‘The Last Hours Of Mario Biondo’ Review: The Shocking Mystery Surrounding Biondo’s Death

Netflix offers an array of crime documentaries that delve into the dark and mysterious aspects of our world. From unsolved murder mysteries to chilling serial killer cases, the platform has masterfully curated a collection of extraordinary documentaries. Titles such as Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders, Conversation with a Killer, The Tinder Swindler, and The Lucie Blackman Case stand out as prime examples of Netflix’s commendable storytelling prowess. Netflix’s crime documentaries go beyond traditional storytelling, exploring real-life horrors in a captivating way that rivals fiction. They engage the audience deeply, making them confront unsettling realities in our world. The haunting stories leave a lasting impact, compelling viewers to face the chilling truths of crime’s effects on individuals, their families, and communities.


In its latest release, The Last Hours of Mario Biondo, Netflix delivers another gripping documentary, shedding light on the perplexing case of Italian cameraman Mario Biondo’s untimely death. The series expertly explores the complex aspects of the mysterious event, leaving us curious and eager to discover the truth behind what happened to him. One of the documentary’s notable strengths lies in its poignant exploration of grief, as it delves into the profound impact Biondo’s death had on his parents and those close to him. Through heartfelt interviews and personal accounts, the series successfully elicits a strong emotional connection with the individuals affected by the tragedy, allowing viewers to empathize and sympathize with their heartbreaking experiences.

Mario Biondo, a talented Italian Cameraman, had an unexpected encounter with the celebrated Spanish presenter, Raquel Sanchez-Silva, during the reality show “Survivor Spain.” As fate would have it, their initial meeting sparked tension between them, leading them to fall in love with each other. The couple got married in 2012, but their joyous union was destined to be short-lived, as tragedy struck merely one year after their wedding. On a fateful day, May 30, 2013, the lifeless body of Mario Biondo was discovered in his apartment in Madrid. The circumstances surrounding his death were eerily puzzling, as it appeared he had hanged himself to death. 


In an attempt to unravel the events leading up to Mario’s untimely demise, this documentary provided a staged glimpse into the night before the tragic incident to show us what might have happened before the last few hours of Mario’s life. Surprisingly, the scenes portrayed seemed relatively ordinary, offering no overt hints as to what may have driven him to such a desperate act. Evidence pointed to his last encounter with a drug dealer, and his Google search regarding the drug’s effect on fertility added to the complexity of what was going on in Biondo’s mind that night. But still, these circumstances don’t tell us why Mario chose to kill himself. The emotional impact of Mario’s death was particularly profound on Raquel Sanchez-Silva, who understandably broke down in the wake of the tragedy. As authorities conducted an investigation into the matter, the coroner’s report eventually concluded that it was indeed suicide that claimed Mario’s life.

However, amidst this heartbreaking turn of events, Mario’s parents steadfastly refused to accept their son’s death as a suicide. They firmly maintained their belief that his demise was not an act of self-infliction but rather a premeditated murder. In a surprising turn of events, the case took a new direction when Italian authorities decided to reopen the investigation into Mario Biondo’s death. They began to entertain the possibility that he had, in fact, been murdered, and the crime scene was meticulously staged to give the appearance of a suicide. This revelation ignited hope for a breakthrough in the case and brought to light a renewed determination to uncover the truth surrounding the circumstances of Mario’s tragic passing. As the investigation extended its reach across borders, the puzzle surrounding Mario Biondo’s death only deepened. Lingering questions, unresolved mysteries, and a sense of loss weighed heavily on all those connected to this case.


The entire series centered around the Biondo family’s profound grief over the loss of their beloved son and their pursuit of justice. As parents, it was natural for them to struggle with accepting the truth behind their son’s suicide, especially since he seemed to have a fairly good professional life and a content married life. The evidence retrieved from Mario’s phone was met with skepticism by the family, as they believed it had been manipulated to portray him in a compromising state. This doubt extended to Raquel’s involvement in Mario’s death, fueled by her sudden mention of an “erotic game” that added further complexity to the case. However, no concrete evidence emerged to implicate Raquel in the tragedy, but it surely broke the once-tranquil connection that Raquel made with her in-laws.

While Raquel managed to move on from this distressing ordeal, Mario’s grieving parents refused to give up easily. The three-part documentary series not only explores the family’s grief but also delves into the profound shock they experienced upon learning about the tragedy. Having known their son better than anyone, the revelation was difficult for them to accept, leading them to be resolute in their pursuit to uncover any foul play involved. The emotional rollercoaster they endured showcases the depth of their determination to seek the truth and find closure.


The Last Hours of Mario Biondo deeply elaborated on the details of the investigation and tried to reach a satisfying conclusion, but the truth remained elusive. However, through this documentary, we learned that the shifting nature of our known faces and the hidden complexity of their minds are even more horrifying than the fear of the unknown in our lives. When those closest to us become mysterious and unrecognizable, it becomes an even more terrifying experience. The Biondo family’s predicament exemplifies this, as they were so intimately connected to their son, yet they couldn’t grasp the reasons behind his decision to leave the world. The series captured the profound emotions and struggles of comprehending an unimaginable loss and highlighted the depths of human relationships through the chilling and mysterious case of Mario Biondo.

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Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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The Last Hours of Mario Biondo deeply elaborated on the details of the investigation and tried to reach a satisfying conclusion, but the truth remained elusive.'The Last Hours Of Mario Biondo' Review: The Shocking Mystery Surrounding Biondo's Death