‘The Midnight Studio’ Episode 4 Recap: What Happened During The Final Farewell?

The fourth episode of The Midnight Studio is heartwarming as it brings out the pain of having to separate from loved ones. The pain that Han Bom has to endure after the passing of her grandmother is inexplicable. Seo decides to support Han Bom through the tough times as she bids her final farewell to her grandmother. However, in the meantime, they also have to make sure that they help her grandmother pass into the netherworld by helping her collect all the loans that she had given people by sorting her ledger so that it could be passed down to Han Bom. Will Han Bom finally be able to meet her beloved grandma? Will Seo pass on the ledger to Han Bom? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did So Geum Soon Not Want To Meet Han Bom?

Geum Soon had come back before her final passage into the netherworld. However, she did not want to meet Han Bom before leaving, as she thought that it would be a burden for her to accept her absence afterward. She told Seo that she didn’t have any regrets as she had lived long enough. She wanted Seo to get closer to Han Bom, as she didn’t want her grandchild to be all alone after she finally left. So Geum also requested Seo not to let Han Bom know about her arrival, as that could hurt her even further. At the funeral, when Detective Lee came and gave her grandmother’s belongings to Han Bom, she saw a box full of food and wondered who she got it all for. Seo later handed her a funeral portrait of her grandmother, and when she asked him if her grandmother had come back, he denied it. He lied to her, saying that only people with multiple regrets in life return after their deaths. This made Han Bom think that maybe her grandmother didn’t miss her. 


Why Did So Geum Soon Return?

As Han Bom had been trying to get into her grandmother’s phone, she realized that it was password-protected. She was not able to inform a lot of members of the family about the funeral and, hence, wasn’t able to collect the money that Geum Soon had lent others. Meanwhile, Geum Soon got her purse, phone, and a list of condolence payments. She realized that people had not paid her back the full amounts. 

Meanwhile, as Han Bom saw that the phone and purse were missing, she checked the CCTV footage, saw them floating in the air, and realized that her grandma was back. She immediately went to the photo studio and told Seo that she knew that her grandma was there. Seo said that her grandmother wanted her to stay at the funeral house and that she wanted to collect condolence money from the ones whom she had once lent money to. Han Bom, said that all her life, her grandma had been saving money to provide for her, and hence she wanted her to see the cherry blossom with her one last time. 


Why Did Han Bom Blame Herself?

Han Bom came to know from her neighbor that she had earlier told her grandmother that Han Bom had been fired from her job, which could have caused her to collapse near the prosecutor’s office. Han Bom realized that Geum Soon had known all about her issues at the workplace but pretended that she didn’t know anything just to comfort her. She blamed herself for the situation. Later, she also told Kim Ji Won that it was her fault that her grandmother had left her. 

Meanwhile, Geum Soon had sorted her loan ledger and wanted to leave without meeting Han Bom. However, Seo tried convincing her otherwise, but she didn’t listen to him. Later, Geum Soon took Seo to the truck that she ran her business from and provided for her grandchild. She did not want Han Bom to be alone after her death and asked Seo to take care of her. She further said that she went around giving everyone money during their special events so that people wouldn’t forget Han Bom when she was gone. 


What Happened During The Final Farewell?

Seo had left her grandmother’s personal diary to Han Bom instead of the ledger for her to reflect upon the days that they had spent together. Inside the diary were fond memories of her grandmother that she had made with Han Bom. As Geum Soon was getting ready for her final goodbye, Han Bom had arranged for a very beautiful outdoor setup for her. She had made sure that her grandma could see her final cherry blossom. Finally, when Han Bom got to see her grandmother, she was overwhelmed and apologized to her. They spent some quality time together, and just as the second picture was taken, the grandmother started to fade away. After seeing Han Bom’s bonding with her grandmother, Seo started missing his uncle (who he had seen 20 years ago) and wished that he could see him for one last time. 

What Was The Photo Studio’s Side Effect On Han Bom?

Later, Han Bom came to Seo and asked when she would stop seeing ghosts. She said that she could still see Deputy Go, and Seo realized that it was a side effect of the photo studio on her. Han Bom also stated that she could see all the other spirits nearby as well. This event would lead to a new turn in Han Bom’s life, as she had the same powers as Seo now! 


What Will Happen Next?

The 5th episode of The Midnight Studio will bring out the various perils that Han Bom will have to face with her newly found powers. The protective shield around her is also likely to be dissolved after her last encounter with her grandmother at the photo studio. Whether Han Bom will be able to protect Seo from being attacked by evil spirits will be revealed in the next episode. The way Seo will guide Han Bom, in turn, to channelize her new powers will also be brought out. There will be an increased closeness between the two in a quest to keep each other safe from the clutches of the evil spirits. 

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