‘The Power’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Other Power Does Allie Possess?

The Power is sizzling out soon, with only one episode remaining. The second and last episode is packed with exciting new ideas and a new wave of power for the women of the world. In the last episode, we saw that Margot became the true face of electrical power, and this caused mayhem in the world. The followers of Urbandox are extremely dangerous, and one ends up self-immolating during her press conference to announce her stand for Senate. What’s next for women, and how will the world be affected by this “power”?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Power’ Episode 7?

The episode begins with Roxy giving women in the UK training on how to use their power for some cash, which she later gives Terry’s mother. Bernie’s big plan is to give Roxy Terry’s share of his belongings in his will, but of course, the mom and Ricky are against it. According to them, Ricky deserves Terry’s share too, but Bernie knows that without a woman in power, he might be in big trouble ten years down the line, considering everything that is happening right now. On the job, Roxy sees David, the guy who owes her father money and uses her power to terrorize him into returning the money the next day. Roxy is quickly learning her father’s intimidating ways, and the people working with him also approve of her ways, leaving Ricky jealous and Darrel happy.


Meanwhile, in Carpathia, the President is in talks with Moscow, which wants to tag the women of the world in order to know when they’re using their power. They have a sample, and the president gets Tatiana to wear it. In the meantime, Tatiana, who is always bored out of her wits in this palace, decides to spend some time with her stylist and play dress-up. She is tired of being the president’s doll, so she wants to make her own doll. After getting her stylist to try out all of her fancy clothes and wear her wig, Tatiana calls her beautiful, in response to which the stylist believes they are closer than they were before. Now, she wonders if Tatiana can speak to the president and get her brother out of prison because he didn’t really commit a crime.

Tatiana straddles the girl who is lying on her bed and grabs her head as if she plans on electrocuting her, but instead, she kisses her without consent. The girl is traumatized and looks absolutely frightened and confused. On the other hand, Tunde visits Declan, who has big plans for the new and upcoming journalist. He sees that Tunde has charm with the women, and so he wants to use him to speak to Zoia and the sex slave victims who are now free. Tunde, of course, is ready to jump on the opportunity, but as he gets there, he notices how drastically different the setting is in a nation like Carpathia. The men are now homeless and wander the streets, kids included, and he has to carry a gun in order to just talk to these women.


When Tunde arrives at the place, though, he hears loud screams from Zoia; she is finally having her baby. Tunde witnesses all the women supporting Zoia in the process and feels enlightened yet again. Tunde is then introduced to Zoia, and she is skeptical of giving him her story. She wonders why men like Tunde didn’t help before the power came about. In response, Tunde says he has been supporting women in places where they need it the most and has risked his life because this means a lot to him. Zoia hands over a piece of the meat she’s eating to Tunde (which quite possibly could be the umbilical cord or intestines, up to interpretation), and Tunde swallows it with pride, proving to Zoia that he cares. Zoia agrees to give him her story, but it is only a sign of privilege to those already privileged; it won’t help her in any way, so in return for Tunde getting famous, Zoia wants him to get in a word with Tatiana. She wants to know if her sister, who might be living in a palace, still cares.

For Jos, things are looking very bad. After the traumatic incident, she is looking for support from Ryan, who hasn’t been showing up to school. She feels terrible for treating him that way but is afraid to be in public. She has bodyguards at school and gets threatened by random kids. Jos goes home and watches a video online of Roxy explaining how to use the power. While doing so, Ryan arrives and has made a heart out of tea lights outside her window. He lights them up with his power and invites her out. The truth is that the same kind of people wants to hurt both of them, so their best bet is to help and support each other. Jos accepts the apology, but Matty has recorded the whole thing, which showcases Ryan, a guy who possesses the power.


Will Allie Be Able To Convince The Girls That She Is Actually A Miracle Of God?

Allie, who we see after a long break, is busy watching what’s happening in the world on TV and listening to God’s plan for her. She believes she is a savior. Allie finds her friend Savannah crying and trying to break into Sister Veronica’s room. She hasn’t had the chance to talk to her daughter because Sister Veronica has taken her phone away. Allie helps Savannah harness her power by holding her hand against the knob of the door. She tells her to bring the hate and heat from within, and Savannah is able to break the knob.

Allie realizes what great power she truly possesses. Later, some new girls who have joined the convent find the power unnatural, but Allie, who used to be a non-believer, shows them how power is the perfect sign of an actual God. Her God tells her that she can be a new leader and begin a new religion of her own that depends on real miracles, not fake ones. Her thoughts are interrupted by Sister Veronica, who thinks she is the one who broke the door. She tells Allie in front of everybody that Allie (who is called Eve there) has told them only lies about her entire life. Allie begins to cry and feels lost. Veronica says she wants to send her back, and that is the worst thing that could happen to Allie.


In the meantime, Savannah attempts to remove her power because it is the reason she is separated from her daughter. She stands atop the roof, ready to jump, as everyone is searching for her. Allie stops her in the nick of time, bringing her down as Savannah lashes around. Savannah tells Allie that she wants this cursed power out of her; it hasn’t done any good for her, but Allie is quick to convince her that everything will be okay, and she is there for her. Allie has the ability to make the girls believe in themselves because she understands their hardships from within. She sees them for what they really are, and this is what makes them all believe in her too. She even saved a girl from seizures that never came back after what she did for her. The Power Episode 7 ends with Allie showcasing her true power in a beautiful manner by using the sea as her conductor. She is able to move the rest of the girls, who are all holding hands with Allie, as one of them records the whole proceeding. The girls all lie in the water that is lit up with their power, believing in their new leader, Allie. Her next stop is the world.

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