‘The Origin: Madam Koi Koi’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was The Monster?

The famous Nigerian legend about “Madam Koi Koi” has now been presented as a two-part Netflix series titled The Origin: Madam Koi Koi. Netflix has just released its first episode, introducing us to the characters and the storyline of the series. The Origin: Madam Koi Koi revolves around a young girl named Amanda, who finds it difficult to fit into her new boarding school. Since she has arrived at the school, she keeps having eerie nightmares about an evil entity lurking in the woods on the outskirts of the town. Amanda’s mother enrolled her in this school to provide her with a better education and safety, but most of the male students at the school turn out to be perverts with a criminal mentality. Will Amanda be safe in this environment, or will she raise her voice against these crimes? Let us find that out.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Amanda’s Mother Enroll Her Daughter In The Boarding School?

Episode 1, titled The Awakening, opened with Amanda’s mother bringing her to a boarding school. Amanda was reluctant to leave her former school, but as someone from that school went missing, Amanda’s mother couldn’t take the risk of keeping her child there. She was a busy woman who couldn’t even give her daughter the time she needed, so she enrolled her in this missionary boarding school. However, upon her arrival, Amanda made a good friend who gave her the comfort and company she needed.


The school was run by a Mother Superior, who was the principal of the school. During this time, there was a lot of pressure on her as the board of the school was constantly urging her to shut down the school. But Mother Superior was hellbent on saving the school’s image by intending for her students to win a scholarship program. As Amanda’s friend showed her around, she told her not to talk with the boys at the school. As Amanda wanted to know why, her friend told her those boys might be brilliant students, but they were not people of good character. Every time they included any female student in their group, something very terrible ended up happening to her. As Amanda wanted to know why no one had ever complained about these guys, her friend told her that no one had ever believed the girls in the school, as these guys were brilliant students with extraordinary academic backgrounds.

What Happened To ID?

One night, one of those boys, named ID, took his girlfriend, Ibunku, to the forest of Malomo, which was a restricted area for the students. As ID brought her to a house and started making love to her, three other guys in their group came over. Ibunku was startled to see them and asked them to leave, but ID himself had invited them. The four of them sexually assaulted Ibunku and kicked her out of the house. However, ID, who was responsible for bringing her there in the first place, started feeling guilty about it. As he ran towards the forest to talk to her, a mysterious monster grabbed him by the neck and viciously killed him. On that night, Amanda had a horrific nightmare, rendering her sleep paralyzed. As she woke up from the dream, she found herself in the dorm. But she couldn’t get the negative feeling out of her system. One after another, two more murders took place in the same forest in a similar manner, causing the local policemen, Theophilus and Oscar, to get worried. But every time these murders took place, Amanda had a nightmare, causing her to worry about her own mental state.


When ID’s dead body was found in the forest, the injury on his face made him unrecognizable, but as the police found him wearing the school uniform, they tried to talk to Mother Superior about it. Mother Superior was previously informed by the group of boys that ID was missing from the dorm. Being aware that ID had a history of running away from the dorm, she hadn’t made any effort to find him. All she wanted to do was save her school from getting shut down, so she didn’t want the news of a missing student to become public. Mother Superior, who was the authoritative figure in the school, was a deeply flawed character. Despite being a woman, she never trusted any of the women who complained about the horrible deeds committed by the elite group of guys. Even Ibunku, after that tragic incident, had come straight to her, disclosing everything that she had been through, but Mother Superior put the blame on the girl, telling her that if she hadn’t gone out in the night, these things might not have happened to her.

Who Was The Mysterious Monster In The Woods?

That group of perverted guys shifted their attention to Amanda after witnessing how smart and confident she was. So, in order to ruin her life as well, they went to meet Mother Superior in order to ask her permission to enlist Amanda into their group as a replacement for ID. Mother Superior agreed and sent for Amanda to talk to her. She asked Amanda to join the scholarship program, which would enhance her academic skills. Amanda, who was well aware that those guys were not safe, refused to take part in it, but Mother Superior asked her to reconsider, as not joining the program might hinder her marks on the test. Amanda, having no other option left, agreed to take part, but she brought her friend along. The group of boys became furious and tried to unleash their anger on Amanda and her friend, but in the meantime, the school’s oldest security guy caught them and asked them to leave the girls alone.


The old man was worried about the eerie happenings around the school. He was well aware that the first dead body with a school uniform found in the forest was indeed ID’s, but as Mother Superior forbade him to bring this up, he couldn’t help but remain silent. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to another character, a nun named Ruth, in the school. Ruth, who had lost her voice a few years ago after witnessing a tragic incident, immersed herself in prayers and chanted for God. The old man kept on insisting that Ruth should talk to the police about the incident, but she never responded to him.

Therefore, to resolve these issues, one day, the old man himself walked into the police department in order to talk to them about an incident that took place in the Malomo forest twenty years ago. It was nighttime when Ruth was escorting her friend Rosemary to her home through the forest. Rosemary wasn’t as religious as Ruth was, so she dressed differently. As Ruth asked her why she didn’t want to stay at school, Rosemary replied that Mother Superior wouldn’t like it if she dressed like that. She didn’t feel the freedom to be herself in school, so she chose to stay at home. Ruth asked her to be safe, and they parted ways. As Rosemary walked towards her home, two perverted guys blocked her path and tried to attack her. Rosemary tried to resist as much as she could, but she was sexually assaulted by them in a vicious manner. Not only that, but one of the guys severely beat her, injuring her face and making sure that she died. As the guys ran away, Rosemary found herself unable to get up. So she crawled towards a tree that had been infamous for having been cursed. In the concluding moments of The Origin: Madam Koi Koi episode 1, we get a hint that it was Rosemary who turned into this monster after such a tragic incident happened to her. Probably, she had died on the spot and became a spirit that continued to take revenge on the sexual predators. In the upcoming episode next week, we’ll probably get to know more about Rosemary, regarding how she was transformed into a monster and why she kept haunting Amanda in her dreams.


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