Character Of Amesh And His Story, Explained: Why Was He Haunted By The Shadow Like Anya And Tristan?

Since “The Hunting of the Hill House,” Mike Flanagan has been able to come up with great stories, especially in the horror genre. His way of telling stories has layers of drama, humor, and horror that come together in a unique way. He never makes characters who only have one trait. Mike Flanagan knows that not everything is black or white. We can tell this by looking at how much detail he put into making the character Amesh. The guy wanted to see his parents again someday. He hoped that he would get to do what he wanted to do before he died. He knew that time was running out. He was sure that he would lose the battle. He knew that, in the end, the sands of time would win. But he still fought, and he did it with courage. He wanted to enjoy each moment to the fullest. He wanted everyone to know that he had won, just like he did so many times in his video games. The actor Sauriyan Sapkota, who plays Amesh, shows us all the different feelings a person has when they know that death is coming and that no matter what they do, they can’t stop it.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Amesh?

The main character, Ilonka, met a video game fan named Amesh as soon as she walked into the Brightcliffe Hospice. We found out that Amesh had been sick with glioblastoma, a disease that shortens a person’s life. Amesh’s love of strategy games is better shown by the fact that when everyone got together for group therapy, all Amesh could think about was how sad he was that he couldn’t play his latest PlayStation or Nintendo 64. He wanted the new PlayStation before he died, so he didn’t care about anyone else. He loved games so much that he wanted to save a girl and fall in love with her one day, just like in games like “Mario.”


The process of immigration was hard for Amesh’s parents. His parents had to leave the United States of America because they broke the law. But Amesh’s uncle Dharm and aunt came to see him often on “family day” and took pictures of him to send to his parents. Amesh didn’t say anything about how he felt and kept to himself. So, when Natsuki came to him for the first time, he wasn’t sure if she liked him or not. But as time went on, they got to know each other better, and things between them became more serious.

Amesh’s Story: ‘See You Later’ Explained

Amesh’s story happens on the night that the group celebrates his “Death Day.” Amesh was told he wouldn’t live for a year, so when a year went by, and he was still alive, he decided to have a party. Amesh buried his suit to show that he was not afraid of death. When it was midnight, they all got together to hear Amesh’s story. Amesh said that there were no scary surprises in his story.


In the story, there was a guy named Luke who, like Amesh, was crazy about video games. Luke was also a programmer who loved to make strategic games. He often went to a video game store, where he met a girl named Becky, who turned out to be Natsuki, Amesh’s girlfriend. Luke began going to the store more often to talk to her there. So, he finally got up the courage to ask her out one day. Becky politely said no because she was already dating someone else. Luke ran into Vincent Beggs when he came out of the store. He had overheard Luke and Becky talking and found out that Luke was also a programmer. Luke was shocked when his hero started talking to him. No one knew what Vincent Beggs looked like, but he was a legend. Vincent wanted to know more about Luke, so he took him to an apartment he had just rented. He showed Luke the new interactive game he had made, called “Decision,” and asked Luke to try it out. In the game, nuclear arsenals were sent into space, and every country that had such arsenals wanted to start World War III. Now, it was up to the player to start or stop the war.

Luke soon realized that the game was very hard because, with each choice he made, he caused more and more nuclear holocausts and other strange things to happen in the world. Luke was having trouble finishing the game when he met Kara, who was Vincent’s girlfriend. Later that night, they looked through a telescope and saw the International Space Station. Soon after seeing it, Luke fell unconscious.


Becky and Ray’s relationship only got better over time. Ray’s father was in politics. But one day, Becky saw Kara flirting with Ray, and she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. Becky’s heart was broken, so Luke used the situation to win Becky’s love.

But their happiness didn’t last long because Ray quickly found Luke and Kara in the parking lot. In a fit of anger, Ray told Kara that someone named Frederick had told him everything about why she was doing what she was doing. Kara and Luke rushed to Vincent’s house, where they found a heart that had been stabbed with a knife. Frederick had taken Vincent hostage and wanted to know where Becky was. He thought that if he killed Becky, everything would be fine. Vincent told him that what he was going to do would not work.


In the end, Frederick stabbed Vincent to death. Kara told Luke that a long time ago, there was a girl who met the perfect guy, fell in love with him, and got married when she was young. The boy became a senator quickly and gave a job to the best friend of his wife. The friend was a brilliant programmer, and the two of them worked together to make an intelligent program that is a space-based global defense system. The senator and the friend of his wife were able to move the nuclear arsenal to the space station in a safe way. Later, the friend died of heart problems, and the senator went on to become President. He wanted to stop them from starting the war by dropping a bomb from the space station. His wife told him not to do that. Soon, though, he had no choice but to drop the bomb. The whole world was destroyed. Only a few people, like the President and his wife, stayed on the space station as they were. They couldn’t go anywhere. Soon after, they saw a flash of light somewhere along their way into the void.

Kara said she didn’t know what they were, but they sent the President, his wife, and the friend of the wife back in time to change the future so that the world could be saved. Kara told Luke that Frederick was really Becky and that she was really Ray. Vincent was Luke from the future, and he knew by this time that the only way to stop the end of the world was to not make the code. The code would help the US set up a space-based defense system. But Kara wouldn’t listen to him. She thought that the world wouldn’t end if Ray didn’t push the button in the future or kill Vincent in the present. So, she thought the only way to save the world was to kill Ray. But she ran over Becky and killed her, so she would no longer exist in the future. Anyway, Luke didn’t write the code in the future, and Ray eventually became President of the United States. They didn’t stop being friends.


What Sends Them Back To The Past In Amesh’s Story?

Kara, the future version of Becky, told Luke that someone talked to them through the bright light that sent them back in time. When Luke met Becky for the first time, he told her he was making a game called “Starlight Crystal.” Even with Luke’s future self, Vincent, Vincent, the game ended with crystal-shaped starlight closing in. Also, he passed out when he looked through the telescope and saw the space station. So, it’s possible that the light was Luke the whole time and that he was the one who sent Ray and Becky back in time. When Luke looked through the telescope and saw the Space Station, the starlight reached Ray and Becky in the future. Some people might say that Luke died a long time ago. Yes, but even Kara couldn’t explain how Luke got back with them. Maybe Luke was led by a force that we don’t understand. Someone or something from outside of Earth sent them back in time. But it would be interesting to think that Luke is the light from the stars that led Ray and Becky to where they were.

What Happened To Amesh?

Soon after Anya died, Amesh’s health began to quickly get worse. This time was worse because he loved Natsuki and had a reason to live (aside from his PlayStation, of course). Amesh told Natsuki about his worries and confusion, and he also told her that his motor senses were failing. He kept dropping things and not being able to pick them up. He had also lost sight in one eye, but that wasn’t the scariest part. Amesh finally told Natsuki, in a state of horror, that he had been seeing a shadow come out of the darkness all the time. Natsuki thought it was the same shadowy thing that Tristan and Anya used to see or experience before they died (or when their death was near). Amesh also said that sometimes the shadow looked like a person, and sometimes it was just a shape. We had already seen how, in Anya’s visions, the shadow creature would take the shape of a person or other creature and start to haunt her. Amesh was probably going to die soon because of these visions. He was moving in ways that weren’t coordinated, and he knew that his motor skills were failing him. The shadow was probably something from the realm of the dead that wanted to take over his body. That fact scared Amesh to death. Amesh knew he would end up in the same situation as his friends Anya and Tristan. We can assume that Amesh knows he is going to die soon. Sandra, the girl who got better, told Amesh that she would see him again when she went to the hospice. Amesh looked sad when Sandra said this. He knew he wouldn’t be there at that time to see her. So, if Season 2 happens, we can be sure that Amesh will certainly die in it.


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