‘Through My Window: Looking At You’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Did Raquel And Ares Reconcile?

Through My Window: Across the Sea ended with Raquel and Ares breaking up over the death of Yoshi. There was a volatile blame game, which led to a bitter ending to a rather passionate relationship. Raquel already suspects that Ares had been having an affair with Vera. Meanwhile, Raquel began showing interest in Gregory, who was her classmate in college. Through My Window: Looking At You, the third and the final film in Netflix film in the series, will seal Raquel and Ares’ fates forever. It will be interesting to see if they reconcile or remain broken up and move on to other partners. 


Spoilers Ahead

Was Raquel Excited About The Book?

Through My Window: Looking At You began with the news of Raquel’s book being published. Raquel was barely scraping by working in a toy shop that remained crowded because of the end-of-year holiday season. The publishers informed her about a party for her book launch on New Year’s and wondered if she could bring along the mysterious boy she had mentioned in the book. Raquel did not promise anything because she wasn’t aware of Ares’ whereabouts. Raquel was excited and nervous about the book, and apart from that, she was asked to work on the sequel to it. 


Were Raquel And Ares Not On Speaking Terms?

Raquel and Ares were not on talking terms, as they remained aloof and restricted to their respective bedrooms. Unfortunately, the windows of their rooms always faced each other, and avoiding each other was impossible because she always took a look into his room and vice versa. Raquel was in a relationship with Gregory, and he threw a small party at his place and invited Ares and his girlfriend Vera over, among other friends. Raquel was not happy with the idea of having Ares around. Gregory insisted she remain friends with her ex because of their past. Ares and Raquel did not speak a word to each other, and the simmering tension between the two was palpable, which made both uncomfortable for the rest of the night. 

What Was Anna’s Concern?

Anna blamed Raquel for Yoshi’s untimely demise. Anna was livid at Gregory and the rest of the group for not reprimanding Raquel for being inconsiderate with Yoshi, which she believed caused his accident and early demise. Anna wanted revenge and wanted Raquel to pay for the mistakes she made. Raquel never felt guilty about Yoshi’s death, but she surely did miss him, for they were best friends. Anna’s hatred ran deeper, and she would go to any extent to avenge Yoshi. 


Why Did Raquel And Gregory Break Up?

Raquel was struggling to write the sequel because she was still reeling from the breakup with Ares. The publisher insisted the book should contain a story that would be an extension of the first book. Raquel somehow managed to write something based on her brief experience as Ares’ girlfriend. Gregory ended up reading some of the excerpts from her laptop, which was a gross violation of her privacy. He was visibly upset by the chapters she had written about Ares and confronted Raquel about her feelings for him. As Raquel neither confirmed or denied what Ares meant to her, Gregory considered this his cue to exit the relationship to pave the way for her to remain in love with Ares. Gregory was heartbroken, but it was better for the long run. Raquel was sad for breaking Gregory’s heart, who genuinely loved her. The breakup was significant as it allowed Raquel to remain more than just focused on being an author; it allowed her to watch Vera and Ares’ relationship from afar without any guilt. 

Why Did Artemis Buy A New Home For Claudia?

Artemis was Ares’ older brother, and he recently formed a relationship with Claudia, who worked as the caretaker of their property in the city. Claudia was pregnant with his child, and since Artemis was raised in a rich household with emotionally unavailable parents, he wanted to be a better father than his own. Claudia’s family was wholesome and, at times, overwhelming for him. He purchased a mansion for Claudia, as he was touted to be the next CEO of his father’s company. Artemis wanted a home for himself and the new family.


Claudia was not impressed, and she enquired if her middle-class family and upbringing were the reason why Artemis wanted to raise his child in a huge mansion. Claudia had a personality of her own, and the questions seemed valid. Artemius had no answers for her confrontation, and he stuck his guns to make her believe it. His position at the workplace made him make a huge decision for himself, Claudia, and their unborn child.

Were Raquel And Ares Having An Affair?

After Raquel’s breakup with Gregory, Ares stopped by her room through her window, which had been the norm for him since the beginning of their relationship. Raquel revealed her relationship with Gregry had ended. This gave both reason enough to commence an affair, as the love between them had barely died. Ares and Raquel were still attracted to each other and could not stop being in each other’s company. Since Ares was still with Vera, he and Raquel had to keep the relationship secret for a while, although they were spotted by Anna at a few spots that were not frequented by their family or friends. Both eventually ceased the affair when Raquel realized Ares was bad for her and he could never go public with the relationship. Ares was skeptical because of the business relations his family had with Vera’s. He had to make the tough call and end the relationship. 


Was Artemis With Claudia During The Birth Of His Child?

Artemis and his family had a grand dinner with Vera’s family to celebrate their being business partners. Artemis received a call from the hospital about Claudia going into labor. His father, Juan, tried to stop him from heading to the hospital and wanted him to prioritize his business over the birth of the child. Juan tried his best to make Artemis into another version of him, but his son turned out to be the sensitive one who immediately headed to the hospital. Juan did not inform his family about Claudia’s going into labor, and his older son was all alone, surrounded by Claudia’s family. This was one of the many times he was alone, despite coming from a family of wealth. Nobody from his family was next to him during his happiest moment, and it was Claudia’s family that offered a sense of belongingness. 

What Happened At The New Year’s Party?

On New Year’s Eve, Ares wanted to end his relationship with Vera. He wanted to fully commit to Raquel and publicly acknowledge their relationship. Ares was aware of Vera’s affair with her old lover, Diego, but she was not confident enough to accept that relationship. For both, their relationship was faux, while internally they were struggling to be together and yearning for their real lovers. 


While Ares’ love for Raquel was genuine, Vera wanted to continue being with Ares and Diego at the same time. Their families were rich business tycoons, and staying in the relationship for their sake was an easy decision for Vera. Meanwhile, Ares was always a rebellious kid and wanted to live on his terms. Ares walked away, knowing he wanted Raquel by his side. He texted her to ask if she wanted to continue being with him.

Raquel was at the book launch party and was having the time of her life since her dream of becoming an author was fulfilled. Anna was at the party and jealous of Raquel’s success because she could not stop thinking about Yoshi. Though Raquel dedicated the book to Yoshi, Anna was under the impression that Raquel’s love was only a façade, and she never respected her best friend. 


Anna was heartbroken and spiked Raquel’s drink. Raquel was drunk but somehow managed to read the message Ares sent her. Raquel wanted to reply, as she wanted the same things he did. Their love for each other always brought them back together, which defined their relationship as well. Raquel was in no state to respond because of the spiked drink and fainted.

How Did Raquel And Ares Reconcile?

Ares waited all night for Raquel’s response but did not receive any; the young man figured their relationship was done. Ares had hoped she would meet him and reconcile after acknowledging mistakes both made in the past. Ares could foresee a future that now looked bleak as she never responded. On the way back to Stockholm, he made one last goodbye call in the hope of receiving closure. Her droopy voice made him wonder if she was in trouble. 


Ares located Raquel, who’d accidentally fallen into the swimming pool while drunk and drowsy. Ares was allergic to chlorine, and jumping into the pool would mean risking his life as well. Nevertheless, he rescued Raquel from drowning, as he could not bear the sight of his lover dying. Him jumping into the pool by risking his life only meant his love transcended the ailments that could potentially harm him, but he ignored most of his body and mind’s instincts. Raquel and Ares barely survived and had their one last kiss before both fainted. 

Ares woke up at the hospital and frantically looked for Raquel, wondering if she had left him for good. They reconciled in the hospital as he was recovering from the allergic reactions. Raquel and Ares reconciled because they tried moving away and being with other people, but fate brought them back together in the most bizarre fashion.


Through My Window: Looking At You ended with Raquel touring the country with her new book and Ares accompanying her. Ares was proud of her achievements and continued to stay with her without being insecure. She also announced there would be no sequel, as she looks forward to experiencing being in love. Raquel did not plan to write or publish anything about her personal life anymore. She was clear about wanting to explore other kinds of stories and would refrain from writing about herself or the man she was in love with. Ares and Raquel move into the city together and embark on the journey together.

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