‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 7 Recap: Why Did Taeoh Get Accused Of Inju’s Murder?

Episode 7 of The Impossible Heir takes an impossible turn! At the beginning of the show, we did not expect Inha to turn against Taeoh, but that is exactly what is happening in this episode. Inju is killed, and someone is trying to set up Taeoh for it. Possibly, Inha has been collaborating with Mo Gijun (Inju’s secretary) to plot against Taeoh to remove him from the path of his love. Will Taeoh be able to find Inju’s real murderer and prove himself innocent? How will Hyewon help him in his quest to search for the killers?


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Taeoh Confront Inju?

Inju started to blackmail Hyewon using her obscene picture with Taeoh because he wanted to tame Taeoh. When Taeoh went to meet Inju, he said that he knew that Inha and Taeoh were friends at Hanguk University and that he would reveal that to the chairman. Taeoh tried counter-blackmailing Inju, saying that the Gold Trekking Tour in Southeast Asia investment company belonged to Nara Entertainment and that Inju was the real owner of the company. Taeoh said that he had gone through illicit measures of stock manipulation and accounting fraud, using his slush fund to make huge futures trades. When he failed in it, he tried to fill in the losses with Indonesian bauxite mines, but even that failed, and he had later been involved in embezzlement from the Kangoh Group. Taeoh further said that the Gold Trekking Tour was a distribution line for a market called Chrom and that he was also involved in the drug business. 


Upon being blackmailed by a common man like Taeoh, saying that he would reveal his secrets if he didn’t let Hyewon be, he got furious. Inju said that no matter what, he was the eldest son of the Kangoh group and could crush Hyewon with the pictures that he had of her. He told Taeoh that he would spare her if he agreed to be his slave, working according to his wishes. Taeoh agreed to that, just to protect Hyewon’s dignity. In order to celebrate having gotten Taeoh as his new slave, Inju went to a party along with his mistress and Taeoh. 

Why Did Taeoh Get Accused Of Inju’s Murder?

The next morning, when Taeoh got up, he saw Inju and his mistress lying dead next to him. He had a knife in his hand, and all his clothes were stained with blood, naturally making others think that he was the killer. During investigating the case, the detectives also found cocaine and methamphetamine in his blood. On top of all this, there were also charges of embezzlement against him, as it was revealed that he had been receiving rebates totaling 470 million won from the subcontractor. 


Mo Gijun testified against Taeoh and blamed him falsely, saying that it was him who had suggested partying that night. He also said that Taeoh had warned him earlier that he would make Inju pay for all the damages caused. Later that night in jail, Inha came to meet Taeoh and blamed him for the murder. However, after Inha left, Taeoh realized that something was fishy, as he didn’t ask him any questions related to the murder. There is a possibility that Inha had something to do with the murder! 

Taeoh had starved himself in jail, overthinking and stressing himself out to recall the events of the night. Once, while overstressing, he fainted, but before losing all his senses, he remembered that there was one more person at the club with them on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, the doctor in the jail said that he had done her a favor by killing Inju (reason yet to be revealed); therefore, she would let him make a call (as she knew he wanted to call someone). Taeoh grabbed the opportunity and called Hyewon. He asked her to help him by reaching out to Wan. When the guard found out that he had been making calls from the doctor’s chambers, he blackmailed Taeoh, asking for a hefty sum of money to be transferred to him. 


What Did Joongmoo Instruct Inha To Do?

Chairman Joongmoo had been digging into Mo Gijun, the team leader of security team 3 in Kangoh Security (who was actually Inju’s secretary). Joongmoo had asked Inha to block media coverage about Inju’s murder, but for some reason, Inha didn’t do so. It was as if he had been waiting to tarnish Taeoh’s reputation. Later, when Inha went to meet Hyewon and he lashed out at him for not supporting his own friend by stopping the media, he said that he didn’t want to support Taeoh as he had murdered his brother and had brought shame to the Kangoh Group. 

Inha’s ill intent is very evident, as he went to the office and got Taeoh’s name removed from his cabin and put up his own name instead. He further dug out the main competitors of Kangoh Group, Park Sajin, and Im Jongyong, and realized that Donguk had been frequently meeting them. Even amidst all the chaos, Inha was very focused on finding out his enemies and eliminating them so that the Kangoh Group would be safe. 


Did Wan Go To Meet Taeoh In Jail?

Wan tried to delete all the files that had anything to do with Taeoh and flee the country. When Taeoh sent Hyewon to seek help from him, he refused in the beginning, but when she said that Taeoh was capable of revealing all his secrets, Wan agreed to help him. Later, Wan went to meet Taeoh in jail, and he asked Wan to find out information about Mo Gijun. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Gijun was connected to Inha and had been in constant touch with him. 

What Will Happen Next?

After the trial, Taeoh was found guilty and sentenced to capital punishment, but there was more to the event that was visible to the eyes! There is a possibility that Inha was the real head behind killing Inju. He must have found out that Inju knew about his and Taeoh’s kinship and could pose a threat to his future succession. There is also a possibility that Inha had found out about Taeoh and Hyewon’s intimacy and, hence, had weaved a plot to remove Taeoh from his path. Mo Gijun also had a motive to kill Inju, as he was extremely mistreated by him and hence had a grudge against him. The 8th episode of The Impossible Heir will reveal a lot of secrets about the truth of the murder, proving Taeoh’s innocence! 


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