‘The Village’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next In Prime Video Series?

The Village, a brand-new sci-fi fantasy fiction drama on Amazon Prime Video by Milind Rau, is garnering attention for daring to explore the genre which may not have been successful in the Tamil industry in the past. The show has received mediocre to negative reviews, but the attempt to expand on the genre is commendable.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The First Season End?

The first season of the show was all about Gautham wanting to rescue his family from the mutants who had captured them. As the show progressed, Gautham was aided by the good Samaritans Shaktivel, Karunagam, and Peter.  Peter was the first person to succumb in this bid to rescue Neha and Maya from the mutants and their sinister plans to expand army. It turns out Sairaj, Shaktivel’s father, was exposed to the illegal works of the scientist GSR. GSR was trying to formulate a drug that could free his son from the misery of being dependent on a wheelchair. His plans failed, but all the chemical waste was dissolved in the water source and the atmosphere of the village. This caused rampant mutations in the bodies of the people living in the village, including Sairaj and his wife, Subhadra.


As one-by-one the revelations about Shakthivel’s family came out, the show ended with the man sacrificing himself so that the mutant Vettaiyan was killed in the process. Gautham, who had gone into the factory to rescue Shakthivel, came out dejected and informed everyone about the man’s death. Gautham and Neha’s pet, Hectic, comes back to them, and all of them are flown back to their respective hometowns by Prakash. Meanwhile, Prakash was in control of his father’s assets and came down to the Kattiyil coast, asking for answers from Farhan and his team. Farhan was blunt about his experience in this town, and the wheelchair-bound son of the rich scientist, GSR, made Gautham and his family sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The Village Season 1 ended with Farhan contacting Gautham. Farhan sounded alarmed, and he was quick to let Gautham know about his daughter being infected by the chemical Lanthanite. Maya was shown to have come into contact with the chemical, and while at home, when their pet bit her, her wound seemed to have healed on its own. Gautham is tensed by this revelation and seems to have gotten cautious. Back in Singapore, Prakash injects himself with a heavy dose of Lanthanite. His body goes through a sudden transformation, and he can stand up and walk slowly and steadily. The man immediately overdosed for obvious reasons, and he was shifted to the hospital.


What Might Be Farhan And Gautham’s Plan Of Action?

Since the first season ended with concerns regarding Maya’s condition, Farhan and Gautham will take a lot of time to understand how the young girl got infected. Since Lanthanite could cause major changes in the girl’s body, and there are some that have already manifested, the men will try to find an antidote for the same. Since Prakash’s father was a scientist, there is a chance that he might have left behind some vials of the antidote. He probably wanted to share that with his son eventually, but Prakash was not keen to find a cure for Lanthanite. Farhan and Gautham try to track down Lanthanite and its antidote at the abandoned factory. The factory would be in smithereens because of the blast that killed Vettaiyan and Shaktivel. Amidst the rubbles of the factory, Farhan and Gautham might find a chemical that would reverse the mutation happening to the human body due to the presence of Lanthanite.

What Are The Chances That Prakash Might Survive?

Prakash will most likely survive the overdose he suffered and slowly become a tyrant, just like Sairaj. Prakash would not want anyone to get their hands on the antidote because, by the looks of it, the young man is trying to carry forward Sairaj’s plan to grow the army of mutants. Gautham, along with Farhan, will have a face-off with Prakash, and it will inadvertently include saving Maya from going to the other side. Prakash will most probably try to use Maya as leverage to neutralize Gautham, Farhan, and the army of mercenaries. Farhan was a devoted father, and he would not want any child to suffer like Maya would as the second season progressed.


The mines will also be reinvestigated eventually, thanks to Gautham and Farhan, along with villagers from other towns. A detailed investigation will only allow Prakash to stop exploiting the place and people and use them for his own benefit. Gautham, being a doctor, will be able to offer treatment by distributing antidotes remotely to anyone who has encountered the mutants or the chemical Lanthanite. The chaos and frenzy would be inevitable if the news of mutants was made public. Even though many might have died in the factory blast, Prakash took a few with him, and he would be willing to unleash them and bring them back to the factory to seek more vials of the Lanthanite safeguarded by his deceased father.

How Will The Season Two End?

At one point in season two, the mutants will surely go out of control, and many who are fighting with Gautham and Farhan might not survive the onslaught. This would be a classic technique to showcase their power. This time, Prakash might genetically modify them to be more powerful and indestructible. Either Gautham or Farhan might end up sacrificing themselves for the greater good, but they will eventually come out victorious. Prakash might overdose again, and this time he will be responsible for his death. His death might give Gautham or Farhan an advantage to destroy all the rogue mutants. Either of them would neutralize these half-humans and bring an end to the menace.

The Village Season 2 might be the series finale as well. The show might end with officials being informed about the menace caused by Prakash and his deceased father. The air and the land will be instructed to be cleaned so that people can be resettled. The living conditions will most likely improve, and everyone will live in the town and be on good terms with neighboring villages. The happy ending seems to be too perfect, which is why we expect the makers to end the series with a twist that would tickle the audience’s mind.

Smriti Kannan
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