‘The Village’ Series Recap & Ending Explained: How Was Sairaj Extending His Bloodline?

What happens when we go against the laws of nature? The outcome will never be something good! The Village is an Indian series that brings out the consequences of going against nature. The series has been directed under the able guidance of Milind Rau and ensures a gripping watch as it stars famous faces like Arya, Adukalam Naren, Muthukumar, and others. The Village series can be compared to the concept of Betaal. Streaming on Amazon Prime, the Tamil series is sure to make its way to the top of the horror genre list. Will Prakash be able to save his family? Let’s find out as we progress through the events of the series!


Spoilers Ahead

What Were Prakash’s Intentions?

Prakash, being a resourceful man, has been looking for a remedy for his paralyzed legs. Prakash lost his ability to walk at a very young age, and his father, a renowned scientist, opened a lab called Exogenyx to find a cure for his son. After several experiments and infecting the land of Kattiyal, the scientist has finally retreated to his deathbed. Prakash is, however, intent on finding a cure for himself. He summons a troup who would risk their lives to go to Kattiyal and bring him the serum from the lab that his father had once made. He also forces one of his father’s old associates, Jagan, to go along with them on the mission so that he can guide them. The head of the troup, Farhan, dexterously guides the team through the forest as they come across several disturbing objects.


When they reach the forest, they come across bioluminescent, slimy elements covering giant plants. They also come across a human-like plant that seems to be breathing! All these weird plants in the forest indicate that some extremely harmful experiment must have taken place in the area, causing them to mutate. Prakash’s men also come across mutilated dead bodies of people in the forest, which suggests that the people who had gone into the forest to collect samples never returned. Prakash had concocted the plan for collecting the samples when he learned from his dying father that he had tried all his life to find out the cure for his son and ended up experimenting with a chemical called Lantanite. He was so driven by the intention of standing on his own two feet that he had to kill his own father when he requested Prakash not to open Exogenyx again.

What Was Karunagam’s Feud With Sairaj?

Karunagam’s feud with Sairaj started when his son, Sethu, was a kid, and they were working in a mine owned by Sairaj to sustain themselves. Sairaj had put Ponraj, his brother, in charge of the mine, and he had his atrocious methods to control the laborers. Ponraj is seen beating up Sethu when he sees him resting for a while, causing Karunagam to lose his temper. He gets into a brawl with Ponraj, resulting in him humiliating Karunagam’s entire family. When Kodi, Karunagam’s sister, tries to oppose, he strips her naked in front of all the other laborers. Unable to bear the extreme humiliation, Kodi takes her own life. Karunagam later seeks revenge on Sairaj’s family as he approaches their house with men from the village. He castrates Ponraj, and when Sairaj tries to intervene, Karunagam also attempts to kill him, but is stopped by Shakthi, Sairaj’s son. He tries to resolve the issue and stands by the side of the villagers! When Sairaj found that he had nothing to gain from the mine, as all its minerals had been depleted, he sold the land to the Exogenyx lab. Later, when the villagers are being driven away from their homeland, Shakthi stands by their side and shifts to a neighboring village known as Navamalai.


How Did The Mutants Come Into Existence?

After the villagers were ousted from their homes, the land of Kattiyal was taken over by the Exogenyx lab. After a few months, the misdeed of Sairaj started showing colors when the lab started polluting their water bodies and land. The company had been experimenting with Lantanite on many animals but failed repeatedly. The pollution from the lab started turning everything into poison, as it started killing the cattle, turned the land sterile, and all the babies in the area were stillborn. People who had decided to stay back in Kattiyal were suffering immensely. When they found out that their suffering was all because of the lab, they rebelled against it. While the people were losing all hopes of living a normal life again, Sairaj was intent on convincing them that their ancestral goddess would save all of them.

In 2004, when the village was struck by a tsunami, the villagers made a collective decision to destroy the Exogenyx lab. However, by the time the villagers came in, the scientists had already escaped the place. As the lab was located underground, the villagers had gone there to destroy the lab but were greeted with sudden tsunami waves. Subhadra, Sairaj’s wife, locked all the villagers inside the lab from outside so that they were not washed off by the tsunami waves. She had sacrificed herself to save the lives of the villagers, raising her status to that of a deity. However, the villagers were trapped inside the lab for many months and were not able to break out. They were feeding on all the experimental animals and the chemicals present in the labs, causing them to mutate into horrific creatures. Sairaj tells the other villagers that he could hear Subhadra speaking and that she had instructed him to raise an army of the barbaric race, and he breaks open the door, releasing the mutants into the open.


How Does Gautham Save His Family?

Had the mutants remained in confinement, then they would not have been able to multiply and make Kattiyal the dreaded place that it was. When a family goes on a road trip and is stuck in a jam, they decide to take a shortcut that they might regret later. We see the family driving through Kattiyal, and that is when their car breaks down. Gautham asks his wife, Neha, and daughter, Maya, to wait inside the car while he goes out and seeks help. He reaches a tavern and approaches Shakthi and Karunagam for help. Initially, they are reluctant, but later decide to help him out! When they reach the location of the car, they see that it has disappeared, and they understand that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped.

Shakthi tells Gautham that they will help him find out about his family, and they head towards his ancestral family. They are attacked by strange creatures inside the house, and it is then that they fall into a ditch. They are further led into the tracks when they locate Maya’s hair clip and also hear a summoning song for some deity. When they approach the spot, they find a woman about to be sacrificed by a strange creature. Gautham saves the woman, and Shakthi recognizes the creature to be his father, Sairaj, who he thought had died. They start fighting the creature but fail to equal its strength and are captured by other creatures. Later, however, they manage to escape and capture Sairaj, who leads them to Maya and Neha.

How Was Sairaj Extending His Bloodline?

When Sairaj is captured by Gautham and others, they are led into a cave that Sairaj calls a holy place. They found several women tied up, and their limbs had been chopped off, but they had been kept alive. They had brought in women from other villages and were using them to give birth to their children, as their own women had lost the ability to conceive. Shakthi recognized his daughter, Mala, who had gone missing many years ago, while she was en route with her husband and in-laws to the hospital to deliver her baby. As they had taken the shortest route from the Kattiyal village, the others were killed, and Mala had been taken captive. Shakthi realizes that his father, Sairaj, has been using his own granddaughter to expand his own bloodline. Upon seeing Mala’s state, he murders Sairaj and relieves Mala of her sufferings by suffocating her to death.

What Happens In The End?

Vettayan, one of Sairaj’s offsprings, is extremely powerful and is seen attacking Farhan’s troup, killing many members. Upon seeing the dangers involved in the mission, Farhan decides to find the exit route. When Jagan tries to stand in Farhan’s way, he murders him. Meanwhile, after rescuing his family from numerous creatures, Gautham, along with Shakthi and Karunagam, comes across Farhan and his team. Meanwhile, on their escape route, Maya cuts her finger with one of the test tubes where the samples of the serum were kept. As they try to escape, they are chased by Vettayan. Neither of them is able to kill Vettayan because of his mammoth-like strength. Numerous bullets and injuries could not take him down. However, Karunagam gets killed while fighting the monster. Later, Gautham blasts the creature into pieces, but it rises again when they think that it is finally dead. Shakthi tries persuading the monster to let the others go and kill him instead. When the monster turns a deaf ear to his pleas, Shakthi blows up the entire place, killing himself and the monster.


Finally, help arrives, and we see Prakash waiting with a chopper for the team. When Prakash asks for the samples from Farhan, he tells him that he had to give up on the mission midway. Prakash also asks Gautham to keep his mouth shut about anything that he had experienced at the factory and tells him that he would be contacted by his lawyer to maintain confidentiality. As Gautham flies off in a chopper along with his family, he notices Prakash loading small creatures from Kattiyal village for further experiments. Later, we see that Prakash injects himself with a serum that he had created in the lab. While we feel that he is about to mutate after the shot, his body gives up instead, and he gets admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, we see Gautham and his family trying to overcome the trauma that they faced in Kattiyal. When their pet dog bites Maya, her wound immediately appears to heal. This could have been caused by the cut that she got at the lab while playing with the samples. Just when we start anticipating numerous possibilities, Gautham gets a call from Farhan. He warns Gautham that his daughter is under an imminent threat!

Final Words

It is quite possible that Maya had accidentally gotten a serum into her body that had made her immune to injuries. There is a probability that her life is under threat because Prakash’s men are now looking for the girl to find a cure for him. But how would they come to know that Maya now has the serum in her body? There are many such unsolved mysteries that are yet to be resolved. After watching The Village Season 1, the audience is sure to eagerly await the second season. The intense action and thrill in almost every alternate frame of the series have pumped up our adrenaline manifold! The elements of gore and weird cult practices by the creatures gave the series an eerie thrill. This series, however, bears a strong message that no matter what, we should stop messing with the environmental elements; otherwise, it would affect us in ways that we won’t be able to imagine. The dystopian element of The Village can be compared to the film Birth/Rebirth, which has a similar concept. Doing anything beyond the rules of nature could result in humans being wiped off the face of the earth, almost instantly. If there are ways in which nature knows to reward us, then there are ways in which it knows how to punish our wrongdoings!


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