes widening in shock at the scene before him. Rumi is in distress, her life hanging in the balance, and David is offering his own blood to save her. Rumi bites his arm and feels better instantly, but Roy can’t believe what he’s seeing and feels like the ground is falling away from beneath his feet. He stumbles back, trying to escape the horror before him. Before he can get far, he hears Rumi’s voice around him, and Roy points his flashlight in her direction and sees her standing there, looking at him. For a moment, he feels like he’s drowning in those eyes, and then everything goes black as he collapses, fainting from the shock of what he has witnessed.


Roy’s eyes flutter open, and he gasps for air as if waking up from a nightmare. He remembers the vivid images of Rumi biting him and the feeling of her fangs piercing his skin. But it was just a dream. He’s back in the railway station, and Rumi is standing a few feet away from him, looking hurt and confused. Roy tells her to stay away from him, and his words cut like a knife through Rumi’s heart. She knows that humans and vampires are not supposed to be together, but she can’t help the way she feels about Roy. With a heavy heart, she turns and walks away, back to the safety of her hideout. Roy watches her go, conflicted emotions churning inside of him. He can’t deny the attraction he feels towards Rumi, but he knows that being with her is dangerous and forbidden.

Does Roy Accept Rumi For Who She Is?

When Meera discovers Rumi’s mistake, she tells her to leave Roy behind and find other men to quench her thirst. Rumi’s heart feels heavy as she recalls Roy’s harsh words. So, she makes a plan and visits Kartik at his home. As soon as she arrives, Kartik greets her with a warm smile, and they begin to talk. They share a conversation, and Kartik reveals that he has feelings for her. But as Kartik leans in for a kiss, Rumi’s instincts kick in, and she tries to bite him. Just as she is about to sink her teeth into Kartik’s neck, Biren appears out of nowhere, startling them both. Rumi is relieved to learn that Biren has Alzheimer’s and won’t remember what he has just witnessed. With that weight lifted off her shoulders, Rumi decides to take things forward, and they become physically intimate with each other.


On the other hand, Roy’s mind is a jumbled mess as he tries to process everything he has seen and learned about Rumi. He knows he can’t keep it bottled up inside any longer, so he turns to his closest friend Ian for advice. As he pours out his heart to Ian, he can’t help but feel like he’s confessing to a crime. But to his surprise, Ian doesn’t judge him or Rumi. Instead, he reminds Roy that having sharp teeth and being a vampire doesn’t automatically make Rumi a monster. Ian encourages him to look beyond Rumi’s physical appearance and see her for who she truly is on the inside. He reminds Roy that she is still the same person he has come to know and care about and that her condition as a vampire should not define her as a person. Roy feels a weight lifted off his chest as his friend’s words sink in. He knows that he needs to see Rumi in a new light.

Does Roy Change His Mind? Does Rumi Tell His Parents Everything?

As Roy waits for Rumi at the metro station, his mind is in turmoil. He knows he still cares for her, but he can’t shake off his fear and discomfort around her. When Rumi accidentally reveals news of Sreela’s death, Roy’s unease grows into terror. He realizes that he can’t handle the weight of Rumi’s vampiric nature and the danger that comes with it. Roy knows he has to break up with Rumi, but he can’t bear to hurt his parents, who have grown attached to her. He asks Rumi to inform them about their breakup gently, without causing them any pain. Just then, a drunken man barges into the station and starts hurling insults at Rumi and Roy, accusing them of being a couple loitering at the railway station. In a fit of anger, Rumi attacks the man and renders him unconscious. Roy is overwhelmed by fear and revulsion at Rumi’s violent outburst. He can’t bear to be around her any longer, and in a moment of panic, he runs away from the station, leaving Rumi behind.


Rumi is feeling downhearted after the confrontation at the metro station and the breakup with Roy. She is determined to do the right thing and inform Roy’s parents about the split, but when she arrives at their house, neither Roy nor his father is there. However, Roy’s mother welcomes Rumi with open arms and ushers her to the other room, where she begins dressing her up like the goddess Durga. Rumi is confused and taken aback, but before she can say anything, Roy’s mother begins telling her how much she has longed for a daughter-in-law like her. Rumi is struck by the warmth and affection that Roy’s mother showers on her. She has never experienced such love and care before, and it touches her deeply. She realizes that this is the kind of love she has been seeking all her life- the kind of acceptance that she has never known. As she sits there, decked out in traditional attire, Rumi cannot help but feel heartbroken. She knows that she can never be what Roy’s mother wants her to be, and the realization stings. Despite the kind and loving gesture, Rumi is forced to confront the reality that she and Roy are not meant to be.

What Happened In Rumi’s Past? Is Haru Babu Dead?

Roy and David play laser tag, but Roy doesn’t know his identity. David has disguised himself to have a conversation with Roy. After the game, David begins to share Rumi’s story with Roy. It is a tale of heartbreak and tragedy about a woman who has suffered at the hands of the world and yet never lost her capacity for love. Roy is stunned as he listens to David’s words. He explains how Nikhil abandoned Rumi after she became pregnant, and she was forced to terminate the pregnancy. On the other hand, David recounts how Rumi was married to an abusive man who inflicted violence on her every day, and after she lost her second child, the loss drove her to the brink of suicide. It was then that David saved her and turned her into a vampire. Roy realizes that Rumi has been craving acceptance and love her entire life, and now that she has finally found it, his rejection has shattered her. David urges Roy to look past Rumi’s condition and see the woman inside, the one who has suffered so much and deserves to be loved.


As Rumi leaves Roy’s house, she can’t shake off the feeling that someone is following her. She quickens her pace and takes a detour through a dark alley, hoping to lose whoever is tailing her. But to her dismay, the figure follows her into the alleyway. It’s Haru Babu, the Cutmundus member, who has been spying on Roy and Rumi for Luna. He has been sent to keep tabs on Rumi but has lost track of her in the maze of streets. When he spots her in the alley, he thinks he has struck gold. But little does he know that he has stumbled into a trap. Rumi has always been a survivor, and she is not about to let Haru Babu harm her. In a flash of lightning speed, she lunges at him and sinks her fangs deep into his neck. Haru Babu lets out a blood-curdling scream, but it’s too late. Rumi has already drained him of his blood, leaving him lifeless on the ground. As she walks away from the scene of the crime, Rumi can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction.

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