‘The Midnight Studio’ Episode 2 Recap: Did Yoon Hae Finally Meet His Brother?

The second season of The Midnight Studio, streaming on Viki, is yet another horror comedy, and the fun elements keep us hooked on it. This episode will focus on the story of a spirit child who has been seeking help reaching out to his brother so that he can give him his last birthday present. Seo will act as a medium to help him attain that goal eventually, proving himself to be a worthy medium for the spirits to communicate with their dear ones. Does Han Bom have similar capabilities as Seo? How will Seo help Yoon Hae meet his brother? Let’s find out. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Caused Seo’s Ancestors To Die Mysteriously?

The mysterious deaths of his ancestors were primarily because of the camera that Seo’s ancestor had stolen from the Grim Reaper. Seo was the seventh photographer after his uncle, who had passed away at the age of 35. Seo remembered how he was saved by his uncle when he was attacked by evil spirits as a kid, and also realized that he was nearing 35 and would soon be dead (as he had a curse). Seo was unhappy that he was still single in his life, but hope is ignited in us when we see the closeness between Seo and Han Bom. Seo had initially thought that she was dead, but upon shaking hands with her and seeing her shadow, he realized she was alive. Han Bom later asked for the phone and called her grandma (landlady), only to realize that she had switched off her phone. Later, when Han Bom said that someone had occupied her space, she realized that it was Seo who had moved in as the new tenant. The very next day, she came back to request that her grandma let her stay, but she was eventually kicked out. 


What Did Yoon Hae Want From Seo?

A child ghost, Yoon Hae, had arrived at Seo’s studio and had been wreaking havoc on the studio. Seo told Deputy Go that he had experienced a child spirit before this event and knew that they were the most notorious of them all. Later, they found out that Yoon Hae had been staying at an orphanage and was run over by a speeding car on the road a few days ago. Yoon Hae told Seo that he had been looking for a sword toy and wanted it as soon as possible. Even after searching in many toy stores, they couldn’t find the toy, which broke Yoon Hae’s heart. He later told Seo that he had been looking for his brother, Yoon Dal, on his birthday. Later, Seo saw that Han Bom had set up a tent right near her house and had been planning to stay right there. When he went to talk to her to evacuate the place, she saw Yoon Dal hiding in the tent and mistook him for Yoon Hae (they were twins). Seo thought that even Han Bom was capable of seeing spirits. However, when Seo approached the kid, he didn’t recognize him. 

Who Was Yoon Dal?

Later, Seo went with Yoon Hae to a fair to look for a sword, and when he saw Yoon Dal and Han Bom there, he realized that Yoon Hae had a twin brother. He realized that Yoon Hae had been meaning to buy the sword so that he could give it to his brother. Meanwhile, Yoon Dal had been adopted by a couple in the US and was packing before leaving when he found the sword in his locker. He realized that his brother was nearby and blamed himself for having asked him to get the toy for him, as he had met with an accident while on his way to get it for him. 


Later, Deputy Go (in a woman’s body) and Seo went to the orphanage, saying that as they didn’t have a child of their own, they wanted to sponsor Yoon Dal. They were told that Yoon Dal had been adopted by someone in the US and was leaving the orphanage. The lady at the orphanage further told them about the bond between both brothers, making it increasingly difficult for Dal to live without his brother in the orphanage, all by himself. 

Why Was Yoon Hae So Reluctant To Leave?

When Yoon Hae found out that he would have to leave the mortal world within three days, he started crying inconsolably. He did not want to leave behind Yoon Dal, but Seo told him that he didn’t have to worry about his brother as he would get someone to protect him all his life. Yoon Hae thought of the day he had met with the accident and had flashbacks of him going to get the toy sword for his brother with all the money that he had saved in his piggy bank. Unfortunately, it slipped from his hand and broke in the middle of the road, and just as he was getting the money from the road, a car came and hit him, killing him on the spot. 


Did Yoon Hae Finally Meet His Brother?

Seo decided to help Yoon Hae meet Yoon Dal again. He convinced Yoon Dal that his brother was around him and wanted to get one last picture with him. Later, he took Yoon Dal to his studio and made him meet Yoon Hae. Yoon Dal was extremely overwhelmed to meet his brother again, and he hugged him. Right after celebrating their birthdays together, Seo took a final picture of both boys. They finally bid farewell to Yoon Hae, and he promised his brother that he would come back someday. 

Meanwhile, the lady at the orphanage called Han Bom, saying that someone had seen Yoon Dal following a man into the apartment that she stayed in. Later, when Yoon Dal came out, he saw people from the orphanage, and Han Bom had come to find him. He told them that he had seen his brother at the photo studio, showing them the picture. On seeing the picture, Han Bom thought that Seo had tricked the child and went to confront him. 

What Will Happen Next?

Han Bom goes to confront Seo while he has been fighting the evil spirits, who have been seeking to snatch the camera from him. Han Bom (who was unable to see the ghosts) saw him struggling on the ground with a knife in his hand. She decided to help him up, and just as she did, a signboard crashed on the ground, which would have injured him had Han Bom not helped him up. While Han Bom was around Seo, an invisible bubble shield seemed to protect him. The third episode of The Midnight Studio is likely to reveal the role of Han Bom acting as a human shield for Seo, keeping him from dying a premature death. 

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