‘The Killing Kind’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Paramount Series?

Whenever a new psychological thriller series comes out, viewers often find themselves speculating about the possibility of a second season. Take The Killing Kind, for example. The first season’s ending leaves us hanging, giving us room to craft our own theories and hinting that there might be more to come. But before we dive into what we can expect in the next season, let’s recap what happened in the first part. Ingrid Lewis, the barrister with nerves of steel, might look like she’s got it all together, but lurking beneath that professional façade is a dark and twisted secret. That secret’s name? John Webster. Now, John isn’t your run-of-the-mill bad guy; he’s more like a psychological maestro, playing mind games that’ll send shivers down your spine.


When John pops back into Ingrid’s life, warning her of impending danger, Ingrid doesn’t give his message much credence. But when Ingrid’s dear friend Belinda tragically loses her life, it’s like a wake-up call for Ingrid. Suddenly, the dark shadows of her past that she’s been avoiding has come back to haunt her once more, and there’s no more running from it. Ingrid’s life was relatively content until John Webster came into the picture. Her job as a barrister already brought immense pressure, but with John’s relentless stalking, she was pushed to the edge. Now, it’s no secret that relationships can get complicated, and Ingrid’s partner, Mark, didn’t help matters by cheating on her with Flora. I mean, that’s a recipe for drama right there. But here’s the kicker: Ingrid’s connection with her client, John, got all tangled up with her personal life.

John’s constant presence, the stalking, and the feeling of being watched made Ingrid’s life a living nightmare. She didn’t pay much attention to her surroundings, which, let’s be honest, is pretty relatable when you’re dealing with a full-on stalker. The thing is, while we saw the external turmoil in her life, the first season didn’t quite explore the internal battles she was fighting. Imagine realizing that someone who seemed perfect was actually a serial killer in the making. That’s not something you easily move on from. Now, with season two, there’s a possibility that the narrative will unravel these internal struggles. We might get a closer look at how Ingrid copes with the emotional scars left by John’s relentless harassment. Will she find closure and finally break free from the shadows of her past? Or will those haunting memories continue to torment her?


The Killing Kind did have a rather unexpected and somewhat anticlimactic ending with John Webster’s sudden demise. It left viewers questioning whether it was the right way to wrap things up, given the slow and suspenseful buildup throughout the series. In season two, the show could definitely explore the idea that John was exceptionally skilled at manipulating people and creating a facade of normalcy. After all, many real-life serial killers have exhibited this ability to blend in and deceive those around them. This fresh perspective might delve into John’s ability to hide in plain sight, making him an even more chilling character. We could uncover a web of lies that John wove around himself, presenting a completely different image to the world compared to the monster he truly was. 

As season two can delve deeper into the psychology of both Ingrid and John, we might discover how John’s seemingly ordinary actions and his ability to fool people were all part of a grander plan. Now, John Webster’s character in The Killing Kind is indeed intriguing, but the first season focused primarily on Ingrid’s perspective and her experiences with his stalking. This approach kept John’s character somewhat enigmatic and left viewers curious about his true motivations and backstory. Season two could take the opportunity to delve deep into John’s psyche, giving us an inside look at what drives him to torment women like Ingrid. Exploring his background, his twisted motives, and his specific obsession with breaking the will of strong and confident women could add more complexity to his character.


Ingrid’s confidence might indeed agitate John, as stalkers and serial killers often seek to exert control and dominance over their victims. Ingrid’s refusal to be intimidated or broken by his actions could be a central theme in the second season, showcasing her strength in the face of danger. By shifting the narrative to also include John’s perspective, the show could grant viewers a deeper understanding of his motivations, his methods, and the inner workings of his mind. This would not only humanize his character but also provide a chilling insight into the psychology of a serial stalker. It’s essential for viewers to connect with the characters and feel immersed in their experiences. There’s definitely room for improvement in this aspect, and addressing it in season two of The Killing Kind could greatly enhance the show.

The reference to the blue and red card in the series is a good example of how unique and distinctive scenes can add depth to a storyline. Such symbolic elements can help viewers connect with the narrative on a deeper level. Additionally, delving into John’s madness and providing glimpses into his psychology can be a compelling way to make his character more intriguing and disturbing.  In the end, it’s not just about revealing the truth but also about understanding the true motives. Instead of following a predictable storyline, the show should aim to surprise and intrigue viewers, making us question what really happened and who the true antagonist is.


A more immersive and engaging narrative that delves into the minds of the characters, especially John, can make the second season even more interesting. It’s all about keeping us guessing, building suspense about John and Ingrid, and creating a sense of unease throughout the show. The Killing Kind Season 2 has the opportunity to dive deeper into John’s manipulation and why certain individuals like Emma fell under his sway. Exploring what made John so enticing to his victims and why they obeyed him against their better judgment could provide a more nuanced understanding of the story. Moreover, understanding why he resorted to violence with Ingrid is more of a complex question. Was it because he saw a resilience in Ingrid that he wanted to break, or did he have some other motive? These questions could be explored to give viewers a more comprehensive look into John’s twisted mind. 

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya is a Mass Media graduate and she is currently working and living in Mumbai. From a very young age, Raschi was heavily interested in reading and writing. She prefers to write everything that her mind nurtures her to do as shaping up her imagination is her forte!

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