‘Too Much Love’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Coskun Finally Become Famous?

How much love is too much love? Well, I guess we won’t get that until we watch the Turkish film Too Much Love. An aspiring filmmaker and stand-up comedy artist, Coskun falls in love with Ayla and makes it his ultimate goal to marry her. He pursues his dreams of becoming a successful filmmaker just to be by Ayla’s side, but her father doesn’t approve of it. Currently streaming on Netflix, the comedy movie Too Much Love gives us new hope to keep hustling for the dreams that we have. Will Ayla and Coskun finally be united? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Coskun Pursue Ayla?

Coskun was a struggling filmmaker who would sell pirated films to make a living. The moment he saw Ayla, he knew that he had to get married to her. He didn’t leave any chance to get close to her, and he even joined her workplace. He had no skills as a stuntman, yet he decided to become one as Ayla was working in the same field. Coskun tried everything in his power to impress Ayla. He even enrolled himself as an employee at the cafeteria at Ayla’s college so that he could get closer to her. He tried every means to get her to hug him, taking her to watch horror films or to graveyards, but she initially maintained a safe distance from him. However, her heart melted when she saw him helping out a blind beggar on the street, giving him money to get some food. Coskun didn’t mind the age gap that he had with Ayla (she was 3 years older than him) and didn’t stop pursuing her till she finally said yes. 


Why Was Coskun Arrested?

Coskun’s father, Ozcan, was a good-for-nothing fellow who would laze his days away. When the police came to arrest him for dodging drafts, they realized that even his son had been doing the same and arrested him. As a result, he was sent off to guard the border for two years. However, he didn’t have any means to contact Ayla as his brother, Irfan, had lost her number (that she had left with Coskun’s mother). When, after two years, he saw her on a bus, she was mad at him for not staying in touch. By that time, she already had a new boyfriend, and that left Coskun feeling dejected. 

When Ayla got off the bus, Coskun saw a bag lying on the bus and thought that it was Ayla’s. He threw it off the bus and later realized that it belonged to a young man who had been carrying out a college project. A few days later, Ayla went to see one of Coskun’s stand-up comedy shows, and that is when they reunited. Meanwhile, the guy whose bag Coskun had thrown out of the bus that day came up and said he had been selling mussels at the restaurant because of Coskun (as he had thrown out his college project) and punched him hard. These sudden spurs of comedy are what set the film apart!


Why Did Ayla’s Father Despise Coskun?

When Coskun’s family went to Ayla’s father, we kind of had the feeling that they would definitely mess it up! Coskun’s father talked about sexual compatibility among their children in his very first meeting with Ayla’s dad, which got him furious. He called off the alliance, chasing Coskun and his family out! Later, Coskun kidnapped Ayla, and when her father got to know about it, he started despising him. He even gave Coskun money to make sure that he let go of his daughter’s hand. However, instead of refusing the money, Coskun took it, thinking that he would provide a good life to Ayla, and he bought Ayla a ring, proposing to her with it. 

Why Was Coskun Struggling With His Career?

Coskun had been struggling with his career as a filmmaker, despite having the talent for it. He met the producer, Cetin, who had been promising to help him but had been postponing things. Upon realizing that Cetin was just giving him false hope, he approached Sinan and gave him the script to sell it. Sinan later told Coskun that he had found a man who was initially into pirating but later got into the ministry and was interested in his story. However, the man had asked for 100,000 dollars to help him with it. Finding no other way to sustain himself, he handed over Ayla’s father’s money to Sinan. Later, he was informed that the man had run away with the money that he had given. Sinan was also in jail at that point, as someone had attempted suicide with the fake rodenticide that he had been selling. 


Did Coskun Finally Become Famous?

Not finding any way to help himself, Coskun planned to rob Cetin, but unfortunately landed at his place on his birthday (where many guests came). They got hold of Coskun and beat him black and blue, and he finally landed in jail. Ayla’s dad had also sued him for defrauding him and stealing the money for him. When everything had been going south, Irfan told Coskun that he had gotten funding for his story from the Ministry and that the application that Sinan had sent had gone through. He wrote the entire script from jail and handed it over to Irfan, asking him to sell it and give the money to Ayla. He would also write letters to her from the jail, but she would never respond to them. Perhaps she had been pressured by her father to forget Coskun and sever all ties with him. 

By the time Coskun got out of jail, he had already attained a lot of fame as a filmmaker. Even though he had fame and money, he didn’t have the reason for his happiness, Ayla, by his side. He suddenly saw Ayla standing by the pavement one night, and just as he was about to approach her, he saw that her husband and child were there with her. Coskun realized that Ayla had decided not to wait for him and to move on in life. 


Final Thoughts

Despite being stuffed with comic elements, the film Too Much Love has a tragic ending. The reason why Coskun wanted to be rich and famous was of no further significance to him. When he saw Ayla with her husband and child (after many years), he realized that the last hope that he had was lost. Ayla could have waited for Coskun, but maybe she wasn’t ready to invest her time in a man whom she did not think could make it big in life. All Coskun wanted was Ayla’s support, which she failed to give him at the slightest inconvenience. I think Coskun is better off without a woman who wouldn’t want to stick by him during difficult times. 

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