‘The New Look’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: Did Christian Find Catherine?

Created by Todd A. Kessler and directed by Julia Ducournau, the series The New Look brings out the horrors of war and its effect on the human psyche. While Christian Dior had been struggling to deal with the fact that his sister, Catherine, was long gone and lost in one of the German camps, she suddenly turned up. Uncertainty is the new normal that we all have to accept as a by-product of battles! On the other hand, Coco Chanel struggles to put up with her life after fleeing to Switzerland. Will Christian reunite with Catherine? Will Coco be able to retain her fame and identity? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Did Christian Find Catherine?

Georges had been looking for a new designer for Philippe and Gaston as his replacement. When he approached Christian, he refused, saying that if his sister returned, she would need him. On the other hand, Lelong also pressured Christian to sign the contract to become an in-house designer, but he refused him as well. All his plans were centered around Catherine and his hope that she would arrive one day. Later, Christian got a call from his father, who told him that Catherine had been found and was in transit from Germany to France. He, however, stressed the fact that many people had been dying en route. While everyone had left hope for Catherine to come back, Christian had stuck by his faith that she would return. Christian said that if she had managed to survive this far, then she would surely survive the last few steps. However, when Christian went to the train station to get her, with lilacs in his hand, he didn’t find her there. He saw people coming out to meet their families one by one, but Catherine was nowhere to be found. When he inquired about Catherine, he was told that many people had died en route. 


Why Did Christian Lose All Hope?

Christian had given up all hopes, thinking that he had lost Catherine. He went to the shaman and accused her of having misled him. She told him to have hope and that her sister would definitely return someday. She gave him a pendant and said that as long as he had that with him, he could be sure that he would get to see his sister again. In a fit of rage, Christian left her home and went to meet Marcel Boussac, also known as King Cotton. Christian wanted to immerse himself in work and wanted to form his own couture in France, creating a new world of fashion. Christian was fed up with the hopelessness that the war had given to his people. On his way back home, he threw away the locket that the shaman gave him, indicating that he had accepted the grim reality just like the others. Upon reaching home, he saw that Catherine had returned home. He was equally shocked and happy to see her. The state that she was in made it hard for Christian to even look at her. She was extremely malnourished, bringing out the inhuman conditions at the camps. She was so emaciated, that she was unable to get off the bed and greet her brother, who had waited to see her for so long! 

How Did Coco Plan To Help André?

Coco was staying at a hotel in Switzerland to escape the wrath of her own people back in France. Meanwhile, she had found out that André had been suffering from tuberculosis. She wanted to make sure that he got all the care that was possible, so she planned on buying a house there. She was, however, unable to do so as the French government had frozen her accounts and would not allow any cross-border transactions. Coco was in desperate need of cash so that she could buy the house to let her nephew heal there. She contacted her lawyer to help her with cash and was so desperate to take care of André that she pressed him to go to Paris so that he could get the best treatment there. Just like Christian, Coco was looking out for her own family. However, her method of getting her hands on things she wanted caused her to lead her life like a fugitive in another country. 


What Plight Did Coco Have To Face In Switzerland?

The helplessness of Coco in another country was seen when she was robbed of her car by her driver, and she could do absolutely nothing about it. She was unable to pay her driver on time, which led to the incident. This highlighted the fact that Coco was short on money and would soon have to return to Paris. 

Coco also noticed that dupes of her perfume were being sold in one of the shops. She bought all of them to stop them from circulating in the market. Upon digging further, she found out that the Wertheimers were duping her perfume. When she told her lawyer that she wanted to sue them, he advised her to lay low for a while. The Wertheimers were considered to be heroes after the war as they had survived the Nazi atrocities, while Coco had no ground in her own country. Coco was, however, not someone who would sit and watch her own destruction. She contacted Henri to look into the matter. She asked him to visit the Wertheimer’s factory and let her know of the formula that they had been using. 


Coco had been undergoing a very traumatic situation! She wasn’t able to return to her own country, as her own people were thirsty for her blood. She was also facing heavy competition in her professional sphere. She couldn’t keep her head straight and decide how she should handle things, which took a toll on her. Her association with the Nazis was a major reason for her downfall, and people looked at her with suspicion. The fact that her brand has managed to remain at the top to this very day is a matter of surprise. Despite Coco taking so many wrong steps, her business has somehow managed to be recognized as one of the top French Luxury brands. 

What Will Happen Next?

The sixth episode of The New Look will focus on Catherine and her experiences at the camp. She is likely to reminisce about the days of her struggle, giving us a peek into the German camps. Christian will try to provide Catherine with all the support that she will need to help her get back on her feet. It is possible that Christian would give up on Marcel Boussac’s offer to take some time for himself. Meanwhile, Coco is likely to return to Paris, as all her resources are slowly depleting. The way she will manage to save her brand by strategizing measures to give tough competition to her competitors will be portrayed in the next episode. She will find out the secret of the Wertheimers as to how they have been successfully creating dupes of her products. The sixth episode of The New Look will portray several sharp turns in both Christian and Coco’s lives simultaneously, leaving us craving more! 

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