‘The Midnight Studio’ Episode 3 Recap: What Happened To Han Bom’s Grandma?

The third episode of The Midnight Studio brings before us yet another case of a spirit approaching Seo for help. After Father Peter passes away, he approaches Seo to help him delete a video from his laptop. Meanwhile, as Seo’s 35th birthday approaches, he is being aggressively attacked by spirits, and hence he has been seeking protection from Han Bom, as she has a protective halo around her that keeps spirits away. Will Han Bom agree to protect Seo from the spirits? What will happen to Han Bom’s grandmother? Will she come back to Seo to ask for his help to meet Han Bom? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Seo Arrested?

When Seo was just a kid, his uncle decided to send him to the Pitcairn Islands, which were said to have the smallest population in the world (47 people). Seo was told that as the island had a small population, very few people died there, and hence there would be no ghosts there. However, in recent times, with his uncle long gone, evil spirits have been following Seo, making him look like a culprit to the police. He was later arrested for kidnapping Yoon Dal (as Han Bom had made a complaint against him). Lieutenant Lee said that there were many reports against him and that he had to have a person vouch for him to get out of jail. Seo tried reaching out to Deputy Go to vouch for him, but he didn’t pick up the call. Meanwhile, as he was locked inside the jail, he was attacked by a few evil spirits, but just when Han Bom approached him, he realized that the spirits couldn’t get near him, as she formed a magic orb around him. He tried to explain to Han Bom that he was a ghost photographer, but she didn’t believe him at that point. Later, Deputy Go came in and got Seo out of jail by possessing a male body and then taking responsibility for any further actions of Seo. 


Why Did Seo Ask Han Bom To Help Him?

Seo wanted to apologize to Han Bom for having tried to evict her earlier (as he knew that he needed her to protect him). Later, when her grandma came to the studio to get a picture clicked, she said that Han Bom had a childhood trauma of seeing her parents die. Later, Seo went to her office and said that she had a protective circle, which could help him survive. He asked her to come to the photo studio at midnight so that he could prove the existence of spirits to her. Han Bom finally went to the studio, and when she approached Seo, he explained how he could connect the space between the living and the dead. Meanwhile, Mr. Baek and Deputy Go brought her flowers and coffee, and she was amazed to see the objects floating in the air. Finally, when she believed Seo, he said that he needed her protective halo around him for the next 100 days (to his birthday).

Why Did Father Peter Approach Seo After His Death?

After his death, Father Peter came to meet Seo, asking him for help. He said that there was a video that he had to delete by sneaking into the church and managing to get his hands on his laptop. The very next day, Seo snuck into the church and got the laptop, but Father Peter said that he had forgotten the password to the laptop (as he used his fingerprint to open it). While Seo was fidgeting with the laptop, other people came in and thought that he was stealing the laptop. 


Later, Han Bom got a call from the detective, and she was told that Seo was in jail. She immediately came to the jail and asked him to open the laptop and prove that Father Peter had approached him to help him delete a video (as he thought it was shameful and others shouldn’t see it). Meanwhile, Father Peter was able to remember the password, helping him open it, and they discovered that Father Peter was a huge fan of Aespa (a girl band) and had videos of the band. After opening the laptop, people started believing that it was Father Peter who had asked Seo to help him out. 

What Happened At Lee Hyeon Oh’s Party?

Han Bom went to Chief Prosecutor Lee Hyeon Oh’s party and got insulted there. It was evident that Hyeon Oh had an old feud with her. He threatened her, saying that he wouldn’t let her get any clients in the industry. Later, Han Bom asked Seo out to have dinner with her and told him that she had been fired by Lee Hyeon Oh three years ago because a person had died because of her misjudgement. She further said that maybe she wouldn’t be able to be Seo’s protector, as she was a bad judge of character. 


What Happened To Han Bom’s Grandma?

Grandma was extremely put off by Han Bom not earning anything and lazing away her time. She told Han Bom to earn money, as she had toiled day and night to make her an attorney. Later, when she got to know from a neighbor that Han Bom had been fired by her boss, she felt bad for her. She thought that she had been unnecessarily judging Han Bom without knowing her situation. Grandma was later seen having an empathetic attitude toward Han Bom, asking her to come into the house. The next day, Han Bom’s grandmother went to meet Lee Hyeon Oh at the office to offer him some rice cakes so that he took Han Bom back. She was, however, not let into the building, and while returning home, she collapsed on the road. 

What Will Happen Next?

The fourth episode of The Midnight Studio will bring out her grandma’s affection for Han Bom. The tough love that she has shown all these days was because of a misunderstanding, but now that she knows about Han Bom’s misfortune, she will return to the midnight studio to help her grandchild. Meanwhile, Seo’s death has been approaching, with the approaching date of his 35th birthday. We are yet to discover if Han Bom will agree to be his savior and his shield to help him fight his way through evil spirits. 


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