‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 11 Recap: Why Did Inha Free Gilsuk From Jail?

The 11th episode of The Impossible Heir showcases what hunger for power can do to an individual. Inha had lost his sense of kinship and just wanted to get his hands on the Kangoh Group. He didn’t hesitate to try to kill his father or betray his friend. However, when Taeoh played his master card, Inha was unable to thrive and live his dreams of becoming the chairman. Why did Taeoh set up Gold H Investment? How was Inha associated with Jisuk’s death? Why did Sengju decide to side with Taeoh? Will Inha eventually be arrested? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Inha Want To Kill Chairman Joongmoo?

Taeoh had come back to protect Chairman Joongmoo and his beloved Kangoh Group from Inha. Inha had come to kill the chairman so that he wouldn’t wake up and testify against him someday. Inha wanted his path of succession to the Kangoh Group to be kept clear. Just as he was about to take off the oxygen mask from the chairman, Taeoh stopped him. Inha threatened Taeoh, saying that he would be crushed if he tried to get in his way, but Taeoh challenged him and said that he would use everything to stop Inha from trying to destroy the Kangoh Group.


Why Did Inha Get Mo Gijun Killed?

Meanwhile, Inha called Mo Gijun (in jail) and said that he wanted to help him, but his hands were tied. Mo, however, asked him not to worry, as he was ready to take the fall for Inha, but he was a bit scared because he was to receive a death sentence. Sometime later, the guard stabbed Mo, as per Inha’s instructions. Maybe Inha had seen him as a threat and was scared that he would open his mouth against him in court. 

Why Did Taeoh Build The Gold H Investment?

Mr. Tak was preparing to act as the CEO of Gold H Investment to meet Sengju. However, Sengju and Geumseok wanted to get Gold H on their side and secure its shares. Meanwhile, Inha approached Park Sajin and expressed his concerns about Sengju trying to take Gold H Investment, owned by Michael Chang, on his side.  He wanted to secure a deal with the company before Sengju could. However, Gold H Investment decided to call both Sengju and Inha on the same day. They were shocked to see Taeoh walking in and introducing himself as the co-CEO of Gold H.  Inha was really disturbed to see that Taeoh was preferring Sengju and Geumseok over him. Meanwhile, Jiseon (Inju’s wife) called Inha, wanting to give him a painting. She told him that the inner meaning of the painting was cooperation. This hinted at the fact that she was seeking Inha’s cooperation at this point. 


Why Was Geumseok Arrested?

Inha wanted to make sure that Geumseok was tossed out of his path to success and decided to set off the police against her. He gave them information on her involvement in the disposal of a corpse after a hit-and-run case and her embezzlement of money. Inha had used Mo Gijun’s mother’s case to get Geumseok locked up in prison. Later, he attended the press conference, declared a state of emergency in Kangoh, and said that he would be the acting chairman from that point on. Later, Huiju approached Inha and asked what he had done to her mom, and in response, he tried to manipulate her, asking her to stay by his side. Huiju told him that he was not the same Inha that she had once known. 

Later, Inha went up to Sengju and asked him to support him in his endeavors, as that might save him from dishonor. Sengju realized that Inha had come to mock him for losing all his powers. Meanwhile, Congressman Jo had also left Sengju’s side and wanted to support Inha after he had taken over Kangoh. 


Why Did Inha Free Gilsuk From Jail?

Inha did not even spare Taeoh and decided to pick up his family. He had made arrangements for Taeoh’s stepfather, Gilsuk, to be released from jail. The guard had given him some cash and a phone, and Inha sent him a picture of Jisuk along with her location. Upon getting to know that Jisuk was still alive, he went to meet her. When Jisuk saw Gilsuk, she was terrified! He said that he would forgive Jisuk for making him serve a sentence in the case of her murder if she agreed to go with him. In an attempt to escape Gisuk, she fell from the stairs and died. 

Upon learning that his stepfather, Gilsuk, was back from jail and that his mother had fallen from the stairs and met her end, Taeoh rushed to the morgue. He identified the body as that of his mother and regretted not having met her earlier. During Jisuk’s funeral, Sengju came to pay his condolences. He told Taeoh that he was sure that it was Inha who had harmed both their mothers and that it was time for them to get back at him. In the very next scene, we get to see that Inha is basking in his glory of having attained the title of Chairman of Kangoh Group. However, Taeoh plays his master card and makes sure that he is arrested on the charges of murdering Mo Gijun and his stepbrother Inha. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 12th episode of The Impossible Heir will reveal the way Taeoh has managed to make sure that Inha’s crimes come to the forefront. Till this point, Taeoh had endured all the atrocities that Inha had inflicted on him, but this time he decided to get back at him for being involved in his mother’s death. Sengju must have provided some useful information against Inha, helping Taeoh frame him as the real murderer. There is also a possibility that Chairman Joongmoo will get out of his coma and testify against Inha, further strengthening the case against him. In a frenzy to get his hands on power, Inha has turned into a ruthless murderer. The next episode will have a lot of revelations about Inha and Taeoh in store! 

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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