‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Tozawa Dead?

The search for truth comes with its own perils and high cost, but to what extent does that justify bending morality to one’s convenience? Facing mortal danger and concerns for his family as Jake Edelstein makes a final stand against the Yakuza boss Shinzo Tozawa, his actions raise questions like this. After thorough investigation for a prolonged period of time, Jake and the rest of his journalist team at Meicho Shimbun learned about Tozawa’s dealings with the FBI, which allowed for his violent takeover of Tokyo’s underworld since his return from the United States, and also for his liver transplant as well. Tozawa’s wife, Kazuko, whose family fortune was the reason for the Yakuza boss’ rise to power, became fed up with her husband’s illicit extramarital antics and constant negligence and decided to inform Detective Katagiri about the possible locations where the FBI documents might have been stored. With Tozawa’s puppet transport minister, Shigemetsu, in line to become Japan’s next prime minister, Katagiri and Jake need to act quickly before Tozawa gains absolute control over everything. 


Jake’s persistence regarding his exposé drew Tozawa’s wrath, and he was threatened to drop the case for the sake of his family. After Ishida’s assassination at the hands of Tozawa’s men at Samantha’s nightclub, the hot-headed lowlife Hayama assumed the role of the leader of Chihara-Kai Yakuza, and he promptly dragged Sato’s brother Kaito into the gang’s mess, much to Sato’s dismay. Hayama’a destructive mindset continues to put the gang in danger, and to protect his brother, Sato kills him along with other gang members. Desperate to financially aid the maids of her nightclub, Samantha makes a brash move by threatening Polina’s former moocher of a boyfriend, Akira, who had previously stolen her money, and employs Erika’s help. However, Samantha’s actions disappoint Erika, and she later parts ways with her, leaving Samantha to ponder her choice of life. Katagiri learned that officer Funaki, a part of the core anti-Yakuza task force, allowed the murder of a crucial witness to protect Tozawa, as the Yakuza boss had dirt on him. Jake seeks refuge at Chihara-Kai base by requesting Sato, but a violent assault by Tozawa Gumi’s members forces them to seek out a different venue for cover. Tozawa becomes aware of his mistress Misaki’s affair with Jake, and a scared Misaki seeks out Samantha for help, who brings her to Sato’s hideout. With lots of lives at stake, the final episode of the second season brings in all the drama, tension, and thrill one can expect from the best of Tokyo Vice.

Spoilers Ahead


How Did Katagiri And Nagato Plan To Nab Tozawa?

As the finale begins, Katagiri is seen to be in a discussion with Deputy Superintendent Nagata as they ponder their next course of action to pin down Tozawa once and for all. Kazuko had informed Katagiri about two possible locations where the FBI contract might be hidden: Tozawa’s office or his luxury cruise in Yoshino, where Polina’s horrifying murder took place. Nagata states that they need to hit two places at the same time to succeed, and Katagiri plans to get Jake to publish the story as soon as they manage to get the document. Nagata rightly assesses that Tozawa will somehow manage to stop Meicho from publishing the story and delay the investigation, just like how Polina’s murder investigation was formerly hushed up by the destruction of evidence. Which is why Nagata thinks that they can use the evidence to tip off Tozawa’s enemies—the rest of the Yakuza clans of Tokyo, whom Tozawa is desperately trying to bring under his thumb.

Meanwhile, Maruyama tries to convince her boyfriend, Shingo, to publish the exposé of Tozawa, as Meicho cannot run the story, as previously her superior Baku had informed her that Meicho had received an anonymous threat regarding it. Shingo refuses to do so after learning that one of Meicho’s reporters barely escaped death for being involved in this mess. Maruyama proceeds to inform Jake about this and also mentions to Jake that Kurihira has been stabbed after confirming Tozawa’s medical record, which just goes on to prove the severity of the threat. Jake lets Katagiri know that he is unable to publish the exposé, and the detective decides to pay a visit to their hideout to get Misaki’s help sorting things out differently. With her signature, it will be easier to get a search warrant on Yoshino, as Tozawa bought the cruise under her name. Funny how Tozawa is gradually getting entangled inside the trap he himself set.


Jake pleads with Katagiri to let him assist in the Yoshino raid. Jake was with Katagiri when previously their investigation into Tozawa blew up in their faces, and now he wants to be there at the end as well. Nagato raids Tozawa’s office first to confirm the absence of the document, prompting Katagiri and Jake to make their way inside Yoshino. Katagiri captures one of Tozawa’s henchmen who was fleeing with the document and forces him to misguide Tozawa into believing that the evidence is safe. Jake enters the cabin where Polina’s murder took place, and the situation turns a bit more somber than usual, as Jake can almost visualize his friend’s painful last moments. He recovers evidence of Tozawa’s continual funding of Shigemetsu’s electoral campaign, which provides solid leverage to bring down the would-be Prime Minister as well. 

Were Jake And Katagiri Able To Take Down Tozawa?

Sato gets out of the hideout to meet Katagiri at a rendezvous point, as the detective hands him the FBI contract for Tozawa and suggests using it to bury Tozawa once and for all. Sato gathers the chiefs of all the Yakuza clans for an emergency meeting and explains Tozawa’s connection with the FBI, mentioning how he has ratted the clans out to the Americans in exchange for being able to travel to the States for treatment.


Meanwhile, Tozawa tries to force Misaki into compliance by taking her mother captive  and letting Misaki know that she has to bring Jake to him to save her mother’s life. Maruyama goes to her superior, Baku, with the evidence against Shigemetsu, and the otherwise bitter, cynical senior shows a true estimate of his character by allowing her to run the story, agreeing that it’s time that degenerates like Tozawa and the minister get what they deserve. However, Maruyama’s happiness with being able to serve true justice is cut short when Meicho’s Editor in Chief, Ozaki, refrains from running the story in fear of blowback, revealing himself to be the perpetrator who orchestrated the arson to remove evidence of Shigemetsu’s involvement in Polina’s murder case. 

With Tozawa’s right-hand man, Yabuki, getting arrested by Katagiri, the Yakuza chief’s other close associate, Hagino, takes him to meet Misaki at a restaurant the duo frequented. However, in the guise of escorting them to a private room to wait for Jake, Hagino brings Tozawa in front of the congregation of Yakuza clan leaders, who were waiting for Tozawa’s arrival. By the time Misaki leaves and Tozawa realizes that he has been set up, it’s already too late for him. As the clan leaders accuse him of treason, Tozawa makes a last-ditch attempt to save himself by offering to buy them out, only to have Kazuko, his wife, put the final nail in the proverbial coffin of his chances of survival by withdrawing her financial support. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, which Tozawa learned in his last moments as Kazuko brought aikuchi tanto dagger for him to commit seppuku, promising him that she would lie to their kids about their father dying a noble death. Clan leaders empty the room as Tozawa takes his own life, and the man who had managed to stir up a storm in Tokyo’s media-police underworld for so long passes away in silence. 


Kazuko spots Jake and chastises him for not being able to rein in Tozawa previously when he had the chance, which has led to so much chaos since then. Kazuko confesses that it was she who sent Jake the videotape of Polina’s murder in the first place—to curb her husband’s destructive tendencies through much deserving retribution. Later, Sato is reinstated as a valuable member of the Chihara-Kai, and Samantha goes to Kazuko to make a buyout deal using Ohno’s last project, which the architect was ready to give away to Ishida to free Samantha from Yakuza clutches. Samantha takes her leave from Sato after securing a lucrative deal, as she has decided to spend a few days away from the city. 

Jake visits Kurihira in the hospital, who is in a stable condition now, and makes amends with him. However, his bond with his other colleague, Shinohara, reaches a breaking point as it is revealed that Jake gave away Shinohara’s lover, Jason’s name, as his FBI informant, leading to his deportation from Japan and a possible trial for treason in the United States. Despite knowing that Jake had no other option than to rat on Jason to get confirmation of Tozawa’s connection with the FBI, the incident leaves a bad patch on the overenthusiastic journalist’s career. In fact, Jake has often found it difficult to balance between personal and professional life, and his mistakes have dearly cost the people close to him. Perhaps in a justified occurrence, Misaki decides to bid Jake farewell, as she is no longer willing to live the reckless, adventurous life filled with apprehension and darkness—the kind of life that Jake can never abandon anymore. On the other hand, as Shingo agrees to publish the news regarding Shigemetsu’s involvement with Tozawa, Maruyama finds some solace at the end. 


As the season comes to a close, Jake and Katagiri are seen chilling on the porch of Katagiri’s house. Things will gradually get normal before once again trouble finds a way in their lives. Katagiri assures Jake that, as a now-retired detective, he is far away from concerns regarding underworld shenanigans and that he will try to enjoy his retirement as much as possible. Jake has brought a copy of Meicho with him, with Tozawa’s exposé finally adorning the front page of it. Perhaps, at long last, like many other unfortunate victims of Tozawa’s violence, justice has been served to the innocent Polina as well. Jake asserts that Katagiri will be back from retirement in no time, to which the former detective replies that it is Jake who will be perennially entangled in this cobweb of dangerous situations, not him. And it’s a true estimation of his character as well; be it a sense of righteousness or the thrill of cracking a case, Jake simply cannot let go until he has seen it to the end. For example, Katagiri explains the Zen meditation technique of Susokukan, where one has to meditate for ten seconds without having any thought intrude in one’s mind. Katagiri bets Jake cannot go through the time limit, as his assessment proves to be true. As Jake leaves for a bit, Katagiri takes on his challenge and tries to do the same himself, only to get distracted by fleeting thoughts and laugh at his failure. As the season ends, there are not many plot points left to follow if a third season eventually gets greenlit. Samantha’s life will probably entail fewer chaotic elements from now on, as she has decided to start anew. Sato has found his place in Chihara-Kai, and Jake has established himself as a credible reporter as well. Maruyama’s life will continue to have personal ups and downs, but there is assurance that she can successfully take on any curveball life throws at her. It will be intriguing to see which new direction the series goes from here, as Tozawa’s end marked a momentous event for the series as a whole. 

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