‘The Origin: Madam Koi Koi’ Ending Explained & Finale Episode 2 Recap: Is Amanda Dead?

Previously in The Origin: Madam Koi Koi, Amanda’s mother enrolled her daughter in a new boarding school to provide her with the best education and safety. However, upon her arrival, things began to take a dark turn, as the killings started to take place in a nearby forest in Malomo. After each of these killings, Amanda experienced terrible nightmares, causing damage to her mental health. As one of the students from the school was killed, a middle-aged member of the school staff contacted police, revealing the mystery behind these murders. Twenty years ago, when a former school staff member, Rosemary, was sexually assaulted and killed by a group of four guys in the forest of Malomo, her spirit began to roam around the town, killing sexual predators. In the second and final episode of The Origin: Madam Koi Koi, the connection between Amanda’s dreams and the killings is unveiled.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Oscar Die?

Episode 2, titled “The Spirit of Vengeance,” opened with the school staff and Baba telling the police about the aftermath of Rosemary’s death. After Rosemary’s dead body was found in the forest, many other killings took place simultaneously. One day, when Sister Ruth was attacked by the group of guys responsible for Rosemary’s death, Baba came to Ruth’s rescue. The guys beat Baba severely and tried to run away, but the spirit of Rosemary appeared and killed those boys viciously. Ruth asked the spirit not to harm Baba as he came to rescue her. As Baba witnessed the spirit in front of his eyes and saw how powerful it could be, he told his father everything. Baba’s father, who was a powerful shaman of the village, looked into the matter and asked permission from the head of the village to perform a sacrificing ritual to dispel the spirit. As Baba’s father was given permission, he brought that group of guys’ family members into the woods in order to sacrifice their blood to the spirit. Baba’s father cut off each one’s fingers and dedicated the blood to the spirit. As the sacrifice was accepted, Baba’s father chanted some spells and banished the people from the village, asking them to leave this place as soon as possible; otherwise, the ritual would be futile, and the spirit would never stop roaming the woods and killing people. The next morning, the family members of those four guys left the village, leaving no trace of their bloodline in the land of Malomo.


As Baba concluded his story, the policemen, Oscar and Theophilus, struggled to believe the entirety of it. But Baba continued saying that someone from one of the banished bloodlines had come back to this town once again, causing the spirit of vengeance to wake up and hunt people. Furthermore, Baba also identified the first dead body found in the woods as one of the students from their school. Taking this crucial information from Baba, Oscar, and Theophilus went to the school to talk to Mother Superior about the missing student. However, she was still denying it and trying to avoid police interrogation. Therefore, Oscar warned her that if she continued doing this, the police would be compelled to arrest her for obstruction of justice.

Mother Superior was a highly respected individual in the community, so it was hard for the police to arrest her without strong evidence. As Theophilus decided to walk away, Oscar wanted to stay at the school, as he found himself attracted to one of the students and wanted to spend some time with her. The student also found Oscar interesting, so a mutual attraction between them led the two of them to go out together and have fun. But as they returned in the evening, passing through the forest of Malomo, Oscar tried to have physical intimacy with the student, who didn’t give her consent to it and ran away. As a result, Oscar became the victim of Rosemary’s wrath and was killed by her spirit.


Did The Spirit Of Vengeance Kill Amanda?

Baba looked into the matter to find out who could be the one from that banished bloodline to have returned to this town. He dug deeper and found that it was Amanda, whose father was one of those four sexual offenders. Since Oscar went missing, Theophilus had to run the investigation on his own, and taking Baba and Amanda along, he visited Amanda’s mother to confirm if Amanda’s father was one of those four guys. Amanda‚Äôs mother confirmed it, revealing her tragic story of how she met the guy in a bar and fell in love with him until one day she learned about his real intentions when she fell pregnant with his child. The guy asked her to abort the baby, which she objected to; therefore, he just kicked her out of the house. Amanda’s mother raised her daughter all by herself and never talked about these things in front of her, so it came quite as a shock for Amanda. As Baba knew one of his father’s apprentices, who still performed these rituals, he took Amanda there to prepare her for the sacrifice so that they could get rid of the spirit. The shaman performed the same ritual on Amanda, just like Baba’s father had done twenty years ago.

What Happened To Mother Superior?

As Amanda was brought back to school, she was urgently summoned by Mother Superior. She was supposed to attend the training for their scholarship program with the group of boys. Amanda was forced to join the team against her will, while Mother Superior supervised their practice. On the other hand, we saw Mother Superior’s assistant, who was following Baba all along, trying to attack him for his involvement with the police. As the assistant called Mother Superior to check if Baba was alive, she left Amanda with those boys and came to the nearby woods, but Baba’s body was nowhere to be found.


However, in the meantime, a scream was heard, leading everyone to rush towards the school. The spirit of vengeance, aka the spirit of Rosemary, was chasing after Amanda to kill her. Sister Ruth came to her rescue and tried to convince the spirit that Amanda was an innocent girl who should not be punished for her father’s misdeeds. The spirit kept on howling until she decided to spare Amanda’s life and went back into the forest. After the spirit was gone for good, the dead bodies, including Oscar’s, were found in the forest. Mother Superior was finally arrested for obstruction in the investigation, and the responsibility of leading the school fell upon Sister Ruth’s shoulders. The second episode concluded with Sister Ruth accepting her newfound authority as Mother Superior of the school. With her guidance and supervision, the school would probably become a ladder to success, giving its students a bright future. Amanda, who was hospitalized after such a traumatic incident, recovered and returned to school. The school had now become a safe place for her as Sister Ruth, as Mother Superior, ensured the best safety for its female students.

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