‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Roy Find The Truth About Vampire?

The third episode of “Tooth Pari” reveals that AD and Amar work together to create a special blood mixture called hemalin, which is used to treat patients with incurable diseases. Meanwhile, Rumi comes to the police station to report a robbery at Roy’s clinic. Kartik and Rumi go to the clinic together, and Kartik takes Roy’s statements regarding the robbery. Suddenly, Kartik remembers Badshah and calls him to find out he has been admitted to Chittaranjan Hospital. When Kartik arrives at the hospital, Badshah attacks him, but Ora saves him at the right time. This episode ended with the possibility of Badshah being taken to the hideout, with there being a high chance that he might reveal Rumi’s secret.


In the fourth episode of “Tooth Pari,” Rumi, Meera, and David decide to keep Badshah’s condition a secret from the rest of the group, and instead, Meera and David decide to confide in Ora. Rumi shared the truth about her mistake that led to Badshah turning into a vampire. Moreover, Meera reminds Rumi of the consequences of a vampire biting a police officer, indicating that it could lead to serious trouble for all the vampires. She also advises Rumi to get her tooth fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further mishaps. In the end, Meera warns Rumi not to fall in love with Roy, as her life could be ruined like Abdul’s.

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Does Ora Spare Badshah’s Life? What Happens To Kartik?

Ora brings Badshah to the hideout and offers him some blood to satiate his thirst. He then reminds Badshah of his attempt to kill a police officer, warning him that such actions could have severe consequences. As Ora examines Badshah’s burned skin, he bites Badshah, and the burn marks on his skin disappear. This suggests that Ora’s bite has a healing effect on vampires. It also shows that Ora is a powerful and dangerous vampire, capable of controlling and manipulating other vampires to do his bidding. Moreover, Badshah is given Sreela’s chamber to rest, and now, Rumi is tasked with ensuring that Badshah does not recognize her, as Ora can decapitate Rumi for this mistake. The next morning, Kartik arrives at Luna’s mansion to inquire about the robbery at Roy’s clinic. She recognizes him as Biren’s son and starts telling him about his father’s past and his connection with the Cutmundus.

Biren And Luna’s Connection

Luna recounted a tumultuous period in the 1970s, a time when the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution was gaining momentum. The founder of Naxalite movement, Charu Majumdar had just died in police custody. The Naxalite students targeted the bourgeois education system and attacked the representatives of the territory they wanted to capture. This resulted in the loss of many Naxalite lives, as they were killed in fake encounters. When Section 144 was imposed in Kolkata, the vampires had no choice but to hide in their secret hideout. However, the situation deteriorated to such an extent that the vampires couldn’t get blood, and they attacked the police station in desperation.


In the midst of political unrest and chaos, Biren found himself facing a blood-curdling situation. As a police officer on duty, he witnessed a brutal attack by vampires at the police station. With his heart racing and adrenaline pumping, he watched in horror as his fellow officers were ruthlessly killed by the fanged creatures of the night. Perhaps it was his sheer strength and willpower, or maybe it was the silver chain around his neck that repelled the bloodthirsty monsters, leaving him to face the harsh reality of a society that refused to believe his story. Despite being a witness to the horrifying incident, Biren was met with disbelief and mistrust from the media and public alike. It was a twisted turn of events that left him with a deep sense of isolation and confusion, wondering if he would ever be able to convince others of the truth.

How Did Biren Form ‘The Cutmundus’?

As Biren delves deeper into the world of vampires and the supernatural, he realizes that he cannot do this alone. He seeks out like-minded individuals who share his passion for the occult and the mysterious. That’s when he stumbles upon Luna, who was a young theater artist at the time, with an intense fascination for witchcraft and the unknown. Together, they form a bond that transcends the boundaries of society and reason. Their passion for the supernatural becomes their way of life, and they devote themselves to uncovering the secrets of the dark realm.


In an unexpected twist, Kartik reveals that he remembers everything about Badshah. He presents Rumi’s fang as proof that Kartik knows the truth about the vampires. Luna is surprised to hear this and begins to doubt her own ability to keep secrets. The conversation then turns towards the possibility that Roy is involved, given that Sreela had both her fangs intact. They agree to meet Roy to find out if he has anything to do with Sreela’s teeth. However, Kartik seems to have some suspicions about Roy and decides to meet Roy before Luna does. With this new information, the plot thickens as Luna and Kartik embark on a mission to uncover the truth about Roy’s involvement in the mysterious events.

Does Rumi Get Her Fang Fixed?

Rumi, with her signature confidence, doesn’t bat an eye as Roy expresses his shock and skepticism over the fang she brought to him. However, Rumi used Sreela’s fang to fix her tooth. Roy is taken aback when he sees the fang and thinks it looks like an animal’s canine. She simply looks him in the eye and uses her persuasive powers to convince him to fix it, despite his doubts. Roy eventually gives in and begins the procedure of using glass ionomer cement to fix the gap. As he finishes up, Rumi patiently waits for him to put the fang in place. Suddenly, she feels a strange sensation in her gums, and before she knows it, her nerves glide out of her gums and pull the tooth into place. Even though it is Sreela’s fang, it feels as if her fang had never been missing at all. Rumi doesn’t flinch or beg; instead, she lets out a satisfied smile. It’s like watching a mastermind at work, calmly and confidently manipulating the situation to get what she wants.

As Roy starts asking Rumi some probing questions about the fang, Rumi begins to feel the hunger for blood coursing through her veins. She starts to feel a tingle in her teeth, and the scent of Roy’s warm blood is too intoxicating for her to resist. With a sudden movement, Rumi leans in for a bite, but Roy quickly recoils, avoiding the sharp fangs. In a desperate attempt to calm the situation, Rumi seizes the moment and plants a kiss on Roy’s lips, trying to distract him from her vampiric nature. The air is thick with tension as Rumi tries to control her primal urges and keep her secret hidden while Roy struggles to make sense of the strange and unexpected turn of events.

Does Kartik Arrest Roy?

On the other hand, Kartik is determined to uncover the truth behind the vampires’ existence and bring justice to his father’s name. Armed with the silver chain that his father had given him for protection, he sets out to confront Roy, convinced that he is a vampire. However, what Kartik finds is beyond his wildest imagination. As he confronts Roy, he pulls out the silver chain, ready to use it against him. But to his utter surprise, Roy doesn’t flinch or show any signs of weakness, as any vampire would. It’s as if the silver has no effect on him whatsoever. Kartik’s mind is blown. He had always believed that silver was the ultimate weapon against vampires, but here is someone who is immune to it. Kartik’s mind races as he struggles to come to terms with the realization that Roy is just a normal human being, and he can’t accept it. How can Roy, who has shown so many signs of vampiricism, be just another human?


His frustration turns to anger as he points his gun at Roy. As Kartik stands there, he can’t help but feel a surge of protectiveness toward Rumi. He has known her for only a short while, but there is something about Rumi that draws him in. Is it her beauty or her charm? Whatever it is, he knows he can’t let anything happen to her. He has seen too much pain and suffering caused by the vampires, and he doesn’t want Rumi to become another victim. His heart races as he bites his tongue, drawing blood to test Roy’s reactions. But, Roy doesn’t even flinch. As Kartik looks at Roy, he wonders if there is more to him than meets the eye. But for now, he knows he has to protect Rumi at all costs, even if it means putting himself in harm’s way.

What Happens Between Rumi And Roy’s Mother?

Roy and Rumi head to the art gallery, where Roy’s father has a passion for art. As they explore the exhibits, Roy apologizes for his parents’ eccentricities, but Rumi reassures him that she doesn’t mind and that he is very special to her. In fact, Rumi realizes that she has fallen in love with Roy. With her heart racing, she confesses her feelings to him, and Roy is overjoyed. They officially become a couple, and Rumi feels a sense of happiness that she’s never felt before.


After Kartik leaves his clinic, Roy can’t shake off his suspicions about Rumi being a vampire, despite her winning his parents’ hearts. He knows that garlic is the ultimate vampire repellent, and he decides to put it to the test. He makes a sumptuous chicken dish with loads of garlic, hoping to see if Rumi shows any signs of discomfort or aversion. As the aroma of garlic fills the room, Roy watches Rumi closely, waiting for any signs of unease. But to his surprise, she digs in with gusto, savoring the first bite and dispelling any doubts he has about her. But when Rumi rushes to the washroom to vomit the garlic, Roy is left with a gnawing feeling in his gut. He can’t shake off the suspicion that Rumi is not entirely human. However, when his mother gives Rumi a family heirloom made out of silver, Roy knows that he has found the perfect way to confirm his doubts. He watches with bated breath as Rumi takes the silver piece into her hand. But nothing happens.

As Rumi walks out of Roy’s house, her mind is racing with confusion and fear. The garlic has made her sick, and the silver necklace is hurting her. At the same time, Roy decides to follow her, as he is determined to uncover the truth about her. Rumi steps down from her cab and enters the railway station. He is stunned to see Rumi disappear behind a pillar as if she has vanished into thin air. He looks around, confused, wondering if he has missed something. But then he notices that there is something odd about the pillar. When he touches it, a hidden door suddenly opens up in the pillar. Now, Roy is a step closer to finding out the secrets that lie hidden beyond the door.


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