‘The More Love Grows’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens Between Helen And Paul?

Love can surprise us in unexpected ways, as life’s twists and turns may bring us love when we least expect it. Finding our soulmate doesn’t always happen right away; sometimes, it takes a series of choices and experiences to finally meet the right person at the perfect time. The same thing happens with Helen and Ben in the film The More Love Grows, as both of them experience the collapse of their marriages, leaving them feeling lost and struggling to adjust to new routines. However, as they spend time together and share similar experiences, their connection grows stronger. Gradually, they discover a unique harmony between them, realizing that they are meant to be together.

Spoilers Ahead 

How Do Helen And Ben Find Happiness In The Little Things?

Helen is a talented illustrator of furniture manuals and a devoted mother and wife. She always finds joy in small things and cares deeply for her daughter Aly’s happiness. Even though her husband, Paul, is distant due to work, Helen doesn’t mind. However, things change when they take Aly to college. Helen realizes Paul wants to separate because they’ve grown apart. This is hard for Helen, as she believes Paul doesn’t value their history together. It’s tough for her to accept that Paul wants to end their relationship after almost 20 years, especially after they’ve just started a new chapter with their daughter going off to college.

At the same time, Paul wants to explore his own life and have new experiences, which is why he’s decided to separate from Helen. His new job in Denver helped him realize this. On the other hand, Ben, whose son Skylar is in college, has already separated from his wife, Amy. Ben is in his fourth year of vet school and hides his sadness by focusing on his studies and spending time with his dogs. Their younger son, Charlie, knows his dad is unhappy, but Ben tries to make their time together happy and special. In both cases, adults are dealing with changes and challenges while trying to protect their loved ones from their own pain.

Helen does her best to fix things with Paul, even dressing up and making dinner, but Paul is determined to end their relationship and brings divorce papers. This is a huge shock to Helen, as she didn’t see it coming. Paul sees the separation as a new beginning, but this hurts Helen because she realizes Paul has had this perspective for a while. She’s very sad because she didn’t think their relationship was in such a bad place. Despite her own pain, Helen wants to protect Aly from the sadness of their separation. She tries to make sure Aly isn’t affected by it so that her college experience is as smooth and happy as possible. Helen cares deeply about Aly’s feelings and wants her to focus on her studies and enjoy her time at college without being hurt by their situation.

What Changes Did Meeting Ben And Experiencing Divorce Bring To Helen’s Life?

Helen and Ben’s paths first crossed during a parent-teacher conference at Carleton High School. They later ran into each other on the street, and their instant connection led to fun conversations. Their destinies intertwined again when a senior stray dog showed up at Helen’s house. She decided to take care of the dog, and with Ben’s help, they got supplies for him. Helen named him Elmer, and he quickly became a source of comfort for her after her separation. Over time, Helen’s bond with Elmer helped her move on. Even though she wasn’t a dog person before, Elmer changed that. As time passed, Helen met a woman named Cindy at the dog park, and they quickly became good friends. With Cindy’s help, Helen learned that divorce could lead to positive changes.

With Paul out of the picture, she discovered new things in life that she hadn’t experienced before. When Helen was with Paul, she didn’t explore different options, unlike Ben, whom she’d started to admire for it. He left his dull sales job to follow his passion as a veterinarian. The divorce made Ben realize the importance of choosing happiness. This prompts Helen to recognize that she has set aside her drawing skills due to her role as a wife and mother. Now, she’s about to realize that things are on the verge of changing for her. But there are times when Helen feels responsible for not staying emotionally close to Paul. She struggles to envision a future with Paul beyond being co-parents to Aly.

What Happens Between Helen and Ben?

Let’s pause to appreciate Elmer, who brought Helen and Ben together. Their frequent encounters at art exhibitions and meet-ups drew them closer. They started going climbing and for coffee, all the while thinking they were just friends. Unbeknownst to Helen, Ben fell in love with her, and she also felt the same way. But the sudden change was unsettling for her, which made her hesitant to explore her feelings. However, The More Love Grows takes a different turn when Paul tries to return after causing a fuss. Paul’s return prompts Helen to realize her independence. Despite that, she supports Paul’s new journey to Denver, and they agree to be good friends. Now here comes the main challenge: informing Aly about everything that’s happened.

When Aly learns about her parents separation, she gets really upset. She’s already struggling with her own problems, failing organic chemistry, and thinking of changing her major. But amidst their conversations, Elmer accidentally goes missing. Helen meets Ben during this time, and they finally open up about their feelings. Helen admits she’s not ready for a new relationship. At the same time, Helen is already feeling upset because the arguments between Aly, Paul, and Helen were the main reason for Elmer running away, but luckily he comes back by night. Things eventually return to normal, and Aly begins to understand her parents’ feelings. She realizes she just wants them to be happy in the end.

In the dramatic conclusion of The More Love Grows, Helen and Ben cross paths again at Cindy’s live performance. Ben helps Cindy sing her favorite song, showing his support for her. This makes Helen realize that Ben cares for her deeply. Despite feeling upset before, Helen has a change of heart and suggests they take things slow. Over time, Helen and Aly mend their relationship, and her bond with Ben deepens even more. They officially became a couple, ready to share a happy life together. The story also reveals that Aly finds companionship in Trevor, who matches her energy and studying vibe. The More Love Grows is a heartwarming rom-com film that teaches us that love can heal us and that no matter what challenges come our way, love will find its place.

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