‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending: Do Sang Su And Su Yeong Start Dating?

Sang Su asked Mi Gyeong to break up with him, but Mi Gyeong was not ready and continued to act as his girlfriend. Sang Su, on the other hand, is over Mi Gyeong already because he never loved her in the first place. He starts spending time with Su Yeong and is happier. However, love is complex in “The Interest of Love,” and Su Yeong’s reckless decision disturbs all of Jeong, Sang Su, and Mi Gyeong. Jeong creates a scene at the bank when he finds out that Su Yeong slept with Kyung Pil the previous night, and Sang Su is shocked as well, more so because Kyung Pil is his best friend.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Sang Su React To Su Yeong’s Scandalous News?

Kyung Pil told Su Yeong his story of how he slept with his ex-girlfriend’s best friend because he needed to break up with her but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He decided to make an unforgivable mistake purposely. Su Yeong needed to cut off Sang Su from her life as well, so she asked Kyung Pil for help. Kyung Pil agreed to it because he couldn’t see Mi Gyeong, his first love, being sad. They didn’t really sleep together and only wanted to let Sang Su think they had. However, Jeong called Su Yeong and found out that she was with Kyug Pil. Jeong is deeply hurt and thinks that it is his fault that Su Yeong cheated on him. He also apologizes to Su Yeong later for making a scene at the bank, but he realizes that what’s happened can’t be turned back. Sang Su is devastated as well, and he is not ready to believe that Su Yeong could really do something like that. He goes to her parents’ restaurant, and her father immediately recognizes that Sang Su is going through a tough time and as their conversation proceeds, Sang Su reveals to him that he likes Su Yeong.

An employee from the Sindo branch, Kim, happened to be at the Youngpo branch, and he recorded Su Yeong and Jeong’s fight. He shared the video with others, and it became a scandal. Amid this chaos, Su Yeong still goes to headquarters for an interview for a position transfer. At the same time, Sang Su is also at the headquarters for training and gets in a feud with Kim when he hears him badmouthing Su Yeong. He runs into Su Yeong while returning, and Su Yeong confronts him on why he isn’t asking her any questions about what happened, to which he replies that he just doesn’t believe that it is true and he still likes her. He even waits for her outside her apartment and tells her that he will keep coming for her. Jeong has been fired, and he has already left Su Yeong’s place without saying a final goodbye to her. Su Yeong is also struggling because of this situation. She goes to her mother and cries while talking to her. She expresses her wish to go back to Tongyeong and live happily with her family.

Mi Gyeong’s cousin calls Sang Su to tell him that Mi Gyeong has been hospitalized because she collapsed due to extreme stress. Sang Su goes to the hospital, and Mi Gyeong’s cousin notices the tension between the both of them. However, he leaves Mi Gyeong in Sang Su’s care. Mi Gyeong doesn’t want to go back to her home, so she asks Sang Su to take her to his place. Sang Su understands that Mi Gyeong is stressed because of the ongoing situation, and he apologizes to her. He tells her that it was selfish of him to agree to date her even when he wasn’t into her. He just wanted a distraction, and the current situation is completely his fault. Sang Su starts crying in front of her, and Mi Gyeong leaves right away. Sang Su asks Mi Gyeong not to hurt herself because of him. Sang Su is a sensitive person, and it hurts him to see someone else getting hurt because of him. Neither he nor Jeong believes that Su Yeong could do something like that, but Jeong leaves after hearing Su Yeong’s answer for the last time, and Sang Su comes to her even when Kyung Pil tells him that Su Yeong asked him first.

Does Mi Gyeong Let Sang Su Go?

Sang Su brings an umbrella for Su Yeong, who is crying alone in the rain after Jeong curses her and leaves. Sang Su is being considerate toward Su Yeong, and she is concerned. Su Yeong is uncertain about whether a relationship between her and Sang Su will be a good idea. However, Sang Sy is sure that things will work out between them, and he is ready to face any problem if it arises. On the other hand, Mi Gyeong tries to ask Kyung Pil about the situation but only gets more upset when he tells her that he did it as a favor for her. Moreover, she faces a big revelation when her cousin visits her at the sub-branch and sees Kyung Pil. He tells her that he told Kyung Pil to break up with her, and she finds out that Kyung Pil never told her about it. Su Yeong takes a day off, so Sang Su goes to her place to check up on her and finds out that she is running a high fever and has slept the whole day. He buys meds for her, stays by her side the entire night, and even cooks her breakfast in the morning before leaving.

The next day brings good news to Su Yeong with the new personnel change announcement. Su Yeong finally gets the position transfer that she has wanted for years. Sang Su is surprised but happy for her and congratulates her. Other than Sang Su, only manager Seo is genuinely happy for Su Yeong, as she is the only one who shows up at her farewell party. However, Mi Gyeong arrives late as they are about to leave. Mi Gyeong tells Su Yeong that she still hates her but comes to meet her because it could be their last meeting. Su Yeong listens to everything and apologizes to Mi Gyeong at the end, calling her sister. Su Yeong is going to change her workplace, and she is cleaning up her apartment as well. She gives Jeong’s remaining belongings to his study group friend, who delivers them to him. Jeong works at a hotel reception now, and he breaks down in tears thinking about Su Yeong.

Sang Su has to meet Mi Gyeong’s father for official work on the weekend, but it turns out that Mi Gyeong’s father purposely calls him because he wants to talk to Sang Su about his marriage plans. However, Mi Gyeong tells her father that they have not thought about marriage yet and takes Sang Su away from him. She goes on a long drive with Sang Su and takes him to the place where she asked him out. She is finally ready to let him go and breaks up with him, even though it still hurts her. Sang Su feels a little at ease, and he goes on a date with Su Yeong at the same restaurant where they were supposed to meet on their second date, if Sang Su hadn’t hesitated. If Sang Su hadn’t hesitated on that date, all of this drama wouldn’t have happened, but it has come full circle now. Su Yeong asks him what he wanted to tell her on their date back then, and Sang Su confesses his feelings once again, exactly how he wanted to.

‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 14: Ending

Sang Su drops her home, and she sees off Sang Su until he is out of sight. Sang Su is happy with how things are proceeding between him and Su Yeong, but shocking news awaits him the next day at work. Su Yeong is supposed to go to the new branch, but she doesn’t show up there, and instead her colleagues find her resignation letter. Sang Su rushes to her place as soon as he hears the news and finds her apartment empty. Su Yeong’s contact number has been closed as well and Sang Su has no way to reach her.

Just when “The Interest of Love” is about to end, we are left on a cliffhanger about whether Su Yeong and Sang Su will find each other or Sang Su will reunite with Mi Gyeong after Su Yeong disappears. Sang Su made a mistake once of scaring away from love, but Su Yeong is making that mistake over and over again. Sang Su is finally ready to give his all for Su Yeong, but she runs away from him. Sang Su finally understands what love means to him, but the person he loves doesn’t understand it.

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