‘Tiku Weds Sheru’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Tiku And Sheru’s Marriage Survive In The End?

A struggling actor, a naive small-town girl, and a plot so topsy-turvy it will make your head spin. But that’s not all the things that make Tiku Weds Sheru incredibly bad. There are so many issues with Sai Kabir’s film that one can fill pages detailing those. Starring Nawazuddin Siddique and Avneet Kaur in the prominent roles, the film builds around the struggles of surviving in the city of dreams, Mumbai, while making us believe in the power of love and selflessness.


Tiku Weds Sheru follows Shiraz Khan Afghani, aka Sheru, a junior artist in the film industry who has to get his hands dirty by being a pimp in the escort service to make ends meet. Tiku, on the other hand, is intoxicated by the glamor of the film industry and wants to leave her family as soon as possible. An arranged marriage soon follows, but the dirty secrets pose deep problems in their lives and threaten to destroy their budding romance.

Spoilers Ahead


Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Tiku Weds Sheru’?

Sheru, a junior artist, is passionate about acting, but his fate has nailed him to this particular rung on the ladder of success. He has aged and is considerably older than the up-and-coming stars of the movies he is in. He tries to do his bit in the movies that he is a part of but is never praised. On the contrary, his unsolicited one-liners are ridiculed by the directors and even by his peer Anand.

Such is the life of every struggling actor who has so much passion for acting but is unfit for the glamor-transfixed industry. The job pays peanuts, and surviving in Mumbai requires a decent amount of money. Trying to make it in the city, the constant strive for sustenance has made him enter the escort business, where he and Anand work under feared mafia boss Shahid, acting as pimps for a local politician, Chandresh Bhund. He had once taken a loan from Shahid’s man Mukhtar to produce his own film, but it was shelved, and Sheru never recovered the money. Mukhtar beats Sheru up, and he has to put up his house as collateral to make them not hit his face, which is his greatest asset as an actor. He gets a call from his hometown, where he still has his reputation as a film producer intact. Sheru’s dad asks him to marry a girl who fulfills all his requirements, with the bonus of receiving a handsome dowry for the wedding. Sheru liked the girl, and on top of that, he would have the money to pay back Mukhtar. Two birds were killed with one stone, and Sheru was delighted, but he didn’t know what he was up against when dealing with Tiku.


Tiku is a feisty young woman who dreams of leaving the patriarchal set-up and living her dreams of becoming a heroine. She even has a boyfriend who has promised to make her a star once she reaches Mumbai. At first, she rejects Sheru, seeing his dusky look and the apparent age gap, but agrees immediately once she realizes that he is her ticket to Mumbai. She doesn’t know that he is embroiled in a shady business and is lying through his teeth about his fancy Mumbai life. Upon arrival, something quite different seizes her attention, though. Tiku realizes that she’s pregnant, and Sheru is faced with a dilemma.

Does Sheru Forgive Tiku?

Before the marriage can be consummated, Tiku has plans to run away with her boyfriend. Before she leaves, she is shocked to find that she is actually pregnant. The fact made her want to elope even more quickly, and she escaped while Sheru was away. Sheru could seem modern to her small-town gaze, but deep down, she had the same fears about him as her violent brother and father. If the news of his pregnancy came out in the open, he could turn violent. But Sheru wasn’t her most pressing problem. It was her boyfriend. The man she had trusted so blindly turned out to be a married man himself. Tiku’s fury knew no bounds, but when the man ran away after hearing the news of her pregnancy, she was left with no option but to kill herself.


Sheru comes back and finds that Tiku has run away. Discovering her through the help of the police, Sheru manages to locate her in a hospital. There, he learns about her pregnancy and is livid at Tiku’s secrecy. He isn’t able to come to terms with the fact that he got married to someone who was pregnant with someone else’s child. He tries sending her back, but Tiku tries killing herself again by jumping out of the car on her ride back home. Her guilt makes her stick to performing the role of a traditional wife, but Sheru is in no mood to appreciate the shtick. He goes to his acting job and has a change of heart.

Why The Sudden Change Of Heart?

Given the role of a father caring for a baby, he suddenly feels the joy of nurturing life, and in the act, he realizes that life was giving him a chance to do so for real, but he wasn’t accepting it. He comes back, drops his anger, and decides to accept the baby as his own, assuring that no further harm comes to Tiku from her family. Seeing him so selfless, Tiku, too, is filled with gratitude, and they start to form a relationship. Sheru becomes as passionate about Tiku as he is about acting, trying to ensure that she lives a luxurious life. After welcoming her baby into the world, he has a falling out with Shahid and is forced to start bringing in drug money to keep up the appearance of being a wealthy film producer and sustain his and Tiku’s lifestyle.


Tiku is quite happy with the lifestyle change, as she is from a small town and has always wanted to become a glamorous heroine. This was as close as she thought she was going to get. She had started to care for Sheru, for he seemed wealthy, but above all, he had gained the status of a generous, honest, and selfless man in her eyes. When she had proposed to abort the baby, Sheru had hysterically opposed that idea. Everything was going great until one-day, Sheru was caught by the police for his involvement in the drug business, and Tiku’s trust was shattered.

‘Tiku Weds Sheru’ Ending Explained: Does Tiku And Sheru’s Marriage Survive?

Being in jail, Sheru is unable to provide for his family, and Shahid’s men begin acting like vultures feasting on a carcass. Tiku is left to ask for help from Sheru’s colleague, Anand. He is sympathetic to her situation but cannot help her. Tiku tried becoming an actress, but the evil practice of casting couches essentially drove her to become an escort. The city of dreams had turned into a nightmare factory for her. When Shahid’s men throw Tiku out of Sheru’s house, snatching away his property, Tiku agrees to work for Shahid. Anand sees Tiku’s plight and bails Sheru out.


Sheru fumes with a vengeance upon hearing what Shahid had done with Tiku, but he is in no position to bring his beloved Tiku back. He had broken her trust, and if it was ever possible to gain it back, he would have to do it courageously but smartly, dropping his false bravado. During an event where Chandresh Bhund, Shahid, and a rival politician, Ahmed Rizvi, had come to enjoy Tiku’s dance performance, Sheru used the opportunity to distract everyone by coming cross-dressed as a woman and dancing alongside Tiku. Sheru knew that even a little friction between the two gangs would ignite a deadly fire, so he told Anand to shoot one of Rizvi’s men, hoping to start a brawl that would soon become a battlefield with bullets flying all around, killing both.

Sheru’s plan worked out as he had thought. Both Chandresh and Shahid are killed, and he manages to safely take Tiku away from the hell she is in. Tiku realizes that Sheru has risked his life to save her and is happy to see him out of jail. Whatever issue she had with him in the past couldn’t stand in the way of the courage he had shown. The marriage that had almost fallen apart was reinvigorated by this event. But what about the lavish lifestyle and the glamorous film industry?


The ending, where Tiku and Sheru enjoy their time on the set as junior artists, even though they receive no limelight, signifies the fact that Tiku and Sheru, after going through so many hardships, finally realize that happiness doesn’t necessarily lie in chasing glamorous clothes and a lavish lifestyle. They understood that with a loving and caring partner, even the most ordinary and mundane moments are filled with joy. They are surely at a place where they will make do with whatever little they have, never lie to break each other’s trust, and live happily ever after.

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