‘Theerkadarishi’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Who Is The Mystery Caller? What Happens To Adithya?

When difficult situations arise that lead you to constantly seek answers from a specific person, it can create an interesting dynamic. This person, who might be the only one you believe can provide the right answers, becomes a focal point in your life. Theerkadarishi is an intriguing and distinctive movie that centers around a captivating premise as it delves into the world of a mystery caller who astonishes the entire city with his uncanny ability to foresee murders before they happen. Each call made to the Chennai police department by this mysterious individual turns out to be startlingly accurate. The suspense builds as viewers can uncover the motives behind the caller’s actions to know if he is a genuine clairvoyant gifted with an extraordinary ability to perceive the future. Or does he have ulterior motives that drive him to manipulate and deceive?


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Why Is The Entire Police Department Concerned About The Anonymous Caller?

The initial disbelief of the police department quickly transforms into a desperate quest to find the anonymous mystery caller. When the first call reporting a lady’s death was dismissed as a prank, the shocking reality of its accuracy forces the authorities to take notice. However, suspicion arises as they consider the possibility that the mystery caller might be the mastermind behind these incidents. Driven by the belief that the mystery caller is the main culprit, the officers embark on a mission to apprehend him. Yet, despite their efforts, the mystery caller persists in contacting them daily with news of impending murders. As the story progresses, the police officers become entangled in a web of failed attempts to prevent accidents, murders, and robberies, as each of their interventions proves unsuccessful. This raises intriguing questions about the true nature of the mystery caller’s intentions and abilities.


The movie explores the psychological tension that arises from this cat-and-mouse chase between the police and the mystery caller. It challenges the officers’ preconceived notions and forces them to confront their own limitations in the face of an unseen force that seems to have foreknowledge of future events. Moreover, the intricate interplay between the officers’ suspicions and the mystery caller’s purported altruism creates a captivating and thought-provoking narrative where the line between perpetrator and savior becomes increasingly blurred. One of the most shocking predictions made by the mystery caller involves a bank robbery. DC Mr. Adithya, along with his entire police department, takes the prediction seriously and meticulously guards around 113 banks in Anna Nagar to prevent the robbery. 

Adithya starts feeling confident that their plan is working and that they are on the right track to catch the mystery caller. However, a major revelation from the MCB bank delivers a massive shock. It is discovered that all the money from the bank has mysteriously disappeared and transferred to another hidden account totaling 77 crores through a classic case of phishing. Despite Adithya and his team managing to resolve the issue and recover the funds, Adithya won’t rest until he fulfills his primary goal of capturing the caller.


What Dramatic Decision Does The Mystery Caller Make?

The mystery caller becomes aware that a group of goons is using his name to carry out murders and engage in illegal activities. To clear his name and distance himself from these crimes, he takes a drastic decision. He collaborates with the media and contacts the police department simultaneously to publicly announce that he is not involved in any criminal acts. Despite initially suspecting him to be the prime suspect in the cases, the people of the city have come to admire and respect the mystery caller, dubbing him “the prophet” due to his accurate predictions. However, to everyone’s shock, the mystery caller declares his intention to end his own life, believing it to be the only way to put an end to the chaos surrounding him.

This decision creates a wave of mixed emotions among the public. While some may view it as an act of sacrifice and heroism, many vehemently oppose his choice. They argue that he has done nothing but act as a mentor and guide to the city, providing valuable insights and assistance through his predictions. Even though he fires a gun during the announcement, the mystery caller does not actually take his own life. The revelation of the mystery caller’s decision and his subsequent announcement triggers a chain of events that leads to a breakthrough in uncovering his true identity. Srinivasan, one of the main control room officers, is able to decipher the caller’s location and connect the dots between the murders. Ultimately Srinivasan’s findings become a pivotal link in the quest to unveil the mystery caller’s true persona.


In a mind-blowing revelation, Srinivasan uncovers the truth behind the pre-meditated murders and exposes the mystery caller’s grand plan to divert the attention of the officers towards himself. As Srinivasan connects the dots, a shocking realization emerges: all the victims were somehow connected to the death of a young man named Kalai Arasan, the very first case the mystery caller ever discussed. With this understanding, the puzzle pieces start falling into place. It becomes evident that the mystery caller is connected to Kalai Arasan, but the identity of this person still remains a mystery.

Who Is The Mystery Caller?

In a gripping and unexpected twist in Theerkadarishi, viewers’ suspicions regarding Adithya intensify when he becomes visibly concerned upon learning that all the victims are connected to Kalai Arasan. Seeking a moment of solace, Adithya steps into the washroom for a smoke, but to his astonishment, he receives an electric shock. As Adithya turns for help, he finds that the mystery caller is waiting for him, and he reveals his true identity—it is none other than Das, Kalai Arasan’s father. Adithya is struck with shock upon realizing the true identity of the mystery caller. It becomes clear that Das has been orchestrating this elaborate ruse to deceive the police and seek revenge, particularly targeting Adithya. It is revealed that Kalai was deeply in love with Devaki, but their relationship faced strong opposition from her family. So Adithya was drawn into the situation, and he filed false charges against Kalai for harassment, subsequently causing his death by pushing him in front of a train. 


Driven by grief and a desire for justice, Das meticulously planned his revenge, eliminating those who played a role in his son’s murder. Each victim was connected to Devaki’s family members, whom Das carefully executed to avenge Kalai’s untimely demise. Now, Das sets out on his final quest—to teach Adithya a lesson. Das firmly believes that Adithya misused his position of power and authority, leading to the unjust rejection of an innocent man’s plea for support. In doing so, Adithya not only took away a son from a father but also deprived a promising individual of the opportunity to become a collector.

‘Theerkadarishi’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Adithya?

In the climactic sequence of Theerkadarishi, Adithya finds himself in a desperate situation, lying on the ground and attempting to call for help. However, Das, the cunning electrician who has orchestrated the entire charade, arrives and prevents Adithya from making the call. Overwhelmed by his rage and desire for vengeance, Das seizes the opportunity and chokes Adithya with a mop, ensuring his demise. As Das calmly exits the police department, chaos ensues among the officers, who panic upon discovering Adithya’s sudden death. Despite being an ordinary electrician, Das proves to be a brilliant strategist who skillfully manipulates the officers from the comfort of his own home. His intelligence allows him to outwit numerous police officials and maintain the illusion of being the mystery caller. Das’s initial hope was for his son, Kalai, to have a happy life with Devaki, whom he loved dearly. However, Devaki’s family, opposed to their relationship, orchestrated Kalai’s murder and attempted to forcibly marry Devaki off to someone else. Tragically, unable to bear the loss, Devaki took her own life.


Das refuses to be defeated, and he rises up to make everyone pay for killing his son. The movie sheds light on themes of injustice and corruption, highlighting the consequences of Adithya’s failure to act and the selfishness that drove him to betray Kalai. Adithya, once admired by many, including high-ranking officials, is exposed as a person driven by personal gain and willing to do anything for money. When he attempted to convince Kalai to abandon Devaki, the young man’s unwavering love compelled him to reject Adithya’s advice. Unable to tolerate this defiance, Adithya loses his patience and orchestrates Kalai’s death, masking it as suicide. However, Das, having a deep understanding of his son’s character, knew that Kalai would never take his own life.

Ultimately, while Das may not have been able to bring his son back, he finds some solace in the fact that justice is served as the perpetrators are finally held accountable. Theerkadarishi touches on themes of justice, corruption, and the consequences of one’s actions. Overall, the movie could have benefited from clearer explanations and a more well-defined outcome. With more effort and attention to detail, the film had the potential to be even better, amplifying its intriguing plot and captivating storyline.


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