‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Badshah? Did Kartik Learn The Truth?

In the second episode of “Tooth Pari,” Sreela was sent by Meera to bring back Roy’s blood. But Rumi realized that Sreela could end up killing Roy if she drank too much blood, as she did not have control over her thirst. Unfortunately, Sreela encountered Luna Luka, the powerful leader of the Cutmundus Cult. She used her powers to kill Sreela, striking her with a silver dagger. However, with Sreela dead, Rumi’s plan to step out of the hideout would be in jeopardy, and she would have to find another way to escape. Also, Sreela’s death would create more tension and conflict between the vampires and the witches, potentially leading to further violence and danger.


At the beginning of “Tooth Pari” Episode 3, a box of blood supplies arrives at the hideout, but the vampires discover a horrifying sight when they open it: Sreela’s head with garlic cloves stuffed inside her mouth. The gruesome scene is accompanied by a signature cut across Sreela’s nose, which serves as a clear indication that Luna Luka is behind the act. As soon as the box opens, it causes Ora to awaken from his deep slumber.

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What Does Ora Do? Where Is Sreela’s Body?

As Ora wakes up from his deep sleep, he realizes the severity of the situation and takes immediate action. He commands his fellow vampires to close the entrance of the hideout to prevent Luna and her clan from attacking them. Perhaps Ora knows that they are outnumbered and outpowered. The next morning, Sreela’s body was found burning on its own in the Kumartuli area. When civilians filed a complaint at the police station, nobody took it seriously except for Kartik. He questions a little girl in the area who witnessed the entire incident, trying to uncover any leads or suspects related to the claims. Kartik goes to a nearby hospital to investigate Sreela’s body, which had been transferred for autopsy.

Upon examining the body, Kartik finds that there are no apparent reasons why her body would have caught fire by itself. But he makes a new discovery: Sreela’s stomach is filled with the blood of multiple people, indicating that his doubts about vampires are true. The episode takes a shocking turn as Luna and AD meet to discuss the secret hideout, but AD refuses to reveal any information. However, during their conversation, it is revealed that AD was the one who suggested to Luna that she remove Sreela’s head. This revelation is surprising and raises questions about AD’s motivations and allegiances.


What Happens Between Roy And Rumi?

Rumi manages to sneak out of the hideout to meet Roy, and the two head out for a street food date. As they enjoy the food, Rumi reveals to Roy that Nikhil, her ex-boyfriend, used to take her to the same place for a date. This triggers a series of flashbacks, and we see that Rumi was once in a loving relationship with Nikhil, who had promised her the world. However, things changed when Runi became pregnant. Nikhil left her without any explanation, and Rumi had to deal with the consequences alone. Well, it is assumed that Rumi had an unsafe abortion, and when her father learned about her pregnancy, he became angry and told her to leave the house.

The flashback scenes are poignant, and they highlight the pain and trauma that Rumi has been through. Despite the heartache she has endured, Rumi manages to maintain a sense of composure and resilience. Nevertheless, Rumi doesn’t reveal her entire past to Roy. After their date, Rumi and Roy leave the place and go their separate ways. As they part, Roy is shown to be falling for Rumi; he looks at Rumi as she walks away, his feelings for her growing stronger with each passing moment.


Does Luna Luka Invite Kartik To Join The Cult? What Does Kartik Learn About Sreela’s Body?

Luna and the Cutmundus members gather for lunch and discuss Biren’s son, Kartik. It is revealed that Biren was also connected to the cult until he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Luna suggests inviting Kartik to join the cult, as he is investigating the vampires and could potentially be an asset to their group. The other members agree, and Luna makes plans to reach out to Kartik. Luna needs young people to join their cult, as they will be the ones to carry on their legacy. Meanwhile, Kartik tells Biswabijoy to send Sreela’s body to the genomic institute to be tested for DNA. This would help in identifying the blood in Sreela’s body and possibly lead to her own identification.

Later, Biswabijoy called Kartik to inform him that Sreela’s body was burned due to the sun’s rays and that she possessed a special gene mutation called ‘Oxo’, which also prevented her from aging. Moreover, Biswabijoy went on to explain that because of this gene mutation, Sreela’s appetite was different from that of other humans, and she needed to drink blood to survive. Kartik was shocked to learn this and recalls that Badshah has been experiencing symptoms similar to those of Sreela, which hints that Badshah is likely turning into a vampire.

AD And Amar’s Alliance

AD and Amar are discussing Sreela’s funeral when Amar informs him about Rumi’s frequent trips out of the hideout and how she was the one who sent Sreela to Roy’s address. However, AD is skeptical, as he does not have any proof of Rumi’s actions. But Amar assures AD that he will gather evidence to prove Rumi’s involvement. Moreover, AD discovered the unique properties of vampire blood and its potential to cure incurable diseases. He created a special mixture called hemalin, which he used to treat his wife, Mamata, who was suffering from sickle-cell disease. With the help of Hemalin, she survived for 18 years, which was way beyond the doctor’s prediction.

AD started a secret business where he manufactured hemalin, of which vampire’s blood is a key ingredient. When Sreela was found by Luna, AD saw it as a threat to his business, as it could reveal the existence of vampires and the secret of Hemalin. Hence, AD decided to send Sreela’s head as a warning to the other vampires, especially Rumi, who dared to betray him.


What Happens At Roy’s Clinic?

Rumi goes to the police station to report a robbery that occurred at Roy’s clinic. She watched the CCTV footage and saw Luna there, but she wanted to protect Roy, so she decided to file a complaint. Unfortunately, Kartik also works at the police station, and they end up going together to investigate. While on the way, Kartik tells Rumi about his mother’s suicide because his father, Biren, did not give any attention to her, indicating negligence and apathy on his part towards her. On the other hand, Rumi and Kartik seem to have a good conversation, which helps them understand each other better.

Kartik and Rumi arrive at the clinic; he checks the CCTV footage and takes statements from Roy. During the questioning, Kartik remembers his injury from Rumi’s tooth, which has not healed yet, and asks Roy for medicines, even though he is a dentist. This triggers Kartik’s memory about Badshah, and he calls him to learn about his whereabouts. Badshah informs him that he has been admitted to Chittaranjan Hospital. Rumi overhears their conversation and learns about Badshah’s hospital room number. This adds a new twist to the story as the characters’ paths begin to intersect in unexpected ways and the mystery deepens.


What happens To Kartik? Is Badshah Alive?

Kartik rushes to Chittaranjan Hospital to check on Badshah, but upon arriving, he finds the hospital to be eerily empty. As Kartik makes his way to Badshah’s room, he hears strange groaning sounds coming from inside. When he enters the room, he finds a patient lying on the bed with bite marks on their neck. Suddenly, Badshah starts to move around on his bed, with a blanket covering his head. Kartik approaches him, and when he removes the blanket, he is shocked to see that Badshah has turned into a vampire. Just as Badshah is about to attack Kartik, a shadowy figure enters the room. Kartik is momentarily frightened, but the figure reveals itself as Ora.

Ora strangles Badshah, and he faints. After Ora saves Kartik from being attacked by Badshah, Ora approaches Kartik and places his hand on his face. This action could suggest that Ora has some sort of ability to manipulate or erase memories. It is unclear if he actually removed any memories of Kartik, but it is an intriguing possibility. The ending leaves us wondering what will happen in the next episode. However, if Badshah is brought to the hideout, Rumi’s carefully guarded secret may be at risk of being exposed to the rest of the group.


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