‘Through My Window’ Cast and Character Guide

Through My Window, the Spanish Netflix Original, is a series of three films adapted from the book written by Ariana Godoy. The three movies span through three different stages of the lives of the main characters, and they are surrounded by their family and friends who shape their lives. Raquel and Ares come from two different financial backgrounds, yet they find a way to fall in love and remain inseparable. There are several characters that motivate them to be better people, a process that takes three whole films to come to a pass. 


Ares Hidalgo

Ares Hidalgo, the middle son of the rich businessman Juan Hidalgo, comes across as a spoiled brat. He is a senior at school, and Raquel caught his attention as his neighbor. Both have windows in their bedrooms facing each other. Ares pursued her in the most unorthodox manner and thus began their hot and cold, low-key affair to satisfy their carnal desires. Both had no intention of falling in love, but fate had other plans. Despite Ares being a typical young man struggling with his insecurities, he and Raquel eventually fall in love. While Ares pushed Raquel away many times to avoid being heartbroken, they came to care for each other. 

Ares’ move to Stockholm to study medicine tested their relationship, and he fell victim to his insecurities. He swept her off her feet by taking her to his summer mansion by the beach. Their time at the summer house was going well until Raquel began questioning his loyalty. Meanwhile, Ares’ insecurity regarding Gregory, Raquel’s classmate from school, was increasing. Raquel’s friend Yoshi’s untimely death further caused division between them, and they broke up. 


Ares was a confused young man who was trying to figure out what Raquel meant for him at this juncture of his life. The attraction between Ares and Raquel existed, but neither initially acted on it. They soon began an affair which was an indication of the love and longing they had for each other. The affair ceased as Ares was skeptical about breaking up with Vera, but he did find the strength to end it and pursue the love of his life. 

Raquel Mendoza

Raquel was the infamous neighbor of Ares, who was not as financially sound as him. Fate worked in her favor when Ares showed interest in her most bizarrely. Though she was excited about the physical attraction and the lovemaking, Raquel was livid at his disconnect every time they spent the night together. 


Raquel eventually focused on her ability to write well for the book she planned to publish. She wanted to be an author, and unlike her late father, she wanted to complete that job. Raquel was a great friend, and she was closest to Dani and Yoshi. 

Raquel was busy being a good literature student and developing an ACE profile for her college so that it could support her literary ambitions. Raquel herself was plagued by insecurities, as her mother was a middle-class employee while Ares was a rich kid. She overcame that by realizing Ares was lonely despite having all the opulence around him. Ares and Raquel eventually fell in love. Raquel and Ares were in a long-distance relationship, but she ended up questioning if he had been loyal to her. 


The confrontation tactics never worked, but Raquel knew Ares was hiding his act of infidelity. Raquel was heartbroken when she lost Yoshi in a freak bike accident, and the grief took a sudden turn when Ares accused her of being the reason behind his death. Raquel was back home, awaiting the launch of her book, and working part-time. She was waiting for Ares to show up, which proved her love was genuine. Her breakup with Gregory paved the way for her affair with Ares, as she was in love with him. That did not stop her from making the mistake of sleeping with a man who was already committed. Raquel, for her sanity, chose to stay away from Ares and focus on her book, which was a big milestone in her life.

Artemis Hidalgo

Artemis Hidalgo is an interesting character in the show who happens to have broken the unwritten cardinal rule of the family. His family was rich, and they were used to being obnoxious about their money. Just like any other child of rich parents, he spent a lot of time with himself. Artemis was being raised to be the heir to the company, and he had no other choice but to accept it. He was not given any other option growing up, which restricted his worldview. Unlike his brothers Ares and Apolo, Artemis did not have a choice but to follow in the footsteps of his father, who had high expectations of him. This put him in a tricky position when he fell in love with Claudia, who was the caretaker of the property. Though their relationship initially began as a fling, it bloomed into love very quickly. 


Claudia was clear about what she expected from the relationship, but Artemis got in trouble because of it. His father would not only cut him off from the business for marrying someone of out his status, but they would disown him as well. Artemis was used to a certain lifestyle, and the only line of work he could think of was to take care of his father’s business. Artemis’ dilemma is what makes him an interesting character. His acceptance of Claudia and going against the norms of his family was his step towards being a different person than his father. His brothers were proud of him, as Artemis set an example.

Apolo Hidalgo

Apolo Hidalgo is the youngest brother of Artemis and Ares, and he seems to have a privileged upbringing like his older brothers. Unlike them, he was a sensitive child and wanted more from his life than being surrounded by money. Apolo was a helpful person as well, who helped Raquel at many junctures and vice versa. Apolo grew into a responsible person who had clarity on what he wanted from life, unlike his brothers. Ares and Artemis did not set a good example for Apolo, and the young man had to figure out many life lessons on his own. He was in love with Raquel’s best friend, Daniela, but she had another notion of how a relationship should be. Apolo accepted her lifestyle to make sure he never lost her. Apolo’s clarity on the relationship dwindled because he was trying hard to keep Daniela happy, which eventually made him miserable. Apolo Hidalgo had to learn the hard way when it comes to personal relationships. 



Daniela is Raquel and Yoshi’s best friend in the movie, and she was bisexual. Her lifestyle is very different from what Raquel or Yoshi want. This makes her a confident woman who is willing to experiment with her dating life and her sexuality. Daniela eventually fell in love with Apolo Hidalgo, the youngest son of the ultra-rich family, and she chose to live according to her choices and Apolo initially had no qualms about. Daniela is the kind of woman who wants to explore life before deciding on a partner. She was young, and a whole lot of life was left before she settled down with one person who would potentially be the love of her life. Daniela is not the one to compromise, which makes her different from many women Apolo has encountered.


Yoshi is Raquel’s best friend, and he has been in love with her for a long time. Daniela is aware of the fondness he carried hidden away for a while, but he never found the right time to express the same for Raquel. Just like Daniela, Yoshi was always concerned about Raquel and the sheltered life she led. Yoshi does not try to sabotage the relationship Raquel has with Ares, which proves he is indeed a good friend who is willing to put his feelings aside for Raquel’s happiness. Unlike others, Yoshi was also honest with her about Ares and the life he led, as he could not stop being a protective friend. Yoshi’s realization regarding Raquel’s interest in him dwindled when he soon understood she was willing to play the hot and cold game with Ares. Yoshi soon fell for Anna, and he realized the love he had for Raquel was just infatuation, as she never showed any interest in knowing him romantically.


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