‘The Wheel Of Time’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review/Recap: What Is The Dragon Reborn Up To? 

It is finally time to see what’s happening with the Dragon Reborn. The man who left everyone behind because he thought he would kill them all in the throes of the madness inside him. The Wheel Of Time Season 2 began with Moiraine and Lan at odds, a glimpse of Rand and Mat, Nyaneve and Egwene becoming Novices, and Perrin trying to find Padan Fain to get his revenge. While the Wheel weaves what the Wheel wills, will it be able to mend the tear between Lan and Moiraine so they can be a great team again and save the world as they planned? We can’t know just yet, but we’ll slowly find out in the new season of The Wheel Of Time.


Spoilers Ahead

What happens in episode 2? 

A bloody Rand quivers in fear and anger as he sees his friends dead in front of him and a sword in his own hand. The Dragon Reborn wakes up drenched in sweat and tries to forget his recurring nightmare. A woman is by his side and he tells her he must get ready for work. Rand is in Cairhien and he has made a comfortable life for himself there. He works in a place that looks like a psychiatric hospital. Elsewhere, Lan and Moiraine heal from the wounds they got while fighting the Fade. Verin knows much more about Moiraine than she could imagine. Moiraine tells Lan that they are heading to the White Tower and he should prepare. Perrin and the soldiers continue to track Padan and end up at another place drowned in death. Perrin sees a vision of what happened in the house and realizes too late that it’s not reality. The other man with the golden eyes tells Perrin that he should learn to tell the difference between the two but Perrin assumes that he’s the reason Perrin is able to see those visions in the first place. A few steps away they find a dead Fade in an uncanny position. They assume it’s Padan’s work because it’s very difficult to parade the Fade that way. Padan has the Red-hilted Dagger that Mat stole from Shadar Lagoth, which is very powerful and has dark forces. 


Rand takes an old soldier who can’t forget all the traumatic things he went through while fighting. Rand has been doing this for a while now and his new friend keeps forgetting who he is. The man can’t believe there’s an Aielman trying to help him go for a walk and he recounts stories about his days in the war to Rand. Another helper like Rand ends up scaring the man and Rand gets angry at him. Rand tells the guy that he shouldn’t wind up the wrong person one of these days. Liandrin takes Nynaeve to watch a little girl get healed and picks up some crimsonthorn root. Nynaeve watches as a young Novice like herself heals the girl who is affected by breakbone fever. Liandrin explains to Nynaeve that while the Yellow Ajah heals, the Reds are there to make sure that people do not fall sick to need healing. Liandrin just wants Nynaeve on her side. Liandrin then visits Mat and gives him some sweet cakes. Liandrin reminds Mat that they’re merely making observations on him to make sure that the effects of the dagger have washed off and that he isn’t a threat to anybody. After she leaves, Mat tries to remove a brick from his wall, something he’s been doing for a while by the looks of it. 

Back in the tower, Egwene is bamboozled with people and a lot of stuff in front of her room. A new novice is in the building and she is Princess Elayne Trakand, the Daughter-heir of Andor. Elayne immediately tries to befriend Egwene, who isn’t having any of it. On the other hand, Alanna tries to convince the Mistress of Novices to give Nyaneve more time for her test. She thinks she’s not ready but the Mistress is convinced, possibly by Liandrin, that she needs to become an Aes Sedai at the earliest. Alanna and her warders have to head out to find Moiraine and help her, but she also fears what will happen to Nyaneve in her absence. At the same time, Nyaneve follows Liandrin into town with the crimsonthorn she’s stolen. Nyaneve watches as Liandrin uses the crimsonthorn for a man who is in a lot of pain and is spasming. She shows herself to Liandrin and tries to give her some tips on how to help the man but Liandrin slaps her in return. Laindrin calls the man “my boy” indicating that he could possibly be her son (or some other kind of relationship, we may learn in later episodes of The Wheel Of Time). 


Perrin and his friends head to a village with people who are alive in it finally. The other man with golden eyes stays outside rather than heading inside for shelter and tells Perrin that he prefers to sleep under the stars. He also reminds Perrin that the men he’s with right now are not his pack, to which Perrin has no response. On the other hand, Verin reveals that she knows that one of the boys Moiraine brought back to the Tower with her is the Dragon Reborn. Verin wants to help Moiraine but she obviously pushes her away too. The wise woman has much to offer and tells Moiraine that she believes Moiraine will lead the Dragon in the last battle. Verin promises to help Moiraine and asks for her trust even though they don’t know what the future holds for them. Verin is just keen on defeating the Dark One. 

Rand finds the other helper and hurts him terribly in the dead of night. All he wanted to do was scare him and make his way to the man that he was helping, but the One Power comes to his aide and it almost goes too far. Rand returns home and the woman is waiting for him there to ease his troubles. Back in the tower, Egwene and Elayne take a walk around as a tour but it seems Elayne knows more about the place than Egwene. Being the Daughter-Heir, Elayne has spent many years of her life in the White Tower already. The Mistress of Novices reprimands Elayne for bringing her help to the tower and has her room cleaned out of the luxuries she brought with her. She also asks Egwene where Nynaeve is but Egwene doesn’t know. 


Mat finally gets through with the bricks and finds another cell on the other side. It happens to be Min, who was caught trying to escape Fal Dahar and found out by Liandrin. She helps him get some more bricks and joins him in his cell. Mat and Min share a drink and discuss why they’re in the place they are. Min is shocked that Mat doesn’t want to know about his future, but before she leaves him, she sees a vision of him stabbing Rand in the chest. Min already knows who Rand is, so she’s terrified by this vision now. Elsewhere, Verin’s sister asks Moiraine to tell them how she met Lan. She explains how Lan had thought Moiraine was following him to kill him and when she tried to steal his sword, he picked her up and threw her in a pond. Lan didn’t believe she was an Aes Sedai. Verin’s sister says that it must’ve been easy then to realize Lan was the one because he could protect Moiraine from herself if he had to. 

Rand and Selene (the woman he’s been hanging out with) are in bed. She tells him that he helps her remember somebody special she had way back when and Rand on the other hand needs Selene to help him forget Egwene. It’s a symbiotic relationship like that. In the tower, Egwene and Elayne share a special drink made by Elayne herself. Egwene opens up to her and tells her that she feels neglected by Nynaeve who only came to the tower to protect her in the first place. Nynaeve overhears this conversation after being slapped in the face by Liandrin, leaving her even more hurt. Elayne on the other hand immediately calls Egwene out for being jealous because Nynaeve is the more powerful one, but Nynaeve has already made her way out of there by then. Just as Nynaeve is figuring out a way to leave the tower, Liandrin finds her and takes her to the Mistress of Novices and another Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Liandrin thinks Nunaeve is ready to be an “accepted” and to go through the arches for her test. Seeing how things have been for her Nynaeve accepts the challenge. 


Moiraine tells Lan that in truth, she knew why he was the perfect warder for her because he had faced the shadow with just a sword in hand. Moiriane knew that whatever happened to her, Lan would be able to survive on his own. Moiriane is parting ways with Lan and tells him to head to the tower, while she continues on her journey. She finally reveals that the seal that was broken freed Ishamael, meaning the last Battle is coming. Ishamael leads the Forsaken, 

3000-year-old soldiers of the Dark One. Moiraine also tells Lan that and is still alive and at first, Lan thinks she’s just trying to push him away. Lan asks Moiraine to tell him honestly if she ever thought of them as equals and she says no. Alanna and her warders are there to take Lan with them now. 


On the other hand, Perrin is woken up in the middle of the night when he gets dragged out of his room by two soldiers. Perrin watches as everyone is fighting for their lives and all the villagers are getting captured. Perrin finally grabs some wood and beats up the soldiers holding onto him. He saves Loial and they fight the soldiers together but there are too many of them. Suddenly there are women who appear with muzzles on their faces. They are channelers and use the force of the wind to stop the fighting. When Perrin wakes in the daytime he is being dragged by the legs again. A gigantic throne-like pyramid is carried into the village by multiple soldiers. A queen sits on the throne with really long nails on her index and middle finger. Her face is covered and she’s accompanied by Ishamael at her side. At the end of the episode, Rand finally reaches his goal of getting some alone time with Logain Ablar, the False Dragon. 

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It is finally time to see what’s happening with the Dragon Reborn. The man who left everyone behind because he thought he would kill them all in the throes of the madness inside him. 'The Wheel Of Time' Season 2 Episode 2 Review/Recap: What Is The Dragon Reborn Up To?